Icon-zeo.pngThis article is about a/an toyline featuring elements in Power Rangers Zeo, the second season in the Zordon Era.

Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers Zeo items to coincide with the fresh, new series release. It was also marketed in some international territories as Zeorangers.

Action Figures

Action Feature Zeo Ranger

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A unique set of action figures with bodies not shared in previous toylines.

Auto-Morphin Rangers

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The Auto-Morphin line continues with reused heads as well as new Katherine and Tanya heads.

Evil Space Aliens

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It should be noted that only a small number of the monsters had toys made.

Zord Figures

  • 1-2 Punching Action Red Battlezord
  • Sword Swinging Super Zeo Megazord
  • Power Sword Action Zeo Megazord
  • Morphin Action Warrior Wheel
  • Power Cloak Action Auric The Conqueror Zord
  • Dual Morphin Action Pyramidas The Carrier Zord

Action Feature Rangers

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Special Feature Figures

  • Zeo Ranger V
  • Zeo Ranger IV
  • Zeo Ranger III


A set of playsets based on the original five Zeo Zords, which could combine into a singular Zeo Megazord, and the Red Battlezord, which could also combine with the Zeo Megazord into the Zeo Mega Battlezord.

Each of the original five playsets came with non-articulated miniature figures of their respective Ranger, a miniature figure of their Zord, and a miniature figure of one of the members of the Machine Empire (King Mondo, Silo, Drill Master, Staroid and Hydro Contaminator for Zeo Zords I, II, III, IV and V, respectively), while the Red Battlezord came with articulated miniature figures of all five Rangers and appropriately sized versions of the Red Zeo Jet Cycle and the Defender Wheel.

  • Micro Zeo Zord I Playset
  • Micro Zeo Zord II Playset
  • Micro Zeo Zord III Playset
  • Micro Zeo Zord IV Playset
  • Micro Zeo Zord V Playset
  • Micro Red Battlezord Playset

Deluxe Zords

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  • Red Zeo Jet Cycle
  • Blue Zeo Jet Cycle
  • Green Zeo Jet Cycle
  • Yellow Zeo Jet Cycle
  • Pink Zeo Jet Cycle
  • The Gold Ranger’s Zeo Jet Cycle


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