This article is about a/an theme song in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

The Zeo Intro is a remixed version of Go Go Power Rangers used in the show's fourth season, Power Rangers Zeo. It featured new instrumentation, modified lyrics, but a largely unchanged chorus. This was the last time Go Go Power Rangers was used as a theme song until Power Rangers Samurai aired in 2011.


Zeo Go, Zeo

Stronger than before
Go, Zeo!
Powered up for more
Go, Zeo!
Rangers at the core
Zeo Power Rangers!

Higher they can soar
Go, Zeo!
Fired up for more
Go, Zeo!
Even up the score!
Zeo! Zeo!

Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers

Zeo Power Rangers


Zeo Music-0

Zeo Music-0

Intro to Zeo with Instrumental Outro

Power Rangers Zeo - Intro

Power Rangers Zeo - Intro

Abbreviated intro used in the later half of the season.


  • If the lyrics are viewed via Closed Captioning, the "Zeo Power Rangers" is often accidentally presented as "we are Power Rangers."
  • Additionally, the first line is also often misspelled "Zeo Power".
  • At the second half of the Zeo season, the song became abbreviated, skipping some animation to make room for the actor credits.
  • Bulk and Skull, along with Jerome Stone had their intro images changed during the second half to reflect their leaving the police force.
  • This marks the only time Ernie, the long-time provider of the Youth Center is credited, despite being around since the Mighty Morphin era.
  • David Yost was still credited as Billy even after his character was written out.
  • The "Go Go Power Rangers" chorus is actually the original Ron Wasserman vocals from the Mighty Morphin' theme song.
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