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Zeo Pinball game

US Game Cover

Zeo Pinball (JP cover)

Japanese game cover

Power Rangers Zeo: Full Tilt Battle Pinball, known as Power Rangers Pinball in Japan, was a 1996 pinball game produced by Bandai and Kaze Co. LTD. for the original Playstation.


While in the Command Center, Alpha receives an alert that monsters of the Machine Empire are attacking all of the major cities on Earth! It is up to the player to help the Zeo Rangers with their pinball skills to save the day!


Like most pinball games, the objective is to hit the bumpers and targets to get a high score. However, there is a variation as each "stage" has a monster that needs to be defeated in order to progress to the next pinball table by activating specific targets. Once defeated, the player must send their ball into a specific slot to "warp" to the next stage. Players can also target Cogs and the occasional extra monsters who act as re-spawning bumpers on the table for points.

If a spinning Zeo Megazord Head appears, the player must hit it, wait for it to reappear and then hit it 4 more times to get the Activate Megazord mode to quickly defeat the monster in a cutscene and exit the stage. In the Italy stage, the power up summons the Red Battlezord to break down the door so the player can get to the exit.


Stage 1: New York, USA

Stage 2: Asia

Stage 3: Africa

  • African Jungle- Boss: Machine Empire Ship
  • Egyptian Temple-

Stage 4: Europe

  • Italy
  • Roman Colosseum - Boss: Machine Empire Ship

Stage 5: North Pole

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