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Power Rangers Zeo (often abbreviated as PRZ, and often simply called Zeo) is the fourth season of the Power Rangers, serving as an adaptation of the Super Sentai series Chouriki Sentai Ohranger. The series continues the narrative established in both the 3rd Season of MMPR and Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, as the Rangers return their adult forms and find the Zeo Crystal.

Prior to the series premiere, 32 non-canonical Zeo Serial shorts were each shown in place of the "Today on Power Rangers" segments during the last run of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 and Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.


Following the release of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, Saban had to deal with a general decline in the brand's popularity. While ratings for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were still solid during the show's third season, consistently ranking #1 in its weekday time slot, they nevertheless fell from the show's first two seasons. Combined with declining merchandise sales, Saban was faced with the threat of Power Rangers losing its phenomenon status.

With the fear of a continued decline, it was eventually decided that a major shakeup in the status quo was necessary. According to then-president of Saban's children entertainment division, Peter Dang, a wide number of options were considered, including the possibility of killing off major characters. Producers eventually settled on cosmetic changes (and a few casting changes), to match the source footage of Chōriki Sentai Ohranger. This allowed a completely new range of merchandise to be released while cutting costs. Sentai footage could be heavily used again as it had early in the series' run. [1][2][3][4] [5]

While early ratings for the show were high, maintaining the #1 ranking, they eventually faltered and the show struggled to beat out fellow Fox Kids shows Goosebumps and even sister-series Big Bad Beetleborgs. Saban then brought back Austin St. John in the role of Jason, hoping that the return of one of the original five Rangers would bring back older viewers.


"I am very proud of all of you. As Power Rangers, you have served your planet well. But the Power Rangers as you have known them are gone forever. In their place has emerged a new, and more advanced, fighting force. You have now become the Power Rangers Zeo, the next level in the fight against Evil!"

Picking up where Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had left off, one fateful day, Master Vile used his Orb of Doom to reverse the rotation of Earth and turn back time, reverting the Rangers into powerless children (although they retained their memories). While the Alien Rangers of Aquitar and a restored Billy Cranston defended the Earth, the children went to different points in time to retrieve a piece of the Zeo Crystal, which was shattered and scattered throughout time by the Rangers themselves. Upon their return (except for Aisha, who sent back her new friend Tanya in her place), the Zeo Crystal was reassembled, and its power was used to restore the planet back to normal. Their victory did not last long. Rito Revolto and Goldar infiltrated the Command Center and stole the Crystal, just before the explosive device they had planted earlier went off, leaving the Command Center in ruins and the Rangers without a headquarters.

While searching through the wreckage, the Rangers find the Zeo Crystal, apparently dropped by the two villains, and then fall into the underground Power Chamber, their new base of operations where Zordon and Alpha 5 retreated to during the explosion. Up on the moon, Lord Zedd's Moon Palace is attacked by the Machine Empire, who wants to take over the Earth and do not want any competition.

As Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and their minions flee for their lives, the power of the Zeo Crystal is harnessed and given to Tommy, Kat, Rocky, Adam, and Tanya, while Billy retires from active duty to support the team from the Power Chamber. They are now the Power Rangers Zeo, Earth's only hope against the Machine Empire. With new weapons and a new Zeo Megazord, the Rangers are able to fend of the mechanized menaces of King Mondo, Queen Machina, and their son Prince Sprocket.

During their battles, a strange new Power Ranger in a shining gold uniform is spotted, helping them and vanishing without warning. Though several red herrings as to his identity are dropped, the Gold Ranger is revealed to be a new ally, Trey of Triforia, who is on a mission to help fight evil throughout the galaxy. When Mondo's attempts to destroy him causes his Gold Powers to become unstable, Trey requests that a new host be found for them. Fortunately, an old friend is willing to take up the mantle: Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Power Ranger.

Fed up with his losses, King Mondo unearths the legendary Damocles Sword and fights the Zeo Rangers himself, but he falls to the power of the Super Zeo Megazord and is destroyed. In Mondo's absence, the Machine Empire suffers through a shift in power. Looking to overthrow the Empire from within, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd send their servant Louie Kaboom into the Machine Moon Base, but he defies his masters and rules the Empire himself instead. Louie is later killed by Mondo's estranged son Prince Gasket, who with his wife Archerina attempts to retake his denied birthright as the ruler of the Machine Empire. However, Gasket's plans are quickly dashed when a fully-repaired King Mondo returns to the throne.

Meanwhile, Jason's life-force is weakening due to the Gold Powers being incompatible with humans, and the Rangers must find a way to restore them to Trey before they and Jason are lost forever. The situation is only made worse when Zedd's and Mondo's forces begin competing to steal away the Gold Powers first, but the Rangers are able to restore them to their rightful owner, and Trey repays the favor by using the Gold Powers to defeat a giant King Mondo... by turning himself and his friends into giant Power Rangers! Mondo later receives one final insult to injury when Zedd and Rita give him a gift-wrapped bomb as a "peace offering", which blows him and his servants into scrap.



The Zeo Rangers

The Zeo Rangers from left to right: Rocky, Jason, Katherine, Tommy, Tanya and Adam.

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Color Role Actor
Zeo Ranger V Red Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Zeo Ranger IV Green Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch
Zeo Ranger III Blue Rocky DeSantos Steve Cardenas
Zeo Ranger II Yellow Tanya Sloan Nakia Burisse
Zeo Ranger I Pink Katherine Hillard Catherine Sutherland
Gold Ranger Trey of Triforia ►◄ Jason Lee Scott voiced by Brad Hawkins, played physically by Tom, Tim, and Ted DiFillippo) ►◄ Austin St. John


Auric Auric the Conqueror




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Multi-Use Devices

Communication Devices

Sidearms, Individual Weapons, and Team Blaster

Team Cannon

  • Zeo Power Cannon
    • Zeo I Power Cell
    • Zeo II Power Cell
    • Zeo III Power Cell
    • Zeo IV Power Cell
    • Zeo V Power Cell

Other Weapons



Main article: Zords (Zeo)
Legend:◆ piloted zord, ★ battlezord, ➲ carrier zord

Zeo Zords System

Super Zeo Zords System


Alternate Combinations

Alternate Megazords

Evil Zords


  1. A Zeo Beginning, Part I
  2. A Zeo Beginning, Part II
  3. The Shooting Star
  4. Target Rangers
  5. For Cryin' Out Loud
  6. Rangers in the Outfield
  7. Every Dog Has His Day
  8. The Puppet Blaster
  9. Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers
  10. Graduation Blues
  11. A Few Bad Seeds
  12. Instrument of Destruction
  13. Mean Screen
  14. Mr. Billy's Wild Ride
  15. There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part I
  16. There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part II
  17. There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part III
  18. Inner Spirit
  19. Challenges
  20. Found and Lost
  21. Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?
  22. Trust in Me
  23. It Came From Angel Grove
  24. Bulk Fiction
  25. Song Sung Yellow
  26. Game of Honor
  27. The Power of Gold
  28. A Small Problem
  29. A Season to Remember
  30. Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
  31. Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers
  32. Do I Know You?
  33. Revelations of Gold
  34. A Golden Homecoming
  35. Mondo's Last Stand
  36. Bomber in the Summer
  37. Scent of a Weasel
  38. The Lore of Auric
  39. The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold
  40. The Joke's on Blue
  41. Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?
  42. King for a Day, Part I
  43. King for a Day, Part II
  44. A Brief Mystery of Time
  45. A Mystery to Me
  46. Another Song and Dance
  47. Rangers of Two Worlds, Part I
  48. Rangers of Two Worlds, Part II
  49. Hawaii Zeo
  50. Good as Gold


VHS/DVD Releases


  • Power Rangers Zeo is the first season:
    • To have completely different Ranger suits from the previous season. This was done to match the annual suit change of the Super Sentai series.
    • To have its Japanese-created footage be exclusively from one Super Sentai series.
    • Not to feature Billy Cranston in every single episode. It is also the final season to feature the character altogether.
    • To feature a female Yellow Ranger (Tanya Sloan) whose gender matches that of her Sentai counterpart (Juri Nijou).
    • To feature a team with the core five color scheme of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. This would become the most common color scheme for Power Rangers teams, as to date it has been used for nine subsequent teams.
    • To feature a Green Ranger on the core team, as opposed to being a Sixth Ranger. In this case, the Green Ranger is Adam Park.
    • To end with the Rangers' powers and arsenal almost intact. None of the Zords, weapons, or base powers themselves are seen to be destroyed; only the Zeo Jet Cycles were. As it stands, Zeo is the only season so far to hold this distinction, as every other season features at least part of the arsenal destroyed, be it weapons or zords, or the team retiring at the season's conclusion.
      • However, according to Johnny Yong Bosch, the script for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie originally had a scene where Adam and Tanya would attempt to rescue Kimberly and Jason, only to have their Zeo powers destroyed underwater.[6]
    • To feature an appearance by at least one Ranger from a previous team. This trend would continue until Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
    • To use footage from the Sentai counterpart's team-up movies for their own team-up. This footage was used for the two-part episode "Rangers of Two Worlds".
    • To feature background songs from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as pure instrumentals without lyrics.
    • To feature cold open sequences at the beginning, not counting the non-canon Zeo Serials shown before episodes of the previous season (and Alien Rangers).
    • To feature no single episode featuring the destruction of the Ranger base
    • To have the Rangers' helmets without silver mouth plates.

The ZeoRangers title card.

  • International airings outside of the U.S. and Canada, along with the original intro for A Zeo Beginning, used an alternate logo in the intro that simply featured "ZeoRangers" in the style of the normal logo's "Power Rangers."
  • It is the only season to have a title with a word that is entirely made up (i.e. Zeo).
  • Episode 45, "A Mystery to Me," is the series' 200th episode.
  • This season and the first two Mighty Morphin seasons are the only three seasons to date where the episode counts exceed those of their Sentai counterparts. This season's episode count exceeds that of Ohranger by two, in part because three episodes came from the Ohranger movie and Ohranger vs. Kakuranger.
  • Power Rangers Zeo originally was planned to have two new segments that were aired right after the episodes called "Power Word" and "What it means to be a Power Ranger", however this decision was scrapped.[7]

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