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*Power Rangers Seasons 8-12 (Lightspeed Rescue to Dino Thunder)
*Power Rangers Seasons 8-12 (Lightspeed Rescue to Dino Thunder)
*Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Seasons (MMPR through Megaforce).
*Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Seasons (MMPR through Megaforce).
*Power Rangers Wild Force: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)
== Notes ==
== Notes ==

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This article is about a/an series entry (the 10th) in the Power Rangers franchise.

Power Rangers Wild Force (often abbreviated as "PRWF") was the tenth incarnation of the Power Rangers series, based strongly on the Super Sentai series Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (100 Beasts Squadron Growl Ranger).

Wild Force, like Time Force, is very faithful to its Sentai counterpart, with nearly the exact same plot. It's also the first season to have the exact same morphing sequence as its Sentai counterpart.

Power Rangers Wild Force takes place in 2002, continuing the tradition of having the incarnation taking place the year it was released. The first part of the series was originally broadcast on the Fox Kids children's television block, but was later moved to the ABC Kids children's television block in mid-season following the buyout of the Power Rangers franchise by Disney.

Wild Force celebrated 10 years of Power Rangers, while Gaoranger celebrated 25 years of Super Sentai.


The series follows the adventure of Cole Evans, who had been staying with a tribe for many years, as he tries to find his destiny in the fictitious town of Turtle Cove. He encounters the Animarium, a place that many believed to be a fairy tale. He joins four others who had a common path to become the new leader of the Wild Force Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers use their powers to defeat the forces of the Orgs, led by one Master Org. As Cole was fond of animals, he was shocked to discover that the Orgs were heartless creatures. As the series continues, he finds the truth about his real parents: his parents, Richard and Elizabeth Evans, were professors at Turtle Cove University, along with a family friend, Viktor Adler. When they were sent to the jungle for research, they discover the remains of the original Master Org, in which a jealous Adler consumes in order to exact revenge on Richard, who had proposed to Elizabeth before he could. However, Adler goes insane, and kills both Richard and Elizabeth. For a while, their newborn son, Cole, was also presumed dead.

The annual team-up episodes saw the Wild Force Rangers team up with the Time Force Rangers in order to stop three mutant Orgs (the Mut-Orgs) from polluting the Earth. It also featured the first time when a former villain teamed up with the Rangers to face the enemy. These episodes are special as it contained numerous references to various longtime fans of Power Rangers. Fans generally consider this teamup one of the best, due to the fact that the episode was written by a member of the fandom who was later hired to write for Wild Force, and the fact that the teamup brought closure to several plotholes in Time Force.

In addition to the annual team-up episodes, Power Rangers: Wild Force also had a special episode commemorating it as the tenth incarnation, by having Cole team up with the nine Red Rangers before him, (in order of incarnations, Jason Lee Scott, Aurico, Tommy Oliver, T.J. Johnson, Andros, Leo Corbett, Carter Grayson, Wes Collins and Eric Myers), in order to defeat the Machine Empire one final time. This was known as Forever Red.



Main article:Wild Force Rangers
The rangers

The Wild Force Rangers

Color Role Actor
Red Wild Force Ranger Cole Evans Ricardo Medina, Jr.
Yellow Wild Force Ranger Taylor Earhardt Alyson Kiperman
Blue Wild Force Ranger Max Cooper Phillip Jeanmarie
Black Wild Force Ranger Danny Delgado Jack Guzman
White Wild Force Ranger Alyssa Enrilé Jessica Rey
Lunar Wolf Ranger Merrick Baliton Phillip Andrew




  • Orgs
    • Master Org: The commander of the Org forces on Earth; he is the reincarnation of the ancient Master Org from 3,000 years ago. He was once Doctor Viktor Adler, but he consumed the remains of the original Master Org to become an Org himself. He disguised himself with similar clothing and a helmet with a fake horn. His true identity was discovered by Toxica when she saw him move his headdress, including his horn. He destroyed Retinax the first time to preserve his identity and brainwashed Toxica and Jindrax when they discovered the truth. He was defeated and stripped of his Org powers by Cole and is thrown off a cliff by Mandilok and presumed dead. In truth, he became a true Org and he returned for revenge against the Duke Orgs and the Wild Force Power Rangers. In the finale, he consumed an ancient Org Heart and gained a true Org form which possessed elements of the Org Generals. Every time he was destroyed by Rangers in Org form, his Org heart would revive him. He destroyed all the Wild Zords, but he was destroyed once and for all when all of the Wild Zords were returned/resurrected and destroyed his body while the Red Lion Ranger destroyed the Org heart with the Jungle Sword. He used a staff in human form and used the Nexus Blade in Org form (portrayed by Ilia Volok).
    • Jindrax: Jester/Clown-like Duke Org, self-proclaimed 'Master of Blades', uses knives and swords in battle. He had an unofficial rivalry with Taylor and was a good friend of Toxica. He seemed to have had a crush on Princess Shayla, but a deep love for Toxica. He resurrected Toxica from Spirit World using her reenergized severed horn. He retired from serving as an Org leader and now travels the world with Toxica so they can 'find themselves' (voiced by Richard Cansino for the first four episodes, then portrayed/voiced by Danny Wayne Stallcup, who was credited in this series as just Danny Wayne).
    • Toxica: A sorceress Duke Org who is armed with a staff that releases beans that make Orgs grow. She suspected Master Org's true identity when she smelled the scent of 'human' around him and saw him 'move' his horn. She uses Nayzor's crown to temporarily transform into a General Org, Necronomica (whose voice she retained as Super Toxica), and was brainwashed by Master Org, along with Jindrax, in mutated form when they found out his true identity. She was once returned to normal by Cole, and they sought out Mandilok and serve under him until Mandilok used Toxica as a shield against the Rangers' Jungle Blaster. She was brought back to life again by Jindrax who pulled her out of the Spirit World by once more re-energizing her severed horn. She and Jindrax assisted the Rangers by rescuing the captured Princess Shayla from the Nexus. She retired from serving as an Org leader and now travels the world with Jindrax so they can 'find themselves' (portrayed by Sin Wong).
    • Retinax: An eye-themed General Org and bodyguard to the original Master Org; fought the Rangers once and was defeated and then destroyed by the new Master Org when he failed to recognize him. He was resurrected in the episode before the finale to guard the Nexus with the two other generals. Wields an axe that can combine with the other generals' weapons to form the Nexus Blade (voiced by Michael Sorich).
    • Nayzor: A nose-themed General Org, who freed the Duke Org, Zen-Aku. He was resurrected twice in series, first to battle Rangers in 'Super' form, then again in normal form to guard the Nexus with the two other generals. He uses a paper fan in normal form that can combine with the other generals' weapons to form the Nexus Blade and uses a clawed staff in Super form (voiced by Ken Merckx).
    • Mandilok: A Hermaphroditic mouth-themed General Org, takes Master Org's place in the middle of the series. His upper mouth speaks with a female's voice while lower mouth speaks with a male's voice. He was resurrected in the near-finale to guard the Nexus along with the two other Generals. He uses a large fork and knife as weapons that can combine with the two other generals' weapons to form the Nexus Blade (male voice by Ezra Weisz, female voice by Barbara Goodson).
    • Zen-Aku: A wolf Duke Org sealed in a mask; possessed Merrick until the spell was broken. he comes back to life to battle Merrick and is destroyed by the combined strengths of the Wild Force Megazord [Striker Mode] and Predazord. He mysteriously comes back to life in the finale and now travels the world with Merrick, seeking redemption for his past deeds (voiced first by Dan Woren, and later by Lex Lang).
    • Artilla: Artilla is one of the Duke Orgs that were freed by Mandilok. He is a tank-themed Duke Org. He and Helicos attacked Turtle Cove and were destroyed by the Isis Megazord (voiced by Michael Sorich).
    • Helicos: Helicos is one of the Duke Orgs that were freed by Mandilok. He is a helicopter-themed Duke Org that can fly. He and Artilla attacked Turtle Cove and were destroyed by the Isis Megazord (voiced by Dave Mallow).
    • Juggelo: Juggelo is Jindrax's brother. They attacked Taylor, Max and Kite at a carnival, even to when Jindrax ate the growth seeds to join him. His attacks are so weak that he has no strength. He was destroyed by the Wild Force Megazord and Jindrax shrunk back to normal (voiced by Patrick Thomas).
    • Onikage: A Duke Org who appeared seemingly out of nowhere to aid Mandilok. However, he was actually working for Master Org, preparing things for his return. He succeeded in capturing Princess Shayla, getting rid of Toxica, and setting up Mandilok to be destroyed. Onikage then used his ninja powers to create evil clones of the Rangers, whom the Rangers could not damage without hurting themselves. Jindrax upset his plans by reflecting one of his blasts back at him, creating a clone that the Rangers destroyed, destroying the real Onikage. Onikage returned as a giant, and fought the Rangers in another dimension where the spirits of defeated Orgs reside. He was defeated by the help of the Pegasus Megazord. (voice by Dan Woren)
    • Mut-Orgs: Mutant/Org hybrids from the year 3000 who travel back to present in order to find Master Org.
    • List of Wild Force Monsters
    • Putrids: Foot soldiers that the Rangers fight.
    • Shadow Rangers
  • Machine Empire Remnants

Monsters from PRWF

  • each episodes of Sing Song and The Master's Herald.



Wild Force Rider

Main article: Arsenal (Wild Force)
  • Growl Phone: Morpher of the Wild Force Rangers; with miniature robot/animal modes.
  • Lunar Caller: Morpher of the Lunar Wolf Ranger.
  • Crystal Saber & Power Animal Crystals
  • Weapons: Personal weapons used by the Rangers (White Tiger Baton, Golden Eagle Sword, Black Bison Axe, Blue Shark Fighting Fins, Red Lion Fang); can combine into Jungle Sword for the "Savage Slash" attack.
  • Animarium Armor: The Red Ranger's Battlizer granted to him by the Falcon Zord. It allows him to fly, form a shield from the wings, and fire energy blasts.
  • Savage Cycles: Motorcycles given to the Wild Force Rangers by their Wild Zords.
  • Wild Force Rider: Motorcycle given to the Red Ranger by Animus to replace his destroyed Savage Cycle.


Wildzord System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ◇ power-up zord
Main article: Wildzords

Alternate Combinations

Alternate Megazords
Wild Force Megazord
Dark Predazord
Isis Megazord

Evil Zords


  1. Lionheart
  2. Darkness Awakening
  3. Click, Click, Zoom
  4. Never Give Up!
  5. Ancient Awakening
  6. Wishes On The Water
  7. The Bear Necessities
  8. Soul Searching
  9. Soul Bird Salvation
  10. Curse of the Wolf
  11. Battle Of The Zords
  12. Predazord, Awaken
  13. Revenge Of Zen-Aku
  14. Identity Crisis
  15. The Ancient Warrior
  16. The Lone Wolf
  17. Power Play
  18. Secrets And Lies
  19. The Tornado Spin
  20. Three's a Crowd
  21. A Father's Footsteps
  22. Sing Song
  23. The Wings of Animaria
  24. Reinforcements from the Future Part 1
  25. Reinforcements from the Future Part 2
  26. The Master's Last Stand
  27. Unfinished Business
  28. Homecoming
  29. The Flute
  30. Team Carnival
  31. Taming Of The Zords
  32. Monitoring Earth
  33. The Soul of Humanity
  34. Forever Red
  35. The Master's Herald Part 1
  36. The Master's Herald Part 2
  37. Fishing for a Friend
  38. Sealing the Nexus
  39. The End of the Power Rangers Part 1
  40. The End of the Power Rangers Part 2

VHS/DVD Releases



  • Power Rangers Wild Force (Complete Season) [German RC2]
  • The Best of the Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers
    • Forever Red
  • Power Rangers Seasons 8-12 (Lightspeed Rescue to Dino Thunder)
  • Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Seasons (MMPR through Megaforce).
  • Power Rangers Wild Force: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)


  • Wild Force was the first season to have a narrator like its Sentai counterpart.
  • Wild Force, along with Operation Overdrive and RPM, are the only teams to not have any unmorphed appearances in any subsequent Power Rangers incarnation.
    • Although Eka Darville would reprise his role as Scott Truman in the Samurai/RPM crossover Clash of the Red Rangers, he stays morphed throughout this appearance, in this case, making Wild Force and Operation Overdrive subsequently the only incarnations whose actors have never reprised their roles as Rangers in any subsequent Power Rangers incarnation in any form
  • Wild Force is the first Power Rangers series where the Rangers are shown to already be operating, without a Red Ranger, before the start of the show.
  • Wild Force is the first season to show the zords in full CGI, not only in their presentations, but in any scene prior to their combination into the Megazord.
  • The first Wild Force promo actually used several clips from the Gaoranger intro. At one point, the faces of all 5 of the main Gaorangers as they transform can be seen. In addition, in the first Wild Force promo (the one that aired after Time Force ended), the full faces of 4 of the Japanese actors from Gaoranger, as they begin to transform, can be seen.
  • This season is the first time the Power Rangers actually copied a Sentai transformation sequence in every detail.
  • This was the first regular Power Rangers series not to feature a Pink Ranger, and the first since in Space not to feature a Green Ranger.
  • This is the first season of Power Rangers since In Space to feature a Black Ranger, and the first since the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (and their alien counterparts) to feature a White Ranger.
  • The series was unique in the fact that the villains are called 'Orgs', much like in Gaoranger. Even the monsters the Power Rangers had to defeat mostly had no name changes in the transition.
  • Wild Force has the distinction of featuring the oldest known Power Ranger (Merrick was over 3,000 years old at the time of his release).
    • This record was later broken by Dino Charge with Koda being 100,000 years old.
  • This season holds the record of the highest number of Zords featured: 22
    • Max is the only Ranger in this season not to have 3 Zords, only possessing 2.
  • This series also has the current record for Power Ranger appearances from previous seasons, at 13. The first were the 6 Time Force Rangers, then the 7 Red rangers in "Forever Red."
  • Although Master Org is a Power Rangers-exclusive villain, the costume used for him was recycled from the Gorma Emperor XV, who is the main villain in Gosei Sentai Dairanger. The concept of Viktor Adler recalls Hideyo Kageyama AKA Doctor Man who serves as the main villain from the 1984 Series Choudenshi Bioman who was first human before becoming the main villain. Ironically, Doctor Man and The Gorma Emperor are both played by the late Japanese actor Munemaru Kouda
  • This series gave the brief return of the comedy duo Bulk and Skull in Forever Red, and was the last series to feature the two until Bulk's return in Samurai and Skull's return when he came to pick up Spike at the end of Super Samurai.
  • This was the last Power Ranger Series to be produced by MMPR Productions, and the first season to be developed completely under ownership of Disney and not Saban.
  • This is also the last season to have the "Next Time" segment after each episode and the last season to have two females in the main team until Power Rangers S.P.D..
  • The Time Force-Wild Force team-up was the first made-for-Power Rangers team-up since there has never been a Gaoranger vs. Timeranger.
  • This is the first season to show realistic blood when Zen-Aku's left hand was cut.
  • "Forever Red" was the first episode to commemorate the anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. This would repeat in Dino Thunder with Legacy of Power, and again in Operation Overdrive with Once A Ranger.
  • This is the first season since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to not use wrist Morphers. They use cell phone-like Morphers instead.
  • According to an earlier script, Kendall, a girl Danny Delgado was madly in love with, was supposed to become a Ranger. However, whether or not she was going to be a replacement Ranger or an American-exclusive Ranger is unknown. [Citation needed]
  • This was the final series to be aired on Fox Kids. Partway through Wild Force's run, it was moved to ABC Kids.
  • This is the first Power Rangers series not to have a team-up with a future generation of Power Rangers, as the Wild Force Rangers are permanently disbanded at the end of the series, though the corresponding Gaorangers did have a team-up episode with the Hurricanegers, the Ninja Storm counterparts. This may be due to the fact that production moved to New Zealand after Wild Force ended.
  • This is the first incarnation of Power Rangers since in Space to not have the rangers' base of operations destroyed in the finale, and the first of all incarnations to not have the rangers' base of operations destroyed at all (the Power Chamber in Zeo was destroyed at the end of Turbo, and the Astro Megaship from in Space was destroyed at the end of Lost Galaxy).
  • Unlike Gaoranger, the Wild Force Rangers notably referred to each other by name instead of color for the entire series, although Gaoranger eventually did this after they formally introduced themselves in the series finale which was carried on to Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger.
  • The season is mentioned in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2: Ep. 5: Delusional Imports, where Gaoranger is referred to as a blatant copy of it (history having been changed so that Sentai adapts PR instead of the other way around). Wild Force is indeed widely considered to be one of the seasons most like it's source material.
  • Princess Shayla was recast after filming had started. She was originally to be played by Natasha Allas.[1]
  • Ricardo Medina, Jr. would later reappear during Power Rangers Samurai & Power Rangers Super Samurai as Deker.
  • The Animaria would later reappear during Power Rangers Super Megaforce's A Lion's Alliance.
  • As of 2014, Wild Force is the last Power Ranger show to gender swap the Yellow Ranger as the yellow ranger later on would be the same gender as their Sentai counter parts.
  • Wild Force is the only season of Power Rangers to be associated with two different eras: the Post-Zordon Era and the Disney Era. It's considered apart of the Post-Zordon Era as it had the same production team as the previous nine seasons did. However, it's also apart of the Disney Era, as by the time it began airing, Disney had already acquired the rights from Saban.

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