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Power Rangers Wild Force: Identity Crisis is the fourth video release of Power Rangers Wild Force. It also featured a special preview of Power Rangers Ninja Storm right after the episodes.


As having Zords and his Megazord, the Rangers begin to think that Zen Aku might not even be a full Org as they started to see strange things about him such as saving a Wolf-mixed puppy from a Incident with the Rangers and destroying another Org, which is breaking the Rules. Meanwhile Zen Aku himself started to have problems of who he is as well, having blurred memories of his past. Soon our five Rangers quickly learned who he's exactly is as he used to be one of the Six original "Wild Force Rangers" who was under a Curse. But before they were able to tell him who he is, Master Org put a spell which makes him to only obeyed him and give him that he always wanted from him, the stolen Zords. Soon the five Rangers helps broke both the Spell and the Curse and soon Zen Aku went back to his old self, a man named "Merrick". The Rangers, despite what Merrick was doing to them as Zen Aku, welcomed him as part of their team, but Merrick refuses due to the actions he was doing as Zen Aku. Soon while the powerless Merrick is about to be destroyed by Master Org and his team as he was trying to retrieve the Zords, the Rangers came to the Rescue and gave Merrick his Lunar Wolf Zord, becoming the Lunar Wolf Ranger once more to engaged in Combat.

Episodes on Video

In the video, the film featured the following episodes as segments that recently appeared while they were broadcast back in April-May 2002. These 4 episodes included:

  1. Revenge of Zen-Aku (#13)
  2. Identity Crisis (#14)
  3. The Ancient Warrior (#15)
  4. The Lone Wolf (#16)

Cast of Characters

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