Power Rangers Wild Force- Curse of the Wolf

Power Rangers Wild Force: Curse of the Wolf is the third video release of Power Rangers Wild Force.


While fighting Cole, Master Org realizes that there something about him that connects his past that remains to be the last puzzle of a "Revenge" mission years ago, so eventually he had a General Org to awake a very dangerous and powerful Duke Org to help take down the Rangers, Zen Aku. Upon returning after 3000 years, Zen Aku begins to showed some unique traits of him compared to other Orgs, such as having his own Zords and Megazord, while doing so steals some of the Rangers' Zords.

Episodes on Video

In the video, the film featured the following episodes as segments that recently appeared while they were broadcast back in March-April 2002. These 4 episodes included:

  1. Soul Bird Salvation (#9)
  2. Curse of the Wolf (#10)
  3. Battle of the Zords (#11)
  4. Predazord, Awaken (#12)

Cast of Characters

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