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Power Rangers Wild Force: Ancient Awakening is the second video release of Power Rangers Wild Force.


Five Ancient Zords are discovered by each of the Rangers. Alyssa discovered the Elephant Zord through a Field-trip for her college, Max discovered the Giraffe Zord through a nightmare of the Rangers being destroyed, Taylor discovered the White Bear and Black Bear Zord through two twins she discovered breaking into a Air Force, and Cole discovered the Gorilla Zord while on his search for the Soul Bird to restore his Lion Zord. But while this going on, Master Org attempts to steal these Zords before the Rangers can.

Episodes on Video

In the video, the film featured the following episodes as segments that recently appeared while they were broadcast back in March 2002. These 4 episodes included:

  1. Ancient Awakening (#5)
  2. Wishes on the Water (#6)
  3. The Bear Necessities (#7)
  4. Soul Searching (#8)

Cast of Characters