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This article is about a/an mobile game in the Power Rangers franchise.

Power Rangers Unite is a card battle game which was released for iOS and Android devices in March 2015. It will include every incarnation of the franchise.[1]


The Legendary Battle has concluded: Legendary Rangers from all teams stood united and defeated Emperor Mavro's fleet. But as the Legendary Rangers disbanded, a shadowy portal opened, drawing them all into a mysterious world. The portal has a strange, unplanned effect, drawing even the Dino Charge Rangers into it. What is this Other Earth? Who brought the Power Rangers into it? The Rangers will soon find out...


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  • Gia recognizes the Dino Charge Rangers,[2] but the backstory appears to be immediately after Legendary Battle - if Dino Charge already existed, why did they not participate in the Legendary Battle? For this reason, they should be from a later time and thus Gia shouldn't recognize them.
  • Koda's speech is fluent, which isn't the case so far in the TV series.


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