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Power Rangers Time Force is a video game based on the series of the same name. It was released on November 7, 2001 for PlayStation.

The PlayStation version, developed by Climax Studios is a 3D action game with all six rangers playable (Quantum Ranger must be unlocked) through these seven levels:

  1. The Path To Silver Hills
  2. Hostage of Time
  3. Peril On The High Seas
  4. The Dawn Of Time
  5. Midnight Castle
  6. The Coliseum of Frax
  7. The Final Mutation

The player can find a Time Artifact is hidden in each level, and a health bar bonus is awarded if the level is completed within the time limit. All seven artifacts must be collected to unlock the Quantum Ranger.


PRTF PS1 Credits

Credits in PS1 Version


  • In the credits, Erin Cahill is incorrectly named "Erin Chill".
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