Power Rangers: Time Force (often abbreviated as "PRTF") was the ninth incarnation of the Power Rangers series, based on the Super Sentai series Mirai Sentai Timeranger (Future Task Force Timeranger), running for 40 half-hour episodes from February to November of 2001.

Time Force is most notable for an overall story that is considerably darker than many of the other incarnations in the series. Like Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue before it and Power Rangers: Wild Force after it, the Power Rangers are adults and not teenagers. Because of this, many fans felt that this incarnation of Power Rangers, in particular, would have made a successful primetime series for adults had it not been for the traditional elements that made up a Power Rangers series.


In the year 3000, an elite crime fighting unit known as Time Force hunts down the Earth's last known fugitive, Ransik, who has made plans to travel back in time and conquer a past era. He is apprehended by Alex, a Red Ranger, and member of Time Force. After being tried and convicted, Ransik is taken to Cryo-Prison by Time Force operatives Jen, Katie, Lucas, and Trip. On their way, they are attacked by Ransik's daughter Nadira, and ally Frax, who break him out. The three villains set up base at the Cryo-Prison, where Ransik makes a second attempt at traveling to the past. They are interrupted once again by Alex, but this time the Red Ranger is beaten and seriously injured. Ransik then successfully makes the jump back in time, taking Nadira, Frax, and several cryogenically frozen criminals with him.

The fallen Alex urges his four teammates to go after Ransik, and so Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas steal five Chrono Morphers and a Time Ship, and take off into the year 2001 to apprehend Ransik. They discover that the Chrono Morphers won't work unless someone morphs with the Red Chrono Morpher, which can only be used by a person whose DNA significantly matches Alex's. Luckily, the Rangers run into Wes, an ancestor of Alex's, who volunteers to become the Red Ranger. The newly formed team of five Rangers easily defeats Ransik and his crew on their first attack of the city.

An archeological dig unearths a powerful artifact - the Quantum Morpher. A private security organization known as the Silver Guardians, founded by Wes' father, arrives to protect it from Ransik's forces. It eventually falls into the hands of one of the Guardians - an ambitious, bitter loner named Eric, who is an old rival of Wes'. Eric uses his power as the Quantum Ranger to retrieve the Quantasaurus Rex Zord from prehistoric times, which impresses Mr. Collins enough to make him the leader of the Silver Guardians.

In the year 3000, Alex recovers from his injuries, and monitors the Rangers' actions in the year 2001, assisting in any way he can. When Frax unleashed the first of his robots, Alex sent the Time Shadow to help the Rangers beat it. Frax's second robot required a more personal visit, and so Alex traveled back in time himself to become Red Ranger again. When it was clear that the team was stronger under Wes' command in battle, Alex gave him back the morpher, and returned to his time.

The Rangers came across many close calls throughout their adventures on 2001, defeating their destinies every step of the way, and proving that the future is what they make of it. Wes was supposed to take over Bio-Lab after his father's death, but he chose to fight with his friends instead. Mr. Collins did not die either - he was saved by Alex during his visit. The Rangers were supposed to have been killed fighting Frax's final robot, Doomtron, but Wes forced them to go back to the future for their own safety. When the Rangers discovered that Wes died fighting Doomtron alone, they traveled back, and helped him save the future.

Ransik and Nadira were still unaccounted for. The end of the Rangers' mission was coming to a close, and the mutant father and daughter still had to be brought in. After helping to deliver a baby, Nadira had a change of heart, and wished to end the hatred between humans and mutants. In a vicious battle between Ransik and the Rangers, Nadira was injured, making Ransik realize that the hatred needed to end. He turned himself over to Time Force. With the villains defeated, Lucas, Trip, Katie and Jen returned to the year 3000. Before parting ways, Jen and Wes revealed that they loved each other. Wes joined Eric as co-leader of the Silver guardians, which has been transformed from a private security organization to a peace keeping organization for the entire city.



TF Rangers

Time Force Rangers



List of Time Force Monsters


Weaponry & Arsenal

  • Time Force Badge: Identification of Time Force members and is utilized to seal defeated criminals away in cryo-containment units.
  • Chrono Blaster: Standard sidearm of Time Force.
  • V Weapons/Vortex Blaster: Five cannons used by the Rangers; can combine into the Vortex Blaster which delivers powerful energy blasts capable of "freezing" or knocking out a criminal.
  • Chrono Morpher: Morpher of the Time Force Rangers; equipped with holographic communication array and can only be activated when the Red Chrono Morpher is activated; imprints with the user's DNA.
  • Chrono Sabers: Standard weapons (two to each Ranger) that can combine into double-bladed lances; capable of shooting energy blasts and delivering "Time Strike" attacks
  • Electro Booster: Special gun created by adding several attachments to a Chrono Saber.
  • Quantum Morpher: Morpher of the Quantum Time Force Ranger, used to control the Quantasaurus Rex; vocal command accepted only from the Quantum Time Force Ranger (or someone who can sound like him).
  • Quantum Defender: A sidearm used by the Quantum Time Force Ranger; also has a sword mode.
  • Battle Warrior Armor: Battlizer Armor for the Red Time Force Ranger, granted to him by the mystic Battle Fire; gives him torso armor, armored helmet & boots, and a two-handed battle sword.
  • Quantum Mega Battle Armor: Battlizer Armor for the Quantum Time Force Ranger, granted to him by Alex from the year 3000; gives him torso shielding, visor, rollerblades, and detachable wings that serve as blasters and blades; also grants him the ability to fly and a large energy blade that is capable of "freezing" giant criminals.
  • Vector Cycles: Motorcycles used by the Rangers for ground pursuit.
  • Strata Cycle: air/ground vehicle sent by Alex to aid Wes
  • TF Eagle: Transport of the Quantum Time Force Ranger, capable of time-traveling.
  • Time Jet: Aircraft used by Power Rangers; can transform into a blaster for the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue.


  1. Force from the Future, Pt. 1
  2. Force from the Future, Pt. 2
  3. Something to Fight For
  4. Ransik Lives
  5. A Blue Streak
  6. A Parting of Ways
  7. Short-Circuited
  8. Jen's Revenge
  9. The Time Shadow
  10. Future Unknown
  11. Uniquely Trip
  12. Worlds Apart
  13. The Quantum Quest
  14. Clash for Control, Part 1
  15. Clash for Control, Part 2
  16. Bodyguard in Blue
  17. The Legend of the Clock Tower
  18. Trust and Triumph
  19. Trip Takes a Stand
  20. Quantum Secrets
  21. The Last Race
  22. Lovestruck Rangers
  23. Full Exposure
  24. Movie Madness, Pt. 1
  25. Movie Madness, Pt. 2
  26. Time Force Traitor
  27. Frax's Fury
  28. Dawn of Destiny
  29. Fight Against Fate
  30. Destiny Defeated
  31. Undercover Rangers
  32. Beware the Knight
  33. Time for Lightspeed
  34. Reflections Of Evil
  35. Nadira's Dream Date
  36. Circuit Unsure
  37. A Calm Before the Storm
  38. The End of Time Part 1
  39. The End of Time Part 2
  40. The End of Time Part 3


  • An oddity with Time Force is that it is the first series since the trend started in Power Rangers: Turbo that did not have most of or all of the Rangers' arsenal end up being destroyed in the final battle.
  • Power Rangers Time Force is the second Power Rangers season to feature a female Ranger as the leader of the team, and is also the first (and so far the only) Power Rangers season to feature a Pink Ranger as the leader.
  • Power Rangers Time Force were the first team of rangers to not feature white boots or white gloves as part of their uniforms, they were the same color of their respective ranger color designation.
  • Power Rangers Time Force is the only series thus far to feature a sixth ranger that wore the same color as another team member (Wes and Eric both wore red as their color scheme, it should be noted that in Power Rangers Ninja Storm technically Tori and Blake were "Blue Rangers" albeit different shades of blue (Aqua and Navy) and Shane and Hunter being both "Red Rangers" being a different shade of red (Red and Crimson).
  • Power Rangers Time Force is also notable for being the first series not to "destroy" it's monsters, but rather "capture" them in containers. This method would be repeated in Power Rangers S.P.D., where monsters are "contained" rather than destroyed.
  • It was the first series to employ Power Rangers from the future, this would be done again in Power Rangers S.P.D. with the addition of the Omega Ranger and Nova Ranger.
  • It was the first series to feature a family member accidently finding out their relative was a Power Ranger (Mr.Collins found out Wes was the Red Ranger when his visor was damaged in a battle). This would be repeated in Power Rangers Wild Force when Alyssa's father mistakenly found she was the White Ranger and in Power Rangers Ninja Storm when Shane's older brother accidently found out he was the Red Ranger.
  • It was the second series to feature villains who truly reformed (Ransik and Nadira) and turned to the side of good. Power Rangers in Space was the first as Astronema reformed at the end and became the 2nd Pink Ranger in the following season.
  • It was the first season to feature villians who were completely mortal humans, having no supernatural or alien attributes. Rita Repulsa was a witch, Lord Zedd was transformed into a skinless creature, Divatox was an intergalactic pirate (keyword being "intergalactic"), Astronema was under Dark Specter's magical spell, Scorpius was an insectoid, and the Lightspeed Rescue villians were demons. Aside from exotic, elaborate clothing, Ransik showed no signs of supernaturality, and in the year 3000, he was just as common a criminal as any.
  • It was the first season to feature morphers that were dependant on another morpher being active (the four rangers from the future could not morph until the Red Ranger joined the team). This would be done again in Operation Overdrive, where all the original five morphers were interdependant (rather than one morpher being parent to the other four).
  • It was the first season to feature a teamup episode with the team from the previous season not to be a two-part episode (or in the case of the in space and lost galaxy teamup, a sequel) followed by Power Rangers SPD
  • One episode of Power Rangers: Time Force was dedicated in memory of Thuy Trang, a member of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast. Trang died in an automobile accident on September 3, 2001 on Interstate Highway 5 when the vechicle she was a passenger in went out of control. A second passenger in the vechicle was Angela Rockwood-Nguyen, a former actress/model and the wife of fellow Vietnamese-American actor Dustin Nguyen. Thuy Trang died in the accident and Rockwood-Nguyen became quadriplegic.
  • In one episode of Time Force, you can -almost- completely see the face of Eric's Super Sentai counterpart, Naoto. This occurs in the episode which first introduced the Quantum Ranger. Due to the two actors looking highly similar, alot of Timeranger footage was kept showing Naoto from a distance, and in one scene, his face is covered brefily, but he begins to pull his hands away, giving a brief glimpse of Naoto's face.


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