Power Rangers Time Force- Quantum Ranger Clash for Control

Power Rangers Time Force: Quantum Ranger Clash for Control is the second video release of Power Rangers Time Force.


A new heroic team is in town known as the "Silver Guardians", which is run by no other than Wes' "Corrupt Businessman" of a father, Mr. Collins. Unlike others, Wes knows that his father does not have an interest in protecting the city but to get more money, which means the Guardians doesn't know who there exactly dealing with, unlike the Rangers. Upon the members of the Guardians, one of them just so happened to be Wes' former classmate, Eric Myers, who for years have a strong jealousy with Wes as he already have the money and spend less laboring, as Eric was the opposite of all of that. Once both the Rangers and the Guardians were battling another Mutant, Wes' big secret of being a Ranger was eventually revealed to both his father and Eric, which only have Eric to be more fueled with Jealously.

Meanwhile, out in the Desert a bunch of scientists found an ancient device that is believed is from the Triassic period, both the Rangers and Ransik recognizes it as the morpher of that of the Quantum Ranger, and both raced to get it, but instead the powered-hungry Eric gotten the Morpher and eventually became the "Quantum Ranger".

As promise by Mr. Collins, Eric can be the new leader of the Guardians if he can have the other Rangers except for Wes, joined to fight along-sided him and the Guardians and proceed the last part of his power quest, getting the powerful Zord known as the "Q-Rex".

Episodes on video

In the video, the film featured the following episodes as segments that recently appeared while they were broadcast back in April-May. These 4 episodes included:

  1. Worlds Apart (#12)
  2. The Quantum Quest (#13)
  3. Clash for Control, Part 1 & 2 (#14 & 15)

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