Power Rangers Time Force- Photo Finish

Power Rangers Time Force: Photo Finish is the third video release of Power Rangers Time Force.


An new film is being shot downtown, and the Rangers are interested in checking it out, but eventually the filming turned-out to be a scam that a Mutant was filming the movie in which is called "The End of the Power Rangers" which eventually all six Rangers were put in different films, Lucas is in a Samurai movie, Katie is in a Musical, Jen is in a Kung-fu movie, Wes and Trip are in a Western, and Eric is in a Jungle movie. All the Rangers tries their best to get out of the whole Movie Madness.

Episodes on video

In the video, the film featured the following episodes as segments that recently appeared while they were broadcast back in July 2001. These 3 episodes included:

  1. Movie Madness, Part 1 & 2 (#24 & 25)
  2. Full Exposure (#23)

Cast of characters


  • Despite reportedly being released in October of 2001, this VHS uses the original broadcast version of "Full Exposure" instead of the re-edited version made after the events of 9/11. (Both parts of "Movie Madness" were never altered)

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