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Power Rangers Time Force (often abbreviated as PRTF) or Time Force is the ninth season of Power Rangers, based on the Super Sentai series, Mirai Sentai Timeranger.


Power Rangers Time Force was designed by the writers to be more adult oriented and deal with serious themes such as racism and bigotry. For this reason, the Mutants were made societal outcasts hated just for their appearances and abused so badly that they were forced to become terrorists. However, reportedly due to pressure from executive producer Jonathan Tzachor who wanted more Timeranger footage added in, they had to copy many plot-points from the Japanese series.

Casting for and acting in Time Force was, according to the cast, very enjoyable and they still appreciate the roles to this day. Jason Faunt had been auditing for Power Rangers since 1998 when he auditioned for the role of Andros which ultimately went to Christopher Khayman Lee instead but was hired on his fourth audition to play both Red Ranger Wesley Collins and his descendent Alex Drake. Erin Cahill got the role of Jen Scotts after eight months of waiting before being called in for a final audition where she got the part. Michael Copon grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and had only moved to Los Angeles a year earlier before signing up with a modeling agency. However, they thought that he'd make a good actor and his first acting role ended up being Lucas Kendall. Kevin Kleinberg became Trip immediately after graduating high school and wore a wig since his character had green hair and he didn't want to dye his real hair. Deborah Estelle Phillips had also grown up watching the show and was surprised to see it was still airing before auditioning and getting the role of Yellow Ranger Katie Walker. According to Philips, the reason that her character was usually depicted as not knowing her own strength was a decision on her part since her strength was only shown when convenient for the plot of certain episodes. Daniel Southworth (who would later go on to become a very successful voice actor) was already known to Saban since he had been playing various Red Rangers at live-shows for six years and had also been a stunt-actor for Lightspeed Rescue so was offered the role.

The villains for Time Force were very different from their Timeranger counterparts. One major change from the Sentai though were the antagonists. In Timeranger, Don Dolnero was the central antagonist with Lila/Nadira and Gien/Frax serving him but Gluto became the typical dumb comic relief villain. Additionally, the true main antagonist of Timeranger was Captain Ryuya Asami who released the Londerz Family/Mutants to try and change the past to prevent his death during the Great Annihilation. Since no footage of Ryuya being evil was usable, since he was an entirely human villain, Ransik was created. Veteran Australian actor Vernon Wells was asked to audition for Ransik and got the role despite not knowing what Power Rangers was and thinking that it was "something like Sponge-Bob with voice-overs".

According to Faunt, his roles were filmed back to back with him going from playing Wes in one scene to Alex in another and vice-versa. Whenever he was in a scene where Alex and Wes were present, a stand-in was used and shots that didn't feature the two characters in frame had him acting against a stick. The team's robot Circuit (voiced by proliffic voice actress Brianne Siddall in her final Power Rangers role) originated from Timeranger. However, they had to create an entirely new prop for Time Force because the prop was unusably damaged after being shipped. The Clock Tower being the Rangers' base was decided upon early in production with the interior props being found by production designer Julie Bolder and the famous clockface of the tower was a real working clock. Bolder was also the designer of the Cryo Prison; the place where all cryogenically frozen Mutants were stored which later became Ransik's base of operations in the past. One of the most famous elements of Time Force was the relationship between Jen and Wes; going from bitter poorly disguised anger and trying to make a good impression to tragic lovers. According to Jackie Marchand, the producers forced the writers to keep past romantic pairings subtle since they felt that children wouldn't like them but decided to remove this restriction for once.

Eric's counterpart Naoto Takizawa originally died during the equivalent to "The End of Time" which was originally supposed to happen to Eric as well. The scene was filmed but there are two variations for what happened next. The first is that the scene was shown to an unknown producer and he didn't like the scene so ordered it changed. The other is that they filmed two versions of the scene; the death scene and one where he lived since they were worried that Fox wouldn't like the death scene, In the latter case, it is stated that Fox preferred the variation where Eric lived and so Saban went with that scene. Whichever is true, the death scene was cut and the scene of Eric living was inserted instead.

Partway through the airing of Time Force, shortly after the airing of the episode "Destiny Defeated", came the events of September 11th 2001. As a result of the attack, Time Force went on a week long hiatus and underwent heavy re-edits to all prior episodes to remove footage of buildings imploding and most notably removed a shot of the Time Shadow atop two buildings that resembled the World Trade Center. As a result of 9/11, the third episode of the series ("Ransik Lives") was completely pulled from the schedule and never aired again. This was because the episode revolved around Ransik making terrorist threats and Fearog destroying buildings. As such, removing the problematic elements were not an option and they were forced to remove it.

This was the final series to fully air on Fox Kids since Wild Force was bought out by Disney shortly after the episode "The Master's Last Stand" which resulted in it being moved to Jetix which would later become Disney XD. According to Daniel Southworth at Power Morphicon 2007, due to popularity and the relationship between the production crew and cast, a second season was almost commissioned. However, due to the Disney buy-out, all plans had to be scrapped as they wanted to start fresh without needing to worry about continuity.


Fugitive mutants from the distant future escape to the present to unleash a wave of crime against a helpless world but the futuristic police force known as the Power Rangers Time Force travel across time to save the past, present, and future.


The Time Force Rangers.


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Color Role Actor
Time Force Red Alex Drake ►◄ Wesley Collins Jason Faunt
Time Force Pink Jen Scotts Erin Cahill
Time Force Blue Lucas Kendall Michael Copon
Time Force Yellow Katie Walker Deborah Estelle Phillips
Time Force Green Trip Kevin Kleinberg
Quantum Ranger Eric Myers Daniel Southworth

RPG/Comic-Exclusive Rangers

Color Role Actor
Time Force Silver Joe Shih Yoshi Sudarso
Time Force Black Cyra Drake N/A




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Transformation Devices

Other Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blaster




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Time Flyer and Shadow Force System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ★ battlezord; colors are in reference to the Rangers who pilot them, not the physical color of the Zords


  1. Force from the Future, Pt. 1
  2. Force from the Future, Pt. 2
  3. Something to Fight For
  4. Ransik Lives
  5. A Blue Streak
  6. A Parting of Ways
  7. Short-Circuited
  8. Jen's Revenge
  9. The Time Shadow
  10. Future Unknown
  11. Uniquely Trip
  12. Worlds Apart
  13. The Quantum Quest
  14. Clash for Control, Part 1
  15. Clash for Control, Part 2
  16. Bodyguard in Blue
  17. The Legend of the Clock Tower
  18. Trust and Triumph
  19. Trip Takes a Stand
  20. Quantum Secrets
  21. The Last Race
  22. Lovestruck Rangers
  23. Full Exposure
  24. Movie Madness, Pt. 1
  25. Movie Madness, Pt. 2
  26. Time Force Traitor
  27. Frax's Fury
  28. Dawn of Destiny
  29. Fight Against Fate
  30. Destiny Defeated
  31. Undercover Rangers
  32. Beware the Knight
  33. Time for Lightspeed
  34. Reflections Of Evil
  35. Nadira's Dream Date
  36. Circuit Unsure
  37. A Calm Before the Storm
  38. The End of Time Part 1
  39. The End of Time Part 2
  40. The End of Time Part 3

VHS/DVD Releases

VHS Release


  • Power Rangers Time Force (Complete Season) [German RC2]
  • Power Rangers Seasons 8-12 (Lightspeed Rescue to Dino Thunder)
  • Power Rangers Time Force: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)


  • This is the first and (currently) the only season to feature a Pink Ranger as the leader. However, Wes was the central protagonist.
  • Time Force is the first series where the Rangers do not destroy the monsters but rather capture them in containers.
  • This was the first series to include a standard issue sidearm not featured in its Sentai counterpart. In this case, it is the Chrono Blaster as the Timerangers did not have ranged sidearms.
  • Time Force had a spiritual sequel in the form of the Twitch RPG Power Rangers Hyperforce. However, it is set in another continuity separate from the main franchise.
  • This is the first series not to feature any of the main villains turning giant.

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