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This article is about a/an series entry (the "25th") in the Power Rangers franchise.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is the 25th season of Power Rangers, and the second season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. The series borrowed footage, costumes, and props from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. This season celebrates the franchise's 25th Anniversary and the last season produced by Saban Brands. This show will be dubbed in Indonesian after Ninja Steel no later than April 2020.


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"When Galvanax, cruel champion of Galaxy Warriors, came for the mighty Power Stars. A new generation of heroes rose up to protect them. In the final showdown, they were battling Galvanax, when the champion was betrayed by Madame Odius. But her plan was foiled by a mysterious asteroid. The battle continued and the rangers finally destroyed Galvanax, but the Power Stars were lost and the Prism was shattered. With evil defeated, the rangers' lives returned to normal unaware then in the far reaches of space, Odius. Has. Survived."

"Long ago, earth’s greatest ninja sacrificed himself to keep the universe safe from the monster Galvanax, 10 years later, the Rangers fought many battles to protect the legendary Ninja Power Stars. Finally, Galvanax was defeated but the ruthless Madame Odius survived and rose to power, determined to take the stars for herself, only one team can stop her, they are Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel."

"Previously, Odius created a ray that could control humanity. She beamed it to every TV on Earth. Unaware of her plan, Hayley and Calvin were fighting. They broke up. Soon, Hayley regretted it. But she was too late to save Calvin. With the Rangers divided, can Odius be stopped?"

"Previously, the Power Rangers battled to protect the Ninja Steel from Madame Odius and her Master. In the end, the Rangers won, and a strange asteroid knocked Odius deep into space. Sledge, an outlaw, discovered the asteroid contained a rare metal. He agreed to fix Odius' ship in exchange for the asteroid. But Odius tricked him. She had already stolen the Super Steel to use against the Rangers. But her plans failed and she was destroyed. The Earth was safe, or so the Rangers thought."

In Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the heroic teens find themselves face-to-face with an old enemy when they discover Madame Odius has survived and more determined than ever to steal the Ninja Nexus Prism and revive its powers for her nefarious purposes. Now it’s up to the Rangers and some unexpected help from new friends to use the power of teamwork to protect the Prism, defeat Odius and save the world!



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Designation Name Actor
Ninja Steel Red Brody Romero William Shewfelt
Ninja Steel Blue Preston Tien Peter Sudarso
Ninja Steel Yellow Calvin Maxwell Nico Greetham
Ninja Steel White Hayley Foster Zoe Robins
Ninja Steel Pink Sarah Thompson Chrysti Ane
Ninja Steel Gold Levi Weston Jordi Webber


Sheriff Skyfire Sheriff Skyfire


Legendary Rangers

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Ninja Steel team with the Legendary Rangers.

Color Name Actor Generation
Green Ranger
White Ranger
Zeo Ranger V Red
Black Dino Ranger
Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank Mighty Morphin
Dino Thunder
Red Ranger Rocky DeSantos Steve Cardenas Mighty Morphin
Pink Turbo Ranger Katherine Hillard Catherine Sutherland Turbo
Blue Space Ranger T.J. Johnson Selwyn Ward In Space
Time Force Red Wesley Collins Jason Faunt Time Force
White Dino Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer Jeffrey Parazzo Dino Thunder
Ranger Operator Series Silver Gemma Li Ming Hu RPM
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler Samurai
Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran Ciara Hanna Megaforce
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda Yoshi Sudarso Dino Charge


Galaxy Warriors

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Gruesome Grunts

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Sledge's Crew

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Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon


Cockpit Control Weapons



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Legend: piloted mecha, 2-person mecha, auxiliary mecha



Alternate Combinations

Legendary Zords


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  1. Echoes of Evil
  2. Moment of Truth
  3. Tough Love
  4. Making Waves
  5. Game Plan
  6. Attack of the Galactic Ninjas
  7. The Need for Speed
  8. Caught Red-Handed
  9. Outfoxed
  10. Dimensions in Danger
  11. Love Stings
  12. Fan Frenzy
  13. Prepare To Fail
  14. Sheriff Skyfire
  15. Tech Support
  16. Car Trouble
  17. Happy to Be Me
  18. Magic Misfire
  19. Doom Signal
  20. Reaching the Nexus
  21. Monster Mix-Up
  22. The Poisy Show

Video Release

  • Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel : The Complete Season


  • It was reported on February 18th that Super Ninja Steel and others until 2019 was to be the last production line of toys produced by Bandai America as the deal for the master rights license expired. Hasbro revealed at the New York 2018 toy fair that they had bought the master rights for Power Rangers and will produce the toyline for the 2019 season and more going forward.

Video Games

  • While Ninja Steel does not have any show-specific video games, Preston is one of the playable characters in the mobile fighting game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.


  • This season has some similarities to Dino Super Charge:
    • Both seasons' titular "Super" modes consist of a team cockpit mode to enhance Zord battles and an individual "Super" mode; Gold Ranger's Superstar Mode in Super Steel and Red Ranger's T-Rex Super Charge Mode in Super Charge.
      • However, Super Ninja Steel has the Rangers reforge their arsenal with Ninja Super Steel, which also serves as a "Super" aspect of the season.
    • Both seasons also feature the use of a mode, previously exclusive to one Ranger, by multiple members of the team: the Lion Fire Armor in Super Steel and Dino Armor X in Super Charge.
    • Both seasons' villains in possession of artifacts that act as antitheses to artifacts possessed by the Rangers; the Ninja Medallions to the Ninja Power Stars in Super Steel and the Dark Energem to the Energems in Super Charge.
    • Both seasons feature a villain from the previous season, who didn't get along with that season's main villain, taking over as the main villain; Madame Odious and Heckyl/Snide respectfully.
  • This season aired concurrent with the Super Sentai series Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger.
    • Coincidentally, both shows were dubbed in Indonesian, and to be aired in Indonesia by RTV after Uchu Sentai Kyuranger and Ninja Steel.
  • This season marks the first cockpit control cannon although the Ninja Master Blade is still used by the Rangers.
  • This season marks the first time the Sentai's main villain is killed before the Super season.
  • This marks the first time a character from the previous series appears in the new series since Jayden, Mentor Ji, Emily and Mike in Super Megaforce.
  • Between all 3 adaptions of Ninja Sentai (MMPR3/Alien Rangers, Ninja Storm, and Ninja Steel), It is the longest at a combined 44 episodes from both seasons followed by MMPR3 and Alien Rangers totaling 43, and Ninja Storm at 38.
  • This season marks the first time a non-adapted Metal HeroesIcon-crosswiki.png characterIcon-crosswiki.png appeared in the show.
  • This season marks the end of an era in several respects.
    • This is the last season to feature the Power Rangers logo which has been around since 1996's Power Rangers Zeo after Saban Brands unveiled a newly designed logo on February 15, 2018.
    • This is the last season with a toyline produced by Bandai America, as Hasbro will start producing toys with the 2019 Power Rangers season Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
    • This is the eighth and last season of New Saban Era as Hasbro acquired Power Rangers franchise from Saban. The next season, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, is the first season of Hasbro Era.
      • Similarly, the Super Sentai series that ran besides Super Ninja SteelKaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patrange, also marked the end of an era as being the last Super Sentai to fully air during the Heisei period. Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, which comes after Lupinranger VS Patranger will only run a few episodes before Emperor Akihito abdicates the throne, thus starting the Reiwa Era on April 30, 2019.
  • Not counting the Robo Rangers, this is the first Power Rangers season not to introduce a Ranger, the second being Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
  • This is the only season to begin and end with the same opening credits without updating them at any point during the season.

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