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Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the twenty-first season of Power Rangers and the sequel to Power Rangers Megaforce. Celebrating the franchise's 20th anniversary, the series is a hybrid adaptation of the two Super Sentai series', Tensou Sentai Goseiger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


"Power Rangers Megaforce" was trademarked by Saban Brands in 2011 during the run of Power Rangers Samurai. Casting sides released in April 2012 match with the blue and silver rangers of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

After the end of Super Megaforce, longtime executive producer Jonathan Tzachor was fired from the series and replaced by Judd Lynn. As it turns out, this was due to multiple disagreements and arguements with head writer and story editor James W. Bates which caused most of Megaforce's problems. According to Bates, his job was mostly superfluous since many of the stories (namely "Blue Saber Saga" and "A Lion's Alliance" in particular) were written with no oversight and were just given to him to be rushed along. It got so bad that he just quit after filming wrapped for the episode “Spirit of the Tiger” and Tzachor took over as editor. Bates came back to write "Vrak is Back" but the idea to clone Serrator's plan verbatim from Samurai (as opposed to Brajira's plan to remake the world with him as it's god from Goseiger) was Tzachor's idea. Bates' departure was also why Vrak disappears for over half of Megaforce; he wanted him to appear every two episodes but this was dropped when he left. One of the biggest criticisms of Megaforce is that the characters are extremely underdeveloped (to the point we never even see thier personal lives beyond school and Ernie’s Brain Freeze) because Tzachor forced Bates to disregard it in favor of using copious amounts of Sentai footage. [1]


"An alien armada has arrived and invaded our planet. Wave after wave have attacked us, with a ferocity never seen before. To battle this new threat the Power Rangers must master the abilities of the Legendary Rangers to become Super Megaforce"
"Power Rangers Super Megaforce focuses on the Rangers' mission to defeat a massive alien army Armada that was sent to conquer Earth. To face this threat, Gosei, a supernatural guardian who has protected Earth for centuries, gives the Rangers special morphers and keys, which allow them to morph into Super Megaforce Rangers. The Rangers also have an added special ability to morph into any team of Power Rangers from the past. These super-sized adventures can only mean one thing: the all-new Power Rangers Super Megaforce has arrived!"
―Official synopsis from press release[2]

After defeating the Warstar, the Rangers discover that they were only the tip of the iceberg as their chain of command make their way to Earth, The Armada, led by Emperor Mavro. A massive empire of enemies from outer space, Gosei realized that it was time make use of the Legendary Ranger Keys that he has lined up in their command center. He presents them the Legendary Morpher that will allow them to use the keys and morph into any past Power Ranger. In their journey to stop the massive Armada from taking over Earth, they will meet past Power Rangers and gain new abilities for their Legendary Megazord.

Along the way, they meet young Orion, who is an Andresian refugee and has the powers of the Silver Ranger. They bond with him and he officially joins the team as their Sixth Ranger.

However they discover that an old enemy of theirs, Vrak had survived the Warstar ordeal and was in reality a member of the Armada royal family. To truly eradicate the Armada, they must deal with Vrak.

In their final battle with Emperor Mavro and his leftover army of X Borgs, the Mega Rangers are met with the reunion of all the Power Rangers gathered together in order to fight this one final threat.



The Super Mega Rangers

The Super Mega Rangers helmetless

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Color Role Actor
Super Megaforce Red Troy Burrows Andrew Gray
Super Megaforce Blue Noah Carver John Mark Loudermilk
Super Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran Ciara Hanna
Super Megaforce Green Jake Holling Azim Rizk
Super Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall Christina Masterson
Super Megaforce Silver Orion Cameron Jebo
Robo Knight Robo Knight Chris Auer (voice)



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Helmetless rangers on Super Megaforce set.
Image from Jason David Frank's Facebook page.

Color Role Actor
Red Samurai Ranger Jayden Shiba Alex Heartman
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Casey Rhodes Jason Smith
White Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Green Ranger
Blue Space Ranger T.J. Johnson Selwyn Ward
Pink Space Ranger Cassie Chan Patricia Ja Lee
Galaxy Red Leo Corbett Danny Slavin
Galaxy Green Damon Henderson Reggie Rolle
Galaxy Pink (II) Karone Melody Perkins
Red Lightspeed Ranger Carter Grayson Sean Cw Johnson
Pink Lightspeed Ranger Dana Mitchell Alison MacInnis
Time Force Red Wesley Collins Jason Faunt
Green Samurai Ranger Mike Hector David, Jr.
Yellow Samurai Ranger Emily Brittany Pirtle



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Venjix Computer Network

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Multi-Use Devices


Team Blaster


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Super Mega/Legendary Zord System

Legend: ◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux mecha; colors are in reference to Rangers who piloted them and not the physical color of the zords

Mechazord System

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Alternate Combinations


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  1. Super Megaforce
  2. Earth Fights Back
  3. Blue Saber Saga
  4. A Lion's Alliance
  5. Samurai Surprise
  6. Spirit of the Tiger
  7. Silver Lining, Part 1
  8. Silver Lining, Part 2
  9. Power of Six
  10. The Perfect Storm
  11. Love Is In the Air
  12. United as One
  13. The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer
  14. In the Driver's Seat
  15. All Hail Prince Vekar
  16. Vrak is Back Part 1
  17. Vrak is Back Part 2
  18. Emperor Mavro
  19. The Wrath
  20. Legendary Battle
    1. The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition


  • This is the only anniversary season to feature a Green Ranger.
  • There are several errors in the opening sequence. At the end before the logo appears, a montage of Ranger helmets appears. But some of them are wrong:
    • SPD Yellow and Blue are mirror flipped, so the police badge is the wrong way around.
    • SPD Red has holes on the mouthplate and on the black panel between the police badge and the visor. These are the breathing holes from the theme park version of the helmet.
    • RPM Yellow and Blue are mirror flipped, meaning that the G symbol is backwards.
  • This is the first season to incorporate Super Sentai Ranger suits whose counterparts did not previously appear in Power Rangers- Dairanger (not counting how the sixth Dairanger's suit was used), Flashman, Maskman, Changeman, and Fiveman for reasons that are not explained in-show.
  • This is the first season to credit only the Rangers in the opening titles without any allies or villains.
  • This is the only season of the Neo-Saban era not to have a holiday special.
  • Similar to how Gokaiger had the Roman numeral for 35 (XXXV) in their transformation sequence, this season has the Roman numeral for 20 (XX), referencing the 20th anniversary for Power Rangers.
  • This is the only season in Neo-Saban Era that does not have Halloween or Christmas episodes.

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