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Bandai America released Action Figures based on Power Rangers Samurai in 2011.

4" Action Figures

Wave 1

  • Mega Ranger Fire
  • Mega Ranger Water
  • Mega Ranger Forest
  • Mega Ranger Wind
  • Mega Ranger Earth
  • Mooger

Wave 2

  • Mega Ranger Light
  • Samurai Ranger Fire
  • Samurai Ranger Water
  • Samurai Ranger Forest
  • Samurai Ranger Light
  • Evil Deker
  • Rita Repulsa

6.5" Morphin' Figures

Wave 1

  • Switch Morphin Ranger Fire
  • Switch Morphin Ranger Water
  • Switch Morphin Ranger Forest

Wave 2

  • Switch Morphin Gold Ranger
  • Sword Morphin Ranger Fire
  • Sword Morphin Ranger Water

==10" Battlized Rangers=÷

Wave 1

  • Battlized Ranger Fire

Wave 2

  • Shogun Battlized Ranger Fire


Deluxe Megazords

Wave 1

  • Samurai Megazord

Wave 2

  • Samurai ClawZord

Zord Vehicles

Wave 1

  • BeetleZord and Mega Ranger Forest
  • SwordfishZord and Mega Ranger Water
  • TigerZord and Mega Ranger Fire

Wave 2

  • OctoZord and Mega Ranger Light

Deluxe Zord Vehicles

  • Samurai Transporter Fire

Cycles with Figures

Wave 1

  • Disc Cycle Fire
  • Disc Cycle Water

Wave 2

  • Disc Cycle Forest
  • Disc Cycle Light

Roleplay Toys

Basic Battle Gear

Wave 1

  • Samuraizer Morpher
  • Samurai Spin Zord

Wave 2

  • Samurai Morpher

Deluxe Battle Gear

  • Samurai Mega Blade

Training Gear

  • Samurai Ranger Training Gear Fire


  • With the release of the SH Figure Arts of Shinken Red and Shinken Gold, this marks the first time that a toy from the Super Sentai line has been released as part of the Power Ranger Toy Line.
  • Though the turtle folding zord can form into a circle, the ape folding zord can't form into a triangle for unknown reasons.

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