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Power Rangers Samurai: Rangers Together Samurai Forever was a flash-based sidescrolling beat-em-up platformer for web computers based on the Power Rangers Samurai series. It plays very similarly to Power Rangers Dino Thunder on the GBA and features both segments of platform combat and Megazord battles.


The Samurai Rangers are pitted against the forces of Xandred and his terrible Nighloks, and must work together throughout 10 areas to clear the world of Moogers and monsters.


The main story of the gain features the 5 Samurai Rangers, including the Gold Samurai Ranger. Players must progress through the story jumping, attack Moogers of different kinds, collecting symbol energy for special attacks, and defeating the boss at the end. After taking down the boss, the player must use the Samurai Megazord to destroy the enlarged Nighlok.

Additionally, players can go head-to-head with a keyboard partner, and battle out in the arena using any of the playable enlarged Nighloks or Samurai Megazord. There is also a survival mode in the arena section.

Offered through the first 6 levels during the level selection menu, players can print out special Folding Zord cutouts in order to make their own paper-puppet Zord. There are 10 episodes total.

Playable characters

Story mode:

Arena mode:

Other characters:


  • Sword Moogers
  • Katana Moogers
  • Mooger Brawlers
  • Mooger Brutes
  • Mooger Titans
  • Boomerang Moogers
  • Throwing axe Moogers
  • Shadow Moogers
  • Snow Moogers


  • Lion FoldingZord
  • Bear FoldingZord
  • Ape FoldingZord
  • Turtle FoldingZord
  • Dragon FoldingZord
  • OctoZord


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  • This game is noting to be HEAVILY similar to the GBA version of the Power Rangers Dino Thunder video game. Both feature sidescrolling beat-em-up platforming and the boss/megazord fight sequences.
  • While Master Xandred is never actually fought in full in the game, he appears during the game over screen, and is also a major hazard in episode 9.
  • Only episodes 1-6 provide printing bonuses, the rest likely were cancelled.
  • Due to Flash being disabled and dropped for support for PCs, samurai forever is only playable via flash archives, such as Flashpoint.
    • Some bugs are displayed while playing, such as dummy/default text appearing in place of the level names.
  • Many variants of Moogers seen in the game appear to be original to samurai, and not from shinkenger.

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