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Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive items to coincide with the series release.

5" Action Figures

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Transmax Vehicles

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Transforming Megazords

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The Operation Overdrive toyline is the first toyline to introduce its own molds for its Megazord toys, as opposed to using the Japanese mold, like all the previous toylines did.

  • Drivemax Megazord
  • DualDrive Megazord #1: Includes a black repaint of the Dump Driver, the Drill Driver, Shovel Driver and two footpieces resembling the Cement and Crane Driver.
  • DualDrive Megazord #2: Includes Sonic Streaker, Drill Driver, Shovel Driver and proper versions of the Cement and Crane Driver.

Deluxe Megazords

The following toys still use the same mold as their Japanese counterparts.

  • Deluxe Battlefleet Megazord
  • Sentinel Knight

Role Play Items

Overdrive Tracker

Mercury Morpher

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