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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is the fifteenth season of Power Rangers, based upon the Super Sentai series, GoGo Sentai Boukenger. The series commemorated the 15th anniversary of Power Rangers, while Boukenger celebrated the 30th anniversary of Super Sentai. It aired on ABC Kids starting on March 3, 2007 after starting on Jetix a week earlier.

Production History

The early working title for the series was Power Rangers Drive Force, but was later changed to "Relic Hunters" and then "Operation Overdrive".

In early pre-production, on July 26, 2006, the series' logo was posted on a fan message board called "Fuñaroboard."

The logo is very similar to that of its Sentai source series Boukenger in the basic design and format.

On November 14, 2006, Disney had set up its official website for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

With the fifteenth anniversary of the series upon them, the producers elected to reward the fans and the show's legacy with a two-part anniversary special uniting Rangers from each of the previous Disney-era shows, coupled with a popular Ranger from the show's most popular shows during the 1990s. It had been long established that Johnny Yong Bosch had gained a noticeable reputation as Adam Park amongst the fanbase, and thus was asked to be the returning veteran Ranger for the special.

This series also became the first since Power Rangers Zeo (excluding the preemption of the S.P.D. episode Wormhole) to end with a one-episode finale. The series also contained one of the more thought-provoking episodes of the series run, Things Not Said, which began a darker direction for the Red Ranger Mack.

Jackie Marchand says Overdrive was pitched as "Indiana Jones... a new exotic location every episode" and Disney responded favorably - only to then give them a small budget and ask for the use of more stock footage. This made the show more of a challenge to work on.[1]


Many years ago, two brothers named Flurious and Moltor try to steal a legendary crown known as the Corona Aurora and are imprisoned throughout the galaxy. Sentinel Knight scatters the crown and its jewels on the planet Earth in hopes of preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. In the present day, world-renowned explorer Andrew Hartford uncovers the crown, which frees Flurious and Moltor from their imprisonment. Andrew recruits four elite teenagers to become Power Rangers and stop the Corona Aurora from falling into the wrong hands. Although Hartford is originally opposed to it, his son Mack becomes the fifth team member - the Red Ranger. The Power Rangers search ancient civilizations and all over the world to uncover the first jewel which was once used by Neptune - King of Atlantis. In the process, they encounter the illustrious Miratrix, who is determined to find the jewels and free her master Kamdor.

While searching for the Toru Diamond, the Rangers encounter an alien named Tyzonn. Tyzonn came to Earth from the planet Mercuria to stop the evil Fearcats who are intent on releasing their army which had been previously imprisoned in a mirror world. After the apparent demise of his fiancée Vella, Tyzonn is reluctant but is eventually convinced to join Operation Overdrive as the Mercury Ranger. Together, the Rangers encounter Thor and Loki, two of the Norse gods. Their involvement leads to the discovery of the Blue Sapphire, which is stolen by Kamdor and Miratrix.

When Thrax, son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa escapes imprisonment from the Sentinel Knight, he recruits Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, and the Fearcats to form an evil alliance and destroy the Rangers' connection to the Universal Morphing Grid. The Rangers must go on a quest to seek out the legendary sword Excelsior which is capable of restoring their powers and the Sentinel Knight. With the help of five former Power Rangers – Adam Park-the Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, Xander Bly-the Green Mystic Ranger, Bridge Carson-the S.P.D. Red Ranger, Kira Ford-the Yellow Dino Ranger and Tori Hanson-the Blue Wind Ranger, the Power Rangers unite and take down Thrax, which breaks apart the evil alliance.

After the Rangers encounter a virus, Mack makes a startling discovery about himself. Realizing that he is an android, Mack begins to question his very existence but he still pulls through for his friends by merging with the Sentinel Knight to become the Red Sentinel Ranger. Meanwhile, when another Fearcat named Crazar shows up, Tyzonn discovers that Vella is still alive. Also, the Rangers uncover the Star of Isis, the fourth jewel of the Corona Aurora.

The Octavian Chalice holds the power to uncover the final jewel to the crown. In an ultimate struggle for it, the Fearcats are destroyed for good and so is Kamdor, but not before imprisoning Miratrix inside a gem for eternity. Flurious destroys Moltor and steals the crown and gets his hands on the jewels as well. Now with the power of the Corona Aurora at his disposal, Flurious freezes all of San Angelas. In a desperate attempt to save the world, Mack sacrifices himself to destroy Flurious once and for all. The Sentinel Knight appears and uses the Corona Aurora to bring Mack back to life. As Mack awakens, he realizes that thanks to the crown, he is now human. Thanks to Norg, Tyzonn is reunited with Vella and the Power Rangers move on with their lives now that they have saved the world from evil.



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Operation Overdrive Rangers

Color Role Actor
Red Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford James MacLurcan
Black Overdrive Ranger Will Aston Samuell Benta
Blue Overdrive Ranger Dax Lo Gareth Yuen
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Ronny Robinson Caitlin Murphy
Pink Overdrive Ranger Rose Ortiz Rhoda Montemayor
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn Dwayne Cameron

Other Heroes

Sentinel Knight Sentinel Knight

Retro Rangers

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The Retro Rangers

Color Role Actor Generation
Black Ranger Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Blue Wind Ranger Tori Hanson Sally Martin Ninja Rangers
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford Emma Lahana Dino Rangers
S.P.D. Red Ranger Bridge Carson Matt Austin S.P.D. Rangers
Green Mystic Ranger Xander Bly Richard Brancatisano Mystic Rangers



  • Flurious: An evil creature who dwells in an ice cave on a glacier. He commands his foot soldiers the Chillers. He is constantly battling against his brother Moltor.
  • Moltor: Battled his brother, Flurious, from the beginning of time to find the Jewels to the Crown of the Gods. He must reside in heat and lives within the walls of a volcano. His henchmen are the Lava Lizards, with which he creates his monstrous creations.
  • Kamdor: Miratrix' master. Once released he used Miratrix and then turned against Miratrix and imprisoned her in the crystal he once was trapped in.
    • Miratrix: The servant of Kamdor. She released him but he turned against her trapping her in the crystal he once resided in.
  • The Fearcats
    • Mig: Fearcat who searched for the Corona Aurora alongside Cheetar, also helped Benglo escape from the Prison Mirror but was destroyed and revived by Flurious Gyros and made into a Cyborg.
    • Benglo: Fearcat who escaped the Prison Mirror from help of his friends Mig and Cheetar. He was destroyed and revived by Flurious Gyros and made into a Cyborg.
    • Cheetar: Fearcat who searched for the Corona Aurora, also helped Benglo escape from the Prison Mirror but was destroyed in the proccess.
    • Crazar: Fearcat who can create illusions, causing Tyzonn to believe he was at his planet all along and never was the Mercury Ranger. Failing to do so was destroyed.
    • Evil Overdrive Rangers
  • Thrax: Son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, who seeks revenge againts the Sentinel Knight for imprisoning him on the Moon for trying to retreive the Sword Excelsior and destroying him.
  • List of Operation Overdrive Monsters



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  • S.H.A.R.C.: A sleek jet-like vehicle created by Andrew Hartford. It is the primary mode of transportation for the rangers.
  • Overdrive Tracker: The morpher of the Overdrive Rangers. It can tell the hazard levels of the treasures they find, and decode clues. It is also used to call the Driver Zords.
  • Mercury Morpher: The morpher of the Mercury Ranger. It can be used to summon Dump Driver (# 1) to Rescue Runner 2 (# 13).
  • Control Driver: Used by the Rangers to control their DriveMax Zords, they fold into a suitcase form for traveling.
  • Double O Zip Shooter: A hand device used by the Overdrive Rangers, the Double O Zip Shooter has many functions at its disposal.
  • Drive Defenders: Sidearms of the Rangers it is normally a blaster, but can transform into a saber for closer combat.
  • Overdrive Weapons
  • Defender Vest: Andrew Hartford developed the Stabilizing Shield. It is used to neutralize the kick in the Drill Blaster by dispersing the impact. With the connection of a Dragon Scale with the Stabilizing Shield activates the Defender Vest.
    • Drill Blaster: A gun created by Andrew Hartford used together with the Defender Vest. It consists of two modes. Drill Mode, and Tri-Laser Mode.
  • Transtek Armor: Another one of Andrew's creations, The Transtek Armor is for use of each of the five rangers. It has a Vehicle Mode and a Blast Mode.
  • Hovertek Cycle: A cycle created by Andrew Hartford for the use of Will the Black Overdrive Ranger. It has two modes Cycle Mode and Hover Mode.
  • Red Sentinel Ranger


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Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord

DriveMax System

Rescue Runner System

BattleFleet System


Alternate Combinations

Alternate Megazords
DriveMax Megazord
Flash Point Megazord
DriveMax Ultrazord
Operation Overdrive Arsenal Ready

Evil Zords


  1. Kick into Overdrive (1)
  2. Kick into Overdrive (2)
  3. The Underwater World
  4. Heart of Blue
  5. Weather or Not
  6. Pirate in Pink
  7. At All Cost
  8. Both Sides Now
  9. Follow the Ranger
  10. Lights, Camera, Dax
  11. Face to Face (1)
  12. Face to Face (2)
  13. Man of Mercury (1)
  14. Man of Mercury (2)
  15. Behind the Scenes
  16. Just Like Me
  17. It's Hammer Time
  18. Out of Luck
  19. One Gets Away
  20. Once A Ranger (1)
  21. Once A Ranger (2)
  22. One Fine Day
  23. Ronny on Empty (1)
  24. Ronny on Empty (2)
  25. Things Not Said
  26. Red Ranger Unplugged
  27. Home and Away (1)
  28. Home and Away (2)
  29. Way Back When
  30. Two Fallen Foes
  31. Nothing to Lose
  32. Crown and Punishment


VHS/DVD Releases


  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (Complete Season) [RC2]
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)


Since its release, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive has received overwhelmingly negative reviews. Many have criticized the overall weak plot, plot holes/threads and very weak characters. The toyline, which was the first which involved Bandai of America using their own molds for the mecha as opposed to simply importing the Japanese counterparts, was also panned due to the obvious drop in quality (with the Flashpoint Megazord never receiving a western release.)


  • This is the first Power Rangers series to not air on ABC Family.
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive follows the pattern of executive producer, Bruce Kalish, by having three word titles for the Episodes. SPD had one word episode titles and Mystic Force (excluding The Snow Prince) had two word episode titles.
  • Operation Overdrive and Wild Force, are the only shows where none of the cast members reprise their roles. Although the Rangers do appear in Super Megaforce (during the Legendary Battle), they stay morphed throughout this appearance.
  • There was a special Behind the Scenes Episode on Friday, February 16, 2007 on Jetix.
  • Despite the fact that there are twenty-three monsters in this series (excluding the Mechs), around eleven of them are reduced to small roles, making Power Rangers Operation Overdrive have the least amount of monsters in the entire Power Rangers franchise.
  • Behind the Scenes featurettes are at Ranger Secrets[1].
  • This was the first and only series to have a completely non-living Ranger as part of the main team. Mack, the Overdrive Red Ranger, was completely robotic, but was programmed with human emotions. Mack is also the youngest Ranger ever, being built just 2 years before the beginning of the series.
  • This series was the first series to be completely released on DVD and was the only season to have done so before Shout! Factory's announcement of a DVD set containing the first seven shows of Power Rangers.
  • This is the first series to have four different factions of villains.
  • This is the first Power Rangers show to borrow the title logo from its Sentai counterpart.
  • While Boukenger was the first Super Sentai show to be aired in widescreen, starting with Operation Overdrive, Disney cropped every single Sentai footage to fit for the 4:3 aspect ratio television until RPM.
  • This is the last season where all the Rangers demorph by saying power down.

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