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Power Ranger Ninja Storm (PC) is a PC-based video game featuring arcade-style minigames for Windows 98, 98SE, ME, and XP[1]. It was developed by ARTECH Studios and released by THQ on September 16, 2003[2].


From the developer: "Evil aliens led by Lothor have attacked all the ninja academies as part of his diabolical plot to take over the earth. Only three students from the Wind Ranger ninja academy and two students from the Thunder Ranger ninja academy remain. Now these students from rival ninja academies must team up with the mysterious Green Samurai Ranger to save the world."[1]


Players begin the game training as ninjas, before moving on to various missions[3]. The final level is a Megazord battle against Mad Magnet. There are 6 training levels, 6 missions, and a final battle for a total of 13 levels, each with a different genre of minigame[3][1].

Playable Characters



  • Although the game uses the Rangers and Zords from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, the storyline of the game compared to the show is different. While the plot of Lothor stealing Ninja Academy students is similar to the showPrelude to a Storm, the game pits the Wind and Thunder academies against each other, with the Rangers having to overcome their rivalry to train. As well, the Green Samurai Ranger has an identity unknown to the Wind and Thunder Rangers, where in Ninja Storm, the Green Samurai Ranger's identity is well known to both sets of Rangers.


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