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Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers Mystic Force items to coincide with the series release.

5" Action Figures

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6" Soft Vinyl figures

In Asia, the Sentai Hero Series Magiranger lione is re-released in Mystic Force-styled boxes for the Asian markets outside the US by Bandai Asia.

Deluxe Zords

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The Megazords in the Mystic Force toyline are the last ones to be Deluxe Megazords i.e. using the same molds as their Japanese counterparts did. Toylines following Mystic Force would create entirely new molds for their Megazords.

* Controversially, the Centaurus Wolf Megazord never got a release in the United States of America, though was released in several other countries. The reason why this toy was never released in the US is unknown, but it is assumed Bandai America omitted this release because they thought darker colored toys would not sell well.

Role Play Items

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