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Power Rangers Mystic Force (often abbreviated as "PRMF") is the fourteenth season of Power Rangers, based upon the Super Sentai series, Mahou Sentai Magiranger. The series aired exclusively on Toon Disney's Jetix block throughout the year of 2006.

In 2012, a Japanese dub of the show had aired in Japan on Toei's TV channel, which was narrated by Atsushi Hashimoto, who portrayed Kai Ozu/MagiRed in Magiranger. [1]


A short time ago, there was a dimension filled with wonderful magic. But then darkness came into power and a great battle began...An army of the Undead led by a powerful warrior - Morticon swarmed over the land setting their sights on the human realm and beyond. All seemed hopeless when a small legion of brave and true wizards came forth against insurmountable odds. They drove the evil back from the edge of the human world. And then the greatest wizard of them all - Leanbow cast a spell that sent the armies into the Underworld. He sealed darkness inside giant gates for eternity. The evil disappeared from the surface world. But with great victory comes great loss. The human world never knew of the great battle or the sacrifices that were made to save them from destruction.

In the present day, the great sorceress Udonna enlists the help of five teenagers who are destined to become the Power Rangers Mystic Force to fight against the Undead army which has now been released. The Rangers practice their magical skills at a secret haven in the magical realm called Rootcore. The Xenotome grants the Rangers access to magical spells as they grow as individuals.

During the great battle, the side of good prepares a proactive strike against the forces of darkness. Leanbow prepares to face the Master on his own but is transformed into Koragg, the Knight Wolf. A brave knight known as Daggeron promises to protect Bowen - the son of Leanbow and Udonna. Born of magical blood, Bowen is said to be the light to rid the darkness. Daggeron is attacked by who he thought was a friend - Calindor. The two battled but their magic collided left them cursed.

After Morticon is destroyed, Necrolai finds a petrified mummy which becomes Imperious. The Rangers find a magic lamp which houses the great genie Jenji who aids them in the fight against evil. Using his former life as Calindor, Imperious tries to infiltrate the Power Rangers. Daggeron shows up just in time to save them as the legendary Solaris Knight.

When Imperious steals Jenji to make a wish that the Power Rangers never existed, the Rangers must consult the Tribunal of Magic which grant them the Legend Warrior power. Meanwhile, Koragg begins to remember his past as Leanbow and it is revealed that Nick is in fact Bowen. Nick must accept his destiny as the Light and discover his connection to Fire Heart to take on a new challenge - the Ten Terrors of the Underworld.

As the numbers of the Terrors dwindle, the Master takes over the body of the unwilling Matoombo who Vida has learned is true of heart. To destroy all magic, the Master goes to the empress of all good magic - the Mystic Mother. Leanbow and Daggeron go to face him but are too late and Daggeron's vision of his downfall has become reality. The Master sucks all good power away from all of our heroes. However Rangers are aided by Clare and Snow Prince and the Rangers restore their powers with the help of Mystic Mother and use it their abilities to defeat the Master for good. Now people of Briarwood and inhabitants of the forest live together and restore the city. Rangers continue their original business and Nick and his parents leave Briarwood to visit Nick's adoptive parents. The last scene feature Clare as sorceress and mystic story ends but it is not the end of the story of Power Rangers.



Top Row Left to Right: Leanbow, Udonna, and Daggeron. Bottom Row: Chip, Madison, Nick, Vida, and Xander

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Color Role Actor
Red Mystic Ranger Nick Russell Firass Dirani
Yellow Mystic Ranger Charlie Thorn Nic Sampson
Blue Mystic Ranger Madison Rocca Melanie Vallejo
Pink Mystic Ranger Vida Rocca Angie Diaz
Green Mystic Ranger Xander Bly Richard Brancatisano
White Mystic Ranger Udonna Peta Rutter
Solaris Knight Daggeron John Tui
Wolf Warrior Leanbow Chris Graham


Gatekeeper NiellaClare


Koragg Koragg, The Knight Wolf


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Other Items




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Mystic Titan System

Legend:◆ zord form

Solar Streak System

Legend:◆ piloted zord

Legend/Manticore System

Legend:◆ zord form team-piloted zord

Mounts System

Legend:◆ summoned zord, ❖ aux zord, ◆ zord form

Alternate Combinations

Alternate Megazords


  1. Broken Spell I
  2. Broken Spell II
  3. Code Busters
  4. Rock Solid
  5. Whispering Voices
  6. Legendary Catastros
  7. Fire Heart
  8. Stranger Within I
  9. Stranger Within II
  10. Petrified Xander
  11. The Gatekeeper I
  12. The Gatekeeper II
  13. Scaredy Cat
  14. Long Ago
  15. Inner Strength
  16. Soul Specter
  17. Ranger Down
  18. Dark Wish I
  19. Dark Wish II
  20. Dark Wish III
  21. Koragg's Trial
  22. Heir Apparent I
  23. Heir Apparent II
  24. The Light
  25. The Hunter
  26. Hard Heads
  27. The Snow Prince
  28. Light Source I
  29. Light Source II
  30. The Return
  31. Mystic Fate I
  32. Mystic Fate II

VHS/DVD Releases


  • Power Rangers Mystic Force (Complete Season) [RC2]
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)


  • The show is noted, and often criticized, for heavily focusing on the Red Ranger over the others. Jackie Marchand says this was down to the sheer amount of MagiRed stock footage compared to the others.[2]
  • Ron Wasserman was originally in talks to do the theme for the shows theme
    • On September 21, 2005 Ron received word from Disney that the rap-style theme he submitted was denied, but his other, more rock-style theme was still being overlooked. He then posted the rap-style theme on a fan message board.
    • On October 11, 2005 Ron Wasserman was informed by Disney that they will not be using either of the themes he submitted. He then posted the rock-style theme on a fan message board.
  • On November 7, 2005 Toon Disney aired the first teaser promo for "Power Rangers Mystic Force."[3]
  • On November 14, 2005 Toon Disney aired a 30-second and a 1-minute promo for "Power Rangers Mystic Force."[4]
  • This is the first Power Rangers series to feature Blue and Pink female Rangers with a male Yellow Ranger on the same team. Previous seasons and future ones that have the 3 male-2 female team, Blue Ranger is male and Yellow Ranger is female. This is the only season where Yellow and Blue switch genders.
  • This is the only series where the Rangers' helmets have a mythical creature silhouette visor on the front.
  • Following S.P.D., whose episodes had one word titles, Mystic Force's episodes (with the exception of The Snow Prince) all have two words in them as an in-joke to director Bruce Kalish.
  • This is the first Power Rangers team not to pilot their Zords but rather become them.
    • This is also the first series in which the auxiliary Zords do not combine in any way with the Ranger's primary Megazord.
  • Kelson Henderson (Boom in Power Rangers S.P.D.) has a role in this series as Phineas.
  • Antonia Prebble (Krista in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder and the voice of S.P.D. Nova Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D.) has a role in Mystic Force as Clare, The Sorceresses' Apprentice.
  • This is the first Power Rangers team to feature capes as part of their uniforms.
  • It was the first series to be part of a joint-project between Disney and Toei.
  • In one of the Mystic Force promos, the Rangers' Japanese counterparts are visible.
  • Madison and Vida are sisters. Mystic Force is the first series with two sisters as Power Rangers and the fourth team with siblings. However, it is the first to feature both siblings as active members of the original core team; the previous seasons had one sibling as a core Ranger and the other as the Sixth Rangers. This also completes the trifecta for the series creating two pairs of brothers, a pair of sisters, and a sibling pairing during the show’s run.
  • This is the first series to have a whole family as active Power Rangers.
  • Mystic Force is also the first Power Rangers series to have a father and son as active Power Rangers.
  • Mystic Mother (formerly known as Rita Repulsa) was the source of the Mystic Force powers and established their connection to the Morphing Grid. This was done as a tribute to Machiko Soga, the actress that portrayed Witch Bandora in Zyuranger (dubbed in MMPR as Rita Repulsa) who had passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2006.
  • While the S.P.D. Rangers do not appear, their ally Piggy does. He chats with Jenji saying that "In 20 years, this place will be crawling with aliens," referencing S.P.D.
  • This is the first series to start a chain of 32 episodes per season which would continue through RPM.
  • Episode 28: Light Source I meets the 600th Episode Mark.
  • This was the final series to air on ABC Family.
  • This is one of the few Power Rangers shows that does not have original U.S. Zord footage.
  • This series marks the last time individualized personal vehicles for each Ranger (in this case the Mystic Racers) are featured.
  • This is the only series in the Disney Era where none of the morphers which were used by the Rangers themselves are worn on the wrist.

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