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Power Rangers Megazord Madness is a bracket-style, online voting event that gives fans the chance to choose the ULTIMATE dream team of 5 Power Rangers Zords. Voting will open in October, with more details from Bandai to come. Why participate? Because there are AWESOME prizes at stake! 5 lucky winners will receive the grand prize of a Mixx-N-Morph figure based off the winning 5 Zords made exclusively by Bandai. More details will come as October draws closer.

Megazord Madness followed Power Rangers Morphin Madness. In 2018, Power Rangers Monster Madness was announced.


The greatest Zord battle of all time kicks off on October 5: Bandai's Megazord Madness! Help us find the ultimate five Power Ranger Zords of all time! Visit for participation.

Participating Zords

  • Below are the 80 Legendary Zords that will be participating in the tournament


Megazord Madness

Mighty Morphin S1

Mighty Morphin S2

Mighty Morphin S3/Alien Rangers



In Space

Lost Galaxy

Lightspeed Rescue

Time Force

Wild Force

Ninja Storm

Dino Thunder


Mystic Force

Operation Overdrive

Jungle Fury


Samurai/Super Samurai


Super Megaforce

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge


  • The winning Zords were Mighty Morphin Dragonzord, Mighty Morphin Titanus, Mighty Morphin Red Dragon, Mighty Morphin Tigerzord and SPD Delta Command Crawler; however, no information nor pictures of the exclusive Mixx-N-Morph figure(s) have been revealed or even brought up by Bandai since November of 2015.[Citation needed]


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