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Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers Megaforce items late of 2012 in preparation for the arrival of the series in 2013. All toys in the series include Power Rangers Action Card Game cards styled as Power Cards.

4" Action Figures

Wave 1

  • Red Ranger
  • Pink Ranger
  • Yellow Ranger
  • Blue Ranger
  • Black Ranger
  • Robo Knight Power Ranger
  • Vrak
  • Loogie

Wave 2

  • Metallic Force Red Ranger
  • Metallic Force Pink Ranger
  • Metallic Force Yellow Ranger
  • Metallic Force Blue Ranger
  • Metallic Force Black Ranger
  • Metallic Force Robo Knight Power Ranger
  • Metallic Force Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

Wave 3

  • Ultra Red Ranger
  • Ultra Pink Ranger
  • Ultra Yellow Ranger
  • Ultra Blue Ranger
  • Ultra Black Ranger
  • Metallic Force Mighty Morphin White Ranger
  • Putty Patrol Foot Soldier

Wave 4

  • Ultra Metallic Force Red Ranger
  • Ultra Metallic Force Pink Ranger
  • Ultra Metallic Force Yellow Ranger
  • Ultra Metallic Force Blue Ranger
  • Ultra Metallic Force Black Ranger


  • Alpha 5
  • Metallic Force Lost Galaxy Red Ranger

6.5″ Morphin Figures

Wave 1

  • Battle Morphin Red Ranger
  • Battle Morphin Black Ranger
  • Battle Morphin Blue Ranger
  • Battle Morphin Robo Knight Power Ranger

Wave 2

  • Ultra Morphin Red Ranger
  • Ultra Morphin Blue Ranger
  • Ultra Morphin Black Ranger

Armored Might Figures

Wave 1

  • Armored Ultra Mode Red Ranger
  • Armored Ultra Mode Blue Ranger
  • Armored Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

Wave 2

  • Armored Robo Knight Power Ranger
  • Armored Mighty Morphin White Ranger

10" Deluxe Figures

  • Robo Knight Power Ranger
  • Mega Red Ranger

Megazord Figures

Wave 1

  • Gosei Great Megazord
  • Gosei Grand Megazord

Wave 2

  • Gosei Ultimate Megazord Figure
  • Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Figure


Deluxe Megazords

Wave 1

  • Gosei Great Megazord

Wave 2

  • Gosei Ultimate Megazord

Zord Vehicles with Figures

Wave 1

  • Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle and Blue Ranger
  • Sky Brothers Zord Vehicle and Red Ranger
  • Land Brothers Zord Vehicle and Black Ranger

Wave 2

  • Ultra Red Ranger Zord Vehicle
  • Ultra Blue Ranger Zord Vehicle

Deluxe Zord Vehicles with Figures

Wave 1

  • Lion Mechazord and Robo Knight Power Ranger

Wave 2

  • Gosei Jet with Red Ranger

Zord Cycles with Figures

Wave 1

  • Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle
  • Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle
  • Sea Lion Blue Ranger Cycle

Wave 1

  • Ultra Red Ranger Dragon Cycle
  • Robo Knight Lion Cycle

Zord Armor Figures

  • Gosei Great Megazord Armor with Red Ranger
  • Gosei Grand Megazord with Robo Knight Power Ranger

Feature Zords

  • Battlefire Megazord

Morphin Vehicles

  • Dragon Morphin Vehicle
  • Shark Morphin Vehicle
  • Snake Morphin Vehicle
  • Robo Knight Morphin Vehicle

Roleplay Toys

Basic Battle Gear

Wave 1

  • Robo Morpher
  • Power Ranger Blaster (known as "Mega Blaster" in show)

Wave 2

  • Leon Laser Blaster (known as "Robo Blaster" in show)
  • Ultimate Blaster
  • Ultra Dragon Zord

Deluxe Battle Gear

Wave 1

  • Gosei Morpher
  • Snake Ax, Tiger Claw and Shark Bowgun Battle Set
  • Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot Battle Set

Wave 2

  • Ultra Dragon Sword
  • Ultra Dragon Chest Armor

Hero Sets

Wave 1

  • Red Ranger Training Set
  • Robo Knight Power Ranger Training Set

Wave 2

  • Red Ranger Training Gear
  • Blue Ranger Training Gear


  • Part of the 20th Anniversary Line, the deluxe Shinken-Oh marks the first time that a Japanese Megazord Set has been imported in as part of the the Bandai of America toyline.

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