This article is about a/an theme song in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

The Megaforce Intro is the opening theme song to Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce

While the song has remained the same, the opening sequence has been consistently updated to include Ultra Mode, Vrak's Earth Armor, Bluefur and Bigs, and Creepox subtraction between the main villains, featuring scenes with Robo Knight, new monsters, the Sea, Sky and Land Brothers Zords and the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

In Super Megaforce, the opening was updated to include the Gokaiger suits, Orion, and several enemies of The Armada.

The song is a remix of the original Go Go Power Rangers song, with new instrumentation and slightly modified lyrics. It's very similar to Samurai's version.


Me!-Ga!-Force! Power Rangers Megaforce!

Go, Go, Power Rangers! Go, Go, Power Rangers! Rangers Forever, Megaforce all together.

Me!-Ga!-Force! (Guitar solo break) Megaforce!

Go, Go, Power Rangers! Go, Go, Power Rangers! Rangers Forever, Megaforce all together.

Me!-Ga!-Force! Power Rangers Megaforce!


  • During the beginning of the intro, Alata is seen closing his Tensouder. This could be an error.
  • The Rangers say their names in the intro, same as the Samurai Rangers.
  • A part of the song is similar to the theme of Lost Galaxy.
  • During the song, a fight scene between Kurasuniigo of 5000°C can be seen, despite the fact that he wasn't adapted into Power Rangers.
  • During the Super Megaforce outro, the White Ranger's helmet is shown first before a montage of five Ranger helmets from different chronological teams.
    • This also applies with the White Dino Ranger. Making two 6th Rangers to appear in the montage.
  • There are several errors at the end before the series logo appears as it follows:
    • SPD Yellow and Blue are mirror flipped, so the police badge is the wrong way around.
    • SPD Red has holes on the mouthplate and on the black panel between the police badge and the visor. These are the breathing holes from the theme park version of the helmet.
      • The same goes with the White Dino Ranger's which is present above the visor.
    • Ranger Operator Series Yellow and Blue are mirror flipped, meaning that the G symbol is backwards.
  • In the montage of Legendary Ranger Transformations, from the footage of the episode Spirit of the Tiger; where Troy, Noah, and Gia became Wild Force Rangers, the "Gao" kanji (牙吠) appears upon morphing. It was later skipped in the actual episode. The footage is taken from Gokaiger's counterpart of the said episode.
  • The opening sequence has changed three times, the most recent being in the episode Emperor Mavro with Prince Vekar being replaced by Emperor Mavro in the English-language airings.
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