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Power Rangers Magazine 1st issue

The first issue of Power Rangers Magazine with Power Rangers Samurai.

Power Rangers Magazine is a magazine featuring puzzles, articles and comic strips from the Power Rangers series. It is available in several European countries. It originally launched to tie-in to Power Rangers Dino Thunder, with early issues also carrying Ninja Storm comic strips. It continued until RPM, ending during 2010 as a direct result of the changeover of ownership from Disney to Saban. It was then revived in 2012 to tie in to Power Rangers Samurai, but ended during Super Megaforce after 39 issues.


In the United Kingdom, the masthead always uses the name of the current season. Until RPM it was published by Egmont. The Samurai to Super Megaforce version was published by Panini Magazines.






Ninja Storm

  1. Will of Power
  2. The Perfect Storm
  3. Snakes Alive

Dino Thunder

  1. The Amber Claw
  2. Raptor Rampage
  3. Chink in the Armour
  4. Heat Hunters
  5. Amber Alert
  6. Day of the Dinosaur
  7. Shrinking Target
  8. Tyranno Trouble
  9. Triptoid Trouble
  10. Mightier than the Zord


  1. The Enemy Within
  2. Secret Missions
  3. New Enemies
  4. Piggy in the Middle
  5. A Little Bit Lethal
  6. The Heist
  7. Chains of Command
  8. The Skybot
  9. Out of the Shadows
  10. Escape Route
  11. Orange Alert
  12. Boom Time

Mystic Force

  1. Cold Demon
  2. Lost
  3. Web of Terror
  4. Right Place, Right Time
  5. Back from the Brink
  6. Axed
  7. Underworld Ranger
  8. The Tunnel Roach
  9. The Gemini Mirrors
  10. Heart of Stone
  11. Alavon
  12. Target: Rangers
  13. The Shield of Hope
  14. Strange Allies

Operation Overdrive

  1. The Easter Island Trap
  2. Ice Raiders
  3. Panic Attack
  4. Bitter Rivals
  5. Frozen Warrior
  6. Dead-Shot Dax
  7. Quick Fix
  8. Duel in the Desert
  9. Family Allies
  10. Top of the World
  11. Island Evils
  12. Secret Ranger
  13. Quick as Mercury
  14. The Need for Speed
  15. Going Solo
  16. The Knights Excelsar
  17. Zord Attack

Jungle Fury

  1. Feeding Frenzy
  2. Pack Attack
  3. The Enemy Within
  4. Big Cat Brawl
  5. Two Wheeled Demon
  6. Taran-terror
  7. Claw Cannon Crash
  8. Kindred Spirits
  9. War Dog
  10. Winged Terror
  11. The Grawffin
  12. Master Plan
  13. Grip of Fear
  14. Hostage
  15. Power Struggle


  1. A Deadly Quest
  2. City Under Siege
  3. General Mayhem
  4. Inside Job
  5. Fast Exit
  6. Black Under Fire
  7. Green For Danger
  8. Sector 13
  9. Black Out
  10. The K Factor
  11. Behind Enemy Lines
  12. The Gripper Grinders



  1. All For One
  2. All In Good Time
  3. Power Cut
  4. The Hidden Enemy
  5. Struck by Lightning
  6. Gold With Envy
  7. Tidal Wave
  8. Samurai Power

Super Samurai

  1. Blinded by The Light
  2. The Root of All Evil
  3. Deadly Skies
  4. Heat Wave


  1. Mind Over Matter
  2. Earthquake
  3. Fully Charged
  4. A Tough Nut To Crack
  5. Smells Like Trouble
  6. The Bitter Truth

Super Megaforce

  1. Carbonax Attacks
  2. Dark Clouds Approaching
  3. The Pull of Gravity
  4. The Sixth Sense

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