Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is the first video release of Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.


A new evil rises named Diabolico and soon Captain Mitchell, a head of an Aquabase known as Lightspeed, contacted four different people who he been watching through-out years before the possibility of Diabolico's return. He gives these people whose names are, Carter, a firefighter, Chad, a sea-world performer, Joel, an aerial stuntman, and Kelsey, an athletic young lady, and also his daughter Dana, who works as a Parametric, some morphers to fight off Diabolico and his army of Demons, and all five became the new "Lightspeed Rangers".

Episodes on Video

In the video, the film featured the following episodes as segments that recently appeared while they were broadcast back in February 2000. These 3 episodes included:

  1. Operation Lightspeed (#1)
  2. Lightspeed Teamwork (#2)
  3. Trial By Fire (#3)

Cast of Characters

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