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[[Category:Video Games by Climax Studios[1]]] Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is a video game based on the series of the same name which was released for the PlayStation.

The PlayStation version was a beat 'em up with Zord battles.

The game features these seven levels:

  1. Operation Lightspeed
  2. Lightspeed Teamwork
  3. Rail Rescue
  4. Go Volcanic
  5. Safety First
  6. Lightspeed Rescue
  7. The Road to Skull Cavern

The game can be played as one or two player mode and also features voice clips by the actual Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue actors and actresses. Once Chosen, the player/players stay as the chosen ranger/rangers for the whole game. For the Megazord Battle, the player on controller one can use the Supertrain Megazord. For the final stage, it's replaced with the Omega Megazord. Another special feature for the game is a password system, where special cheat codes can give the rangers infinite health, lives, continues and powered up attacks, as well as access to an art and picture gallery, the option to begin the game on any of the first six of the seven levels and the Titanium Ranger. The Final stage of the game can only be accessed if the player saves the game on the PlayStation Memory Card after completing the penultimate one.


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