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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is a video game based on the series of the same name which was released for the Game Boy Color.

The Game Boy Color version was a platformer that contains 6 areas.

The first 5 areas consist of 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: Getting to the end of the stage while rescuing civilians.
  • Stage 2: Getting to the boss while fighting Batlings.
  • Stage 3: Fighting the boss again with the Lightspeed Megazord

If all 20 civilians are rescued, and all 20 Batlings in each area are defeated (in addition to getting to the end of the first stage with good health and the second stage with good time), then Area 6 will be available with 2 stages:

Defeating Diabolico earns the player a password where the previous bosses can be battled with the Supertrain Megazord.

PR LightSpeedRescue gbc

Playing as the Red Ranger in the City stage.

The 6 areas include:

Game Sprites


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