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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: Titanium Ranger Curse of the Cobra is the third video release of Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.


After successfully saving the other Rangers from Diabolico's new demons, Ryan, the Titanium Ranger, have officially became a member of the Lightspeed team, but it wouldn't too long when his former mentor who is no other than Diabolico himself had decide to take revenge on Ryan for abandoning by putting a spell on him that is known as the "Cobra Curse", which effects his body while being in battle as a Ranger. Ryan have to traveled to the desert and find a way to end the curse so he can continued fighting along sided the Rangers.

Episodes on Video

In the video, the film featured the following episodes as segments that recently appeared while they were broadcast back in May 2000. These 4 episodes included:

  1. Ryan's Destiny (#13)
  2. Curse of the Cobra (#14)
  3. Strength of the Sun (#15)
  4. The Cobra Strikes (#16)

Cast of Characters

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