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Power Rangers Legacy Wars - Street Fighter Showdown is an Internet-based crossover short film between the Power Rangers franchise and the Street Fighter franchise, produced by Bat In The Sun, in partnership with Lionsgate, Allspark Pictures, nWay and Capcom.


Despite Tommy's efforts, Rita's power continues to grow and she begins to enlist the help of villains from alternate realities. She discovers the remains of Street Fighter's M. Bison and resurrects him in her world. Unable to defeat a united front of Rita, M. Bison, the two villains' minions, and the Rangers who are still infected, Tommy and his team of freed Rangers enlist Ryu's help to take back the Morphin Grid.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown – Official Teaser

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown – Official Teaser

Official Trailer



Color Role Actor
Green Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Megaforce Yellow
Super Megaforce Yellow
Gia Moran Ciara Hanna
Ryu Ranger Ryu Peter Jang
Chun-Li Ranger Chun-Li Gemma Nguyen

Supporting Characters


Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown - Short Film

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown - Short Film

Short Film


In a stormy city, a confused Ryu walks down an alleyway as he narrates his situation, trapped in a different dimension and being hunted by Power Rangers. He's confronted by Tommy Oliver in his Black Dino Thunder Ranger form, who seeks to kill him. The two fight and seem evenly matched until Ryu gets some distance and strikes him down with a Hadouken. He's struck from behind by Jen Scotts, only to be attacked by Chun-Li, who pushes her back with her Lightning Kick. As the two World Warriors regroup, the Rangers are joined by Jason Lee Scott and the Phantom Ranger. The two are teleported away to a mysterious temple, confused by their surroundings. As spotting a murial of Ninjor, Ryu suddenly attacks the real Tommy as he startles them, but recovers when Tommy mentions the name "M. Bison". Joined by Gia, the Rangers explain that Rita and Bison have joined forces and captured Ninjor, using them to create evil Rangers. To aid in this, Tommy gives Ryu the Hawk Power Coin, the only new Power Coin Ninjor could make before his kidnapping. Realizing the situation, Ryu accepts the power.

In a rundown factory, M. Bison spots the Rangers and World Warriors, commending their foolish bravery before departing. The four find Ninjor on the ground, weak. He warns them too late of M. Bison, who grabs Ryu and tosses him aside before beckoning the others to fight. In quick succession, he easily defeats the four, even teleporting away from Chun-Li and Ryu's Kikoken and Hadouken and striking them from behind. Bison taunts Ryu, asking him how he will beat him now that he has more power. Tommy responds that they have more power as he, Ryu and Gia morph into the Green Ranger, Ryu Ranger and the Megaforce Yellow Ranger, the sheer power blowing Bison through a wall. The dazed dictator looks up at the transformed warriors and recovers as the four attack. At first, it seems that Bison is still stronger, but the tables turn when Ryu delivers a Shoryuken and Chun-Li hits him with a Lightning Kick. Realizing this was the time, Tommy has the Rangers prepare for the final blow, Gia turning into Super Megaforce Yellow to join Ryu and Tommy in delivering energy blasts, seemingly defeating Bison. Gia compliments Tommy's new look before Tommy thanks Ryu for his help. Ryu agrees and mentions that he's happy to have Rangers as allies than adversaries.

However, Bison isn't finished, roaring out that Rita has given him an army at his disposal. He suddenly summons various Rangers by his side, all of them ready to fight. Tommy asks if Ryu's ready for Round Two, which he declares he always is. As the Rangers put on their helmets, the four warriors charge their evil counterparts...


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