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Power Rangers Legacy Wars[1][2] is a mobile video game released to tie-in to the 2017 movie. Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a cross-series mashup of various Ranger teams, villains and monsters where players can team up with or battle other users online. It was announced at San Diego Comic Con in July 2017 that the app had surpassed 18 million downloads.


"Rita Repulsa, the space witch, has infected the Morphin Grid, creating virtual monsters and Ranger clones programmed to fight on her behalf. Fight back with your own curated team of legendary Power Rangers and villains from the multiverse! Unlock new Rangers, upgrade your best warriors and create the best team to defeat Rita, and save the Morphin Grid."


"Rita Repulsa has come for revenge and the destruction of the Power Rangers... with a plan more diabolical than anyone could have imagined. She plans to infect the Morphin Grid from within, gaining the power to manipulate the legacy of the Power Rangers across space and time! That is why YOU have been chosen to enter the Morphin Grid... you must defeat Rita and her clones to purge her evil! This is a Zeo Shard, it grants you access to powerful warriors to help you defeat Rita. Travel within the Grid, eliminating all the corruption you find. The Ranger Legacy and life as we know it is in your hands. May the Power protect you!"

Street Fighter

"As Rita Repulsa's power within the Morphin Grid grows, she is now able to trap warriors from every Multiverse... but she is not the only threat. A great evil has also been captured; the defeated remains of M. Bison! Impressed by his strength, Rita reanimated him! In return, he offered her a new dimension to conquer: his own! In that dimension, Ryu, the mighty champion, sensed a disturbance, but it was too late. Ryu, his allies and enemies were sucked into the Grid."
―Opening cinematic[src]


Players can strategize, dodge, and fight against real players in real-time PvP and unlock different arenas from famous locations in the movie and TV Show. New Rangers are unlockable with 40+ warriors ranging from the new movie Power Rangers to classic Rangers to villains from across the Power Rangers multiverse. With a team, a player can challenge top players from around the world. Warriors are upgradeable with Zeo Shards earned through battles, missions and more to increase winning streaks and battle stats. Players may build alliances to share, chat and trade tactics, strategy and combos. Replays are available to learn from other members and follow favorite players.

Teams and Attacks

The player chooses one leader character and two support characters per team. The leader is the only one directly controlled by the player. The two assists act as Support Cards. The players have a power meter of 10 and must choose from one of three types of moves: Strike, Defense, or Breaker. Strikes can interrupt Breakers. Defense moves can block strikes (and in some cases counterattack), and Breakers can strike through Defense. Additionally, strike-canceling was introduced, which allows multi-hit strike attacks to be stopped by the player for the purpose of "faking out" the opponent. Each type of attack drains the power meter, though it does recharge over time.

In addition to selecting attacks, players are able to move in two directions: forward and backwards. During the movement animation, characters are immune to projectile attacks. Players can "push" opponents backwards, but only minimally since an earlier update.

The selection of characters also influences the team's stats. For instance, characters such as Goldar increase the player's HP more than other characters do. Each character has an amount of HP they add to the team's total. This amount (as well as attack powers) can be increased through Orbs of Eltar, as well as the use of Zeo Shards to level characters up. The use of Orbs of Eltar are limited by the player's level.


Players are able to join alliances in-game. Alliances allow for in-game chat, friendly matches that don't count toward rewards or rankings, and the ability to donate and receive Zeo Shards. Players can post Zeo Shard requests for Common and Rare warriors they have already unlocked (on Mondays, requests for Epic characters is allowed, but only once per Monday) and those who donate receive Power Coins (in-game currency) and experience points. The number of shards players can donate per request and per day is limited by the player's league.

With the October 2017 update (see "Megazords" below), special alliance missions became available. These missions can be completed collectively by all members of the alliance, and all alliance members can reap the rewards, whether they contributed or not.


Daily and weekly missions are available to players. Various Morph Boxes are awarded to players who complete various missions. While most missions are daily or weekly, some are special event missions, such as those to unlock The White Tiger or Rito Revolto. Some missions require players to do damage, while others require players to battle and win using specific types of characters (Red Rangers, male Rangers, villains, etc.).

  • Daily Missions are posted each morning specifically to be completed before the end of the day. Completion awards the player with a free Morph Box. If the player completes five of the seven missions in a week (before the Monday at midnight cutoff), the player is awarded with an additional Morph Box. The gauge for the week-long mission is purple and it takes missions of the same color to fill it.
  • Damage Missions are empty gauges that players must fill to the max by completing live PvP battles. Every point of damage dealt in battle goes toward the completion of the mission, similar to opening a Corrpution Box. The amount required to fill the box increases with the player's League. Damage dealt will be awarded whether the player wins or loses a battle. Some damage missions may restrict the types of warriors used by gender (male or female), alignment (good or evil), or type (attacker, defender, or balanced).

Challenge Mode

  • Challenge mode features a 12 win or 3 loss attempt at winning an unreleased and unpurchasable fighter (eventually becomes available for purchase or shards can be earned later on). This consists of using three completely different team sets. The player loses no points for failing the challenge. Players receive a prize for participation (no battles won) as well as for the amount of battles they won if they fail the challenge. The prize is a morph box which contains shards for upgrading fighters as well as orbs to upgrade fighter stats. The challenge runs for one hour every few hours over a twenty four hour period. If players fail the challenge in under an hour; they get multiple chances to reenter if they use ten crystals.
  • Corruption Box gauges can be filled during challenge mode.


The October 18, 2017 update added Megazord battles to the game. Integrating alliances into the fights, Megazord Battles allow Rangers in alliances to battle for points that would be added to Alliance totals for the purposes of ranking. Zord Battles differ from regular battles in that Zords (and giant monsters) have six moves, no assists, and special power-ups called "Megas" which can be activated by taking damage, dealing damage, and using EP. Selecting a Mega for a battle will consume it, whether it was used or not. The battles are slower paced than Ranger battles, and projectiles cannot be dodged by dashing.

Much like Challenge Mode, Megazord Battles can only be played during specific windows of time, though the initial window was a week long. To participate, players must select two megas and have at least one point of Energy (up to 20 can be stored). Energy can be gained from Corruption Boxes, Free Boxes, and Missions.


A player's League is the most public showing of their skill. Players climb Leagues by earning Medals through combat. Medals are earned in victory, and lost in defeat. The exact amount varies based on the opponent's level; fighting an opponent with significantly more medals and defeating them results in greater rewards, but losing costs more medals. When fighting someone of equal medal count, the number of medals wagered is thirty. More Leagues are added in updates, and the locations and medal requirements are listed below. League promotions occur when players reach the medal threshold; demotions occur when the player falls 50 or more medals below said threshold.

With the release of the 2.0 update on March 14 2018, additional leagues were added, referred to as Champion Leagues. Where previously all players whose medals were above 4800 would be reset to that amount after every season, now players' medals will be reset to a number within their own Champion League, reducing the "medal crunch" effect where high level players would be mixed in with players with far fewer medals at the end of each season. Players in Champion Leagues receive special bonus Morph Boxes at the end of each season as a reward. Champion Leagues also debut special versions of stages that have been corrupted by Rita's influence over the Morphin Grid.

With the update in October 2019, additional champion leagues were added and league medal counts have changed.

Base Leagues

Champion Leagues

  • Crystal (3,400+ medals)
  • Sapphire (3,700+ medals)
  • Ruby (4,000+ medals)
  • Emerald (4,300+ medals)
  • Bronze (4,600+ medals)
  • Silver (4,900+ medals)
  • Gold (5,200+ medals)
  • Elite (Top 200 players worldwide)

Independent of Leagues is the player level. Donating shards and making upgrades grants experience points to level the player. Leveling permits players to further upgrade their characters' abilities. Prior to the July 2017 update, team HP increased with player level as well, but this was removed with the introduction of the talent system.

Morph Boxes

Morph Boxes are awards offered to players through various means that contain Zeo Shards, Orbs of Eltar, Power Coins, and/or Power Crystals in varying numbers. Essentially, Morph Boxes act as loot crates for the game's "Gear System". Most of the Morph Boxes are earned through combat or the completion of missions, though some can only be purchased in the store with real currency, and others are given away at random. The output of each box is determined by the box's rank, which is usually based on the league of the opponent faced to win the box. Once the box is selected by the player, (s)he must wait a set number of hours before the boxes open (except for free and corruption boxes).

  • Mighty Morph - 2017 Movie Alpha prepares these boxes for players every four hours. The player can have up to two unopened boxes at a time. 
  • Noble - These light blue boxes take 3 hours to open. They give shards 16min-70max and coins 2min-37max. It has a 72.0% chance to get.
  • Grand - These red boxes require 8 hours to open. They give shards 50min-238max, rare shards 5min-40max and coins 4min-88max. It has a 23.0% chance to get.
  • Super - These purple and gold boxes require 12 hours to open. They give shards 152min-758max, rare shards 31min-205max, epic shards 5min-48max and coins 12min-376max. These have an average chance of giving 1-2 Legendary Shards. It has a 3.0% chance to get.
  • Mega - These silver boxes require 18 hours to open. They give shards 389min-1874max, rare shards 41min-288max, and coins 29min-1282max. These have a low chance of giving you 1-7 Legendary Shards. It has a 1.5% chance to get.
  • Ultra - These solid gold boxes require 24 hours to open. They give shards 912min-4310max, rare shards 184min-1109max, epic shards 60min-310max, and coins 76min-2707max. These have a high chance of giving 1-10 Legendary Shards. It has a 0.5% chance to get.
  • Champion League- These boxes that look very similar to Ultra Boxes are recieved as rewards for being within the top 8 leagues when the season ends. They come in Crystal, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite Versions. Elite Rank 1 gives 9000 commons, 1200 rares, 200 epics, 30 legendaries, 12000 coins, 600 power crystals, and a large amount of orbs and essences.
  • Corruption Zone- Once per day, players receive a Corruption Box. They are opened by dealing damage in PvP battles. The amount of damage required is determined by the player's league. Corruption boxes are among the few that give Orbs of Eltar, which are used to power up warriors' individual skills. They give shards 98min-451max, rare shards 10min-59max, coins 7min-247max and it gives orbs(starting at league 3) and essences(starting at league 4).
  • White Tiger - A special box offered in-store and as a quest reward for the release of the White Mighty Morphin' Ranger. It contained White Tiger Leader and Assist shards, along with various other rewards.
  • Lord Drakkon - A special box offered in-store and as a quest reward for the release of Lord Drakkon. It contained Lord Drakkon Leader and Assist shards, along with various other rewards.
  • Challenge Mode- A special box offered in challenge mode. Offered as consolation prize if the player loses and if they win shards & orbs for winning fights or the recently released character at the end. This box opens immediately upon receiving it.

Reward Types

The types of rewards that can be earned through opening Morph and Corruption Boxes are as follows.

  • Orbs of Eltar
  • Zeo Shards
  • Power Coins
  • Power Crystals
  • Essences


Main article: Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Characters

Characters can be divided up by season or rarity in-game. The rarity scale ascends from Common to Rare to Epic, and to Legendary. Higher-rarity warriors have stronger attacks, more HP, rarer shards, and lower level caps. A character's rarity as a leader can differ from their rarity as an assist.

Good Rangers

Name Designation Origin Class Rarity (Leader) Rarity (Assist)
Jason Lee Scott Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Mighty Morphin Attacker Common Common
Zack Taylor Mighty Morphin Black Ranger Mighty Morphin Defender Rare Common
Billy Cranston Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Mighty Morphin Defender Common Common
Trini Kwan Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Mighty Morphin Attacker Common Common
Kimberly Ann Hart Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Mighty Morphin Attacker Epic Common
Tommy Oliver Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Mighty Morphin Balanced Rare Rare
Jason Lee Scott Mighty Morphin Red Ranger in Dragon Shield Mighty Morphin Attacker Legendary Legendary
Zack Taylor Mighty Morphin Black Ranger in Dragon Shield Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Epic
Tommy Oliver Mighty Morphin White Ranger Mighty Morphin Attacker Epic Epic
Adam Park Black Ninja Ranger Mighty Morphin Balanced Legendary Legendary
Tommy Oliver White Ninja Ranger Mighty Morphin Defender Legendary Legendary
Ninjor N/A Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Epic
Delphine White Aquitar Ranger Mighty Morphin Balanced Rare Rare
Tommy Oliver Zeo Ranger V - Red Zeo Attacker Epic Epic
Adam Park Zeo Ranger IV - Green Zeo Defender Epic Epic
Katherine Hillard Zeo Ranger I - Pink Zeo Defender Common Common
Jason Lee Scott Gold Zeo Ranger Zeo Balanced Legendary Legendary
Cassie Chan Pink Turbo Ranger II Turbo Defender Common Common
Blue Senturion N/A Turbo Defender Rare Rare
Phantom Ranger N/A Turbo Attacker Legendary Legendary
Andros Red Space Ranger In Space Attacker Rare Rare
T.J. Johnson Blue Space Ranger In Space Defender Common Common
Cassie Chan Pink Space Ranger (Skin for Pink Turbo Ranger) In Space Defender Common Common
Zhane Silver Space Ranger In Space Balanced Epic Rare
Kendrix Morgan Pink Galaxy Ranger Lost Galaxy Balanced Common Common
Mike Corbett Magna Defender Lost Galaxy Defender Legendary Legendary
Carter Grayson Red Lightspeed Ranger Lightspeed Rescue Attacker Legendary Legendary
Ryan Mitchell Titanium Ranger Lightspeed Rescue Balanced Epic Epic
Wesley Collins Time Force Red Time Force Balanced Rare Rare
Jen Scotts Time Force Pink Time Force Attacker Rare Rare
Eric Myers Quantum Ranger Time Force Attacker Legendary Legendary
Taylor Earhardt Yellow Wild Force Ranger Wild Force Attacker Epic Epic
Danny Delgado Black Wild Force Ranger Wild Force Defender Rare Common
Alyssa Enrilé White Wild Force Ranger Wild Force Balanced Epic Epic
Merrick Baliton Lunar Wolf Ranger Wild Force Attacker Legendary Legendary
Tori Hanson Blue Wind Ranger Ninja Storm Defender Epic Epic
Hunter Bradley (Skin for Blake Bradley) Crimson Thunder Ranger (Skin for Navy Thunder Ranger) Ninja Storm Balanced Legendary Legendary
Blake Bradley Navy Thunder Ranger Ninja Storm Balanced Legendary Legendary
Cameron Watanabe Green Samurai Ranger Ninja Storm Balanced Legendary Legendary
Conner McKnight Red Dino Thunder Ranger Dino Thunder Attacker Epic Epic
Kira Ford Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger Dino Thunder Balanced Epic Epic
Dr. Thomas Oliver Black Dino Thunder Ranger Dino Thunder Attacker Legendary Legendary
Trent Fernandez-Mercer White Dino Thunder Ranger Dino Thunder Balanced Legendary Epic
Sky Tate S.P.D. Blue Ranger S.P.D. Attacker Epic Epic
Sam S.P.D. Omega Ranger S.P.D. Attacker Legendary Legendary
Anubis "Doggie" Cruger S.P.D. Shadow Ranger S.P.D. Balanced Legendary Legendary
Kat Manx S.P.D. Kat Ranger S.P.D. Balanced Epic Epic
Udonna White Mystic Ranger Mystic Force Balanced Epic Epic
Daggeron Solaris Knight Mystic Force Defender Legendary Legendary
Leanbow Wolf Warrior Mystic Force Attacker Epic Epic
Tyzonn Mercury Ranger Operation Overdrive Balanced Epic Epic
Sentinel Knight Sentinel Knight Operation Overdrive Defender Epic Epic
Robert "RJ" James Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Jungle Fury Attacker Legendary Legendary
Dominic Hargan Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Jungle Fury Attacker Epic Epic
Ziggy Grover Ranger Operator Series Green RPM Balanced Epic Epic
Gemma Ranger Operator Series Silver RPM Balanced Epic Epic
Antonio Garcia Gold Samurai Ranger Samurai Attacker Legendary Legendary
Lauren Shiba Red Samurai Ranger II Super Samurai Attacker Epic Rare
Robo Knight N/A Megaforce Attacker Epic Epic
Gia Moran Super Megaforce Yellow Super Megaforce Balanced Legendary Rare
Koda Dino Charge Blue Ranger Dino Charge Defender Epic Rare
Kendall Morgan Dino Charge Purple Ranger II Dino Charge Balanced Common Rare
Preston Tien Ninja Steel Blue Ninja Steel Balanced Legendary Legendary
Jack Thomas HyperForce Yellow HyperForce Defender Epic Epic
Devon Daniels Grid Battleforce Red Ranger Beast Morphers Attacker Legendary Legendary
Izzy Garcia Dino Fury Green Ranger Dino Fury Attacker Epic Epic
Eugene Skullovitch Orange Ranger Boom! Studios Comics Attacker Epic Epic
Kimberly Ann Hart (World of the Coinless) Ranger Slayer Boom! Studios Comics Attacker Epic Epic
Ellarien Solar Ranger Boom! Studios Comics Balanced Epic Epic
Heckyl Dino Charge Dark Ranger Boom! Studios Comics Balanced Epic Epic
Heckyl Blue Solar Ranger (Skin for Dino Charge Dark Ranger) Boom! Studios Comics Balanced Epic Epic
Mike Corbett Black Solar Ranger (Skin for Magna Defender) Lost Galaxy Defender Legendary Legendary
Cameron Watanabe Green Solar Ranger (Skin for Cameron Watanabe) Ninja Storm Balanced Legendary Legendary
Remi Orange Solar Ranger (Skin for Kat Manx) Boom! Studios Comics Balanced Epic Epic
Kimberly Hart Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger in Dragon Shield Boom! Studios Comics Balanced Legendary Legendary
Zack Taylor Omega Black Ranger (Skin for Mighty Morphin Black Ranger in Dragon Shield) Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Epic
Kiya Omega Blue Ranger Boom! Studios Comics Defender Epic Epic
Trini Kwan Dragon Armor Trini Boom! Studios Comics Attacker Legendary Legendary
Jason Cenozoic Red Ranger 2017 Movie Balanced Common Common
Zack Cenozoic Black Ranger 2017 Movie Defender Common Common
Billy Cenozoic Blue Ranger 2017 Movie Balanced Epic Epic
Trini Cenozoic Yellow Ranger 2017 Movie Balanced Common Common
Kimberly Cenozoic Pink Ranger 2017 Movie Attacker Rare Rare
Ryu (As Ranger) Ryu Ranger Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V Attacker Legendary Legendary
Green Ranger v2 N/A Original Creation Attacker Epic Epic
Chun-Li (As Ranger) Chun-Li Ranger Original Creation Defender Legendary Legendary


Name Origin Class Rarity (Leader) Rarity (Assist)
Alpha 5 2017 Movie Defender Rare Epic
Ryu (Coinless) Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V Balanced Common Common
Chun-Li (Coinless) Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V Balanced Epic Epic
Guile Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V Defender Rare Rare
Cammy Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V Attacker Epic Epic

Villains and Evil Rangers

Name Origin Class Rarity (Leader) Rarity (Assist)
Rita Repulsa Mighty Morphin Balanced Epic Epic
Goldar Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Rare
King Sphinx (Skin for Goldar) Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Rare
Silverback (Skin for Goldar) Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Rare
Scorpina Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Epic
Lord Zedd Mighty Morphin Attacker Rare Epic
Rito Revolto Mighty Morphin Balanced Rare Rare
Pumpkin Rapper Mighty Morphin Defender Epic Epic
Rita Repulsa 2017 Movie Attacker Legendary Epic
Putty 2017 Movie Defender Common Common
Ecliptor In Space Defender Epic Epic
Astronema In Space Balanced Rare Rare
Psycho Red In Space Attacker Legendary Legendary
Psycho Blue (Skin for Psycho Green) In Space Attacker Epic Epic
Psycho Pink (Nokrea) In Space Balanced Legendary Legendary
Trakeena Lost Galaxy Attacker Rare Epic
Zen-Aku Wild Force Defender Epic Epic
Mesogog Dino Thunder Attacker Epic Legendary
Koragg Mystic Force Defender Legendary Legendary
Kamdor Operation Overdrive Defender Epic Epic
Dai Shi Jungle Fury Attacker Legendary Legendary
Venjix RPM Defender Legendary Legendary
Master Xandred Samurai Balanced Rare Common
Sledge Dino Charge Attacker Common Common
Psycho Green (Trek) Boom! Studios Comics Attacker Epic Epic
Snide Dino Super Charge Attacker Epic Common
Cybervillain Blaze Beast Morphers Balanced Epic Epic
Lord Drakkon Boom! Studios Comics Attacker Legendary Legendary
Black Dragon Boom! Studios Comics Defender Epic Epic
Akuma Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V Attacker Legendary Legendary
M. Bison Power Rangers Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V Balanced Legendary Legendary


Name Origin Rarity
Dino Megazord Mighty Morphin Common
Thunder Megazord Mighty Morphin Legendary
Mega Goldar Mighty Morphin Rare
Black Dragon Mighty Morphin' (Boom! Studios) Rare
Predazord Wild Force Epic
Delta Squad Megazord SPD Legendary
Samurai Megazord Samurai Epic
Dragonzord Mighty Morphin Legendary
Dino Megazord (Movie 2017) 2017 movie Common

Character Gallery by Season

Victory Pose

Defeat Pose

Loading Screens


Super Mega Yellow with Spin Sword.jpg
  • At pre-registration, the game has a near-equal male-to-female ratio at release with nine women and ten men.
  • Super Megaforce Yellow is seen wielding a Samurai Ranger Spin Sword at release without first assuming a Legendary Ranger Mode Samurai, as opposed to her own Super Mega Saber alongside her Super Mega Blaster. This was later corrected.
  • In the Rooftops location, a building marked Terra Venture can be seen in the background. With the alien ships hovering over the city, this location is Angel Grove during the mass invasion at the end of In Space.[3]
  • In June 2017, the game saw the release of the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger v2, also called the Dark Dragon. The character's in-game description refers to the character as an alternate-universe version of Tommy Oliver and he is seen wielding the Sword of Darkness, but the game makes no further mention of the character's origin or alignment. However, he is considered a villain for the purpose of quests. This version of the Green Ranger hails from the web series Super Power Beat Down, where it was featured in the episode "Ryu vs. Green Ranger" in which Tommy ultimately takes this look and welds the weapon as Ryu descends into his Evil Ryu form.
  • Character models are not rotated but flipped based on which side of the field they are on.
  • Udonna was included in a Twitter poll where fans were asked to vote which character should be the next to join the roster. Udonna came in last but was added before the poll winner (Gold Zeo Ranger).

Mission References

  • The mission "I Am Worthy", which requires a leader character from the 2017 movie, is a reference to Rita Repulsa's line in the film.
  • The mission "Forever Red", which requires different setups of Red Rangers, is based on the Power Rangers Wild Force episode of the same name.
  • The mission "We Can Do It" references the Rosie the Riveter poster which has become a symbol of female empowerment.
  • The mission "Evil Space Aliens Arise", which requires various villain setups, references the generic term for most Power Rangers villains in the toyline.
  • The mission set "United Alliance of Evil" refers to the combined group of enemies from the first six seasons who banded together to invade Earth during the finale of Power Rangers in Space.
  • The mission "Not Backing Down" is a reference to Jason's line as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers become a six-man team in Green with Evil.
  • The missions "Lost Galaxy" and "Lights of Orion" are both references to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
  • The challenge "Dark Harbinger" references how Black Dragon appeared to be the primary antagonist for the Boom! Comics series until it was revealed that he is a Zord controlled by Lord Drakkon.
  • Missions that unlock new characters are typically named after the episode the new character or powers were introduced in. Examples include White Light, Quasar Quest, and Survival of the Silver.
  • The challenges "Grid Connection" and "Making Bad" are references to the Dino team-up episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers of the same names.

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