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  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder is the first series since Power Rangers In Space to actually have Rangers attend high school.
  • The episode "Thunder Storm Part 2" is the first episode in normal and crossover continuity in which the Rangers use almost every single weapon from their arsenals. Known weapons used are as follows: Cycles for both teams, Crimson Blaster, Navy Beetle Antlers, Thunder Staffs, Ninja Swords, Brachio Staff, Drago Sword, Super Dino Mode for all Dino Rangers except Black, Ptera Grips, Tricera Shield, Lion Hammer, Battlizers for both teams.
  • It is the first season where a Ranger wanted to give up being a Ranger for no other reason than it interfered with his personal life; the second was S.P.D., where Jack Landors really did give up being a Ranger, albeit at the very end of the series.
  • Episode 4, "Legacy of Power", marks the 500th Episode of Power Rangers franchise, it is a commemorative clip show where Tommy, who had been kidnapped by Mesogog, narrates the exploits of the previous teams. It featured every incarnation of Power Rangers sans Alien Rangers. Most notably, Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger and Magna Defender didn't appear, nor did Joel Rawlings and Cole Evans unmorphed. The beginning of the episode had the caption "Commemorating 500 Episodes. May the Power live on forever"
  • One episode featured the Dino Thunder Rangers watching a dubbed version of an Abaranger episode (Episode 10, "Abare Leaguer Bind") on TV. The episode had a great deal's worth of footage cut and replaced with the Dino Thunder Rangers making comments, though. Most of the original dialogue had also been completely changed. All of the original terms for weapons and attacks, as well as the main characters names, had been changed. The Abarangers were also called "Dino Rangers" in this dub. Many Sentai fans have criticized Disney for this dub, stating that it was a mockery of the Sentai franchise and made it seem that Sentai was based off of Power Rangers (in truth, its the exact opposite). On the other hand some Sentai fans actually compliment the episode, seeing it as an amusing nod toward PR's source material.
  • It is the first season where the team's mentor becomes a Ranger himself, although in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm Sensei Watanabe's mind gets switched with Shane's, the Red Ranger, for part of an episode, the other part having him in the body of Dustin, the Yellow Ranger.
  • During Dino Thunder, the Dino Rangers team up with the Rangers of Ninja Storm to battle the combined forces of Lothor and Mesogog. The three Wind Rangers are temporarily considered enemies, but returned to the side of good. This marks the first time that two Power Ranger teams from different series have ever come to blows with each other.
  • The two-part pilot's title, "Day of the Dino" makes a reference to the first MMPR episode "Day of the Dumpster".
  • It is the first series to feature a non-Red Ranger receiving the additional vehicle since Zhane in Power Rangers in Space.
  • Dino Thunder is extremely similar to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in a number of ways:
    • The main carrier zord is a Brachiosaurus
    • The extra Ranger had a Dragon-based zord
    • The main Dinozords are based on the same dinosaurs as the Red, Blue, and Pink Zords in Mighty Morphin.
    • Tommy Oliver joins the Dino Rangers after the core members receive their powers.
    • Also It is notable the personality of the Rangers are the same. For instance, Conner McKnight is analogous to Jason Lee Scott in that they are both jock types, Ethan James is similar to Billy Cranston as the technology expert, Kira Ford is a combination of Kimberly Ann Hart and Trini Kwan in that she has musical talents. Trent Mercer is similar to Tommy where he was new to town and he was first evil, but break the spell and join the other rangers. Cassidy Cornell and Devin play a very similar role to Bulk and Skull
  • In episode 18, "Bully for Ethan" Kira discovered a photo of the original Power Rangers: Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack Taylor and made a reference to Tommy's old look.
    • Papers can also be seen in the background showing the insignia of Lightspeed Rescue and several unadapted Super Sentai teams.[1]
  • This was the first season where the word 'Go' is not sung in the opening theme song. The second is Power Rangers RPM (With the exception of the alternate theme song, "This is the last stand, for humanity, Power Rangers RPM Let's GO!").
  • Dino Thunder is tied with Time Force for having the most crossovers with other Rangers, at four.
  • In episode 02: Day of the Dino Part 2 at the end of the episode when the Rangers are fighting the Tyrannodrones, Conner McKnight uses the line "Have a nice trip, see you next fall" this line is used in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie by Kimberly Ann Hart.
  • To be noted that when Dr. Tommy Oliver arrives at Reefside High School he is wearing his last Ranger color from Turbo which is Red. Despite this, in the flashback scene which airs right after the opening credits in Day of the Dino: Part I, Tommy wears a black T-Shirt under a grey shirt, which is almost the same with what he wears in Day of the Dino: Part II.
  • Its team up episodes were the first to have rangers pair up by gender instead of color, previous seasons had red/red, blue/blue, yellow/yellow, pink/pink, black/black or green, etc. The pairs in this season's team up were red/red, male blue/male yellow, female yellow/female blue, white/green, and black/crimson & navy.
  • This is the first series to have a toy-exclusive Ranger.
  • This is the only Power Rangers season with only 5 heroes
    • This season however shares the distinction with Alien Rangers, Turbo and Lost Galaxy for featuring only five Rangers as their sixth heroes do not count as official Rangers.
  • In the episode "Diva in Distress", the song that Kylee Styles walked came down the escalator was the same song Kapri and Marah sang on Ninja Storm when they had the talent show.
  • Due to the lack of a Pink Ranger in this series, Cassidy Cornell seems to wear a lot of pink. As the comic relief of the season, she is in fact the counterpart to self proclaimed Abare Pink, Emiri Sanjyou.
  • In MMPR the zords were never given the name 'Dinozords' until episode 5, and it was Billy who named them, in PRDT the name of the zords was given as 'biozords' because of the dinosaur DNA and robotics together, but after that they were called 'dinozords'.
  • The White Dino Ranger is the only ranger in PRDT to not have the Dino Thunder insignia on his chest.
  • This is the first White Ranger whose Zord is not based off of a white tiger (setting aside Delphine from the Alien Rangers mini-series).
  • It should be noted that in the PRDT opening of the "Thunderstorm" team-up episodes, the ending shot of the Dino Rangers performing their signature pose is replaced with the team-up of both Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder rangers posing (with multi-colored explosion in the background). PRDT is so far the only ranger series to have this.


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