This article is about a/an app depicting characters in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Power Rangers Dino Charge Scanner is an iOS app dedicated to scanning collectible devices in toy form. It reads Dino Chargers from the Dino Charge toyline. Once downloaded, it is labeled "Dino Charge".


The new app allows one to read the unique QR codes on the positive side of each Dino Charger toy, with the unlockables all already fully integrated into the app, requiring no internet connection. Using Dino Chargers and performing actions earn the user points to level up and unlock more game areas.

My Profile

Shows goals, rewards and rank, as well as allowing to change avatar.

My Collection

Allows you to scan a Dino Charger and keep in the app. Also provides a checklist of figures, zords, Dino Chargers and role play toys, as well as place items in your wishlist.

Morph yourself

An augmented reality app-in-an-app which allows the use to use the front cam as a morpher, turning the user into the Ranger or zord of their choice in interactive 3D. Use can then save the image or use as his/her avatar.


Allows users to take photos and add stickers and effects.

Dino Charge!

Not yet open. Coming in 2015

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