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The Power Rangers Dimension, officially named as Human World in Mystic Force and Samurai, is the setting for all of the Power Rangers television series (initiated by Mighty Morphin), with the exception of RPM and Dino (Super) Charge. HyperForce Dimension is an almost exact copy with elements of the BOOMverse. In the Power Rangers Dimension, many teams of Power Rangers have formed to defend the Earth from all sorts of threats, using powers gained by tapping into the universal Morphin Grid. Other heroes have appeared who have similar powers as well.

The dimension is also the setting for Saban's Masked Rider and probably VR Troopers as well (While this latter show never had a full crossover, the same version of Santa Claus appeared on all three shows, portrayed by the same actor, implying a shared universe). Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation has also crossed over with Power Rangers, establishing it takes place in the same world.

According to the Marvel Comics, the shows Big Bad Beetleborgs and Beetleborgs Metallix do not occupy this universe as the Beetleborgs came from a separate universe when they teamed up with the Turbo Rangers in a comic book crossover story.


The battle between good and evil goes back millions of years into this dimension's past. Zordon imprisoned Rita Repulsa and the Ancient Samurai Rangers sealed away the Nighloks in Earth's distant past, among many other struggles.

In the present day, Earth was reintroduced to powerful enemies when Rita Repulsa awoke and once again threatened the world. Day of the Dumpster That lead to a series of invasions, each thwarted by the Power Rangers, which culminated in one massive invasion that succeeded in conquering the Earth and the rest of the Universe. This invasion was foiled when Andros destroyed Zordon, unleashing an energy wave that destroyed the invaders or cleansed them of evil. Countdown to Destruction

After that, Earth made unprecedented technological jumps that allowed them to construct the massive Terra Venture spacecraft, and to access the Morphin Grid, creating their own Power Rangers for the first time - the Lightspeed Rangers.

Nonetheless, new threats kept appearing, and new teams of Rangers kept arising to defeat them.

Earth was ultimately invaded again by aliens, before being driven back by the Mega Rangers as well as all of the previous Rangers, working together. Legendary Battle



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