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This article is about a/an app depicting characters in the Power Rangers franchise.
This article is about a/an app in the Super Sentai series.

Power Rangers Dash (파워레인저Dash) is an iOS and Android video game app, which is also playable on Facebook. It was developed by Movegames Co., Ltd, Korea. It was originally licensed by Toei, and not Saban or Disney as with most Power Rangers games. It was originally released in both English (for Asian markets) and Korean versions. It was later released as Saban's Power Rangers Dash on Android, and later in iOS, with both the Asian version and Saban version now multilingual. A Japanese version has also been released as Ultra Super Sentai Dash (超スーパー戦隊ダッシュ Chou Supa Sentai Dasshu).

The game allows users to collect Power Rangers from various series to use in a side-scrolling running game wherein three Rangers have to either avoid or eliminate objects in order to garner points and gather coins for use in unlocking other Rangers or powers. The game also allows the lead Ranger to command a Megazord when a Megazord power-up is gained.

At 800 e-coins or 10 special g-coins, players can purchase new random Rangers to level up. These Rangers are randomized and one may gain more than one of the same Ranger of the same level. G-coins allow purchase of Sixth Rangers or Extra Rangers.

Every seven rounds, "Megazord Time" can be entered, where the Megazord from the front ranger's team can gain as much as 2,500 e-coins and 1 g-coin depending on the speed it can hit a monster multiple times within twenty seconds.

Participating Rangers

Excluded are Wolzard Fire, DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Zuban, Princess Shinken Red, Kyoryu Cyan, Kyoryu Gray, Kyoryu Violet, Kyoryu Silver and MidoNinger. Most of these are Extra Heroes.


PR-DashRangers levels

Some of the Rangers and levels

  • S Grade- Rangers at S-Grade have maximum abilities. The sixth rangers of the chosen teams, MagiMother and the Armed-On Kyoryugers are the only Rangers given this rank.
  • A, B, C Grade- Rangers at A-Grade are given the strongest attributes at the onset and at C are the weakest. When the player chooses a team, he/she will be given a set of three Rangers, with two B-rank and a C-rank. When three Rangers at A-Grade in one team are put together, team abilities are unlocked. This also holds true when two Rangers at A-Grade and one Ranger at S-Grade from the same team are together in one run.
  • Rangers' Grade can be raised when reached a certain level. A certain amount of E-coins is also required to do so.
    • Grade C to Grade B:
      • Ranger at level 10
      • 10,000 E-coins
  • Grade B to Grade A:
    • Ranger at level 15
    • 10 G-coins
  • Rangers can be leveled up to increase statistics by "Enchanting" them, and not through experience. Enchantment costs E-coins.
    • 150 E-coins (Lv2)
    • 300 E-coins (Lv3)
    • 450 E-coins (Lv4)
    • 700 E-coins (Lv5)
    • 1000 E-coins (Lv6)
    • 1200 E-coins (Lv7)
    • 1400 E-coins (Lv8)
    • 2300 E-coins (Lv9)


Picked Up

  • Megazord - allows the lead Ranger to summon his/her series' Megazord
  • Revive - allows one of the eliminated Rangers to return
  • Magnet - allows Ranger to gather all coins in screen without touching them
  • Triple-hit combo - multiples attack by three
  • Shield - allows Ranger to pass through obstacles without harm


  • Megazord (500 e-coins) - allows player to press Megazord button at any time in the game, once per level
  • Medevac (1200 e-coins) - rescues a Ranger automatically twice from falling; defaults at start of game
  • Revival (1000 e-coins) - leader can be resurrected
  • E-coin X2 ($4.99)- doubles the E-coin gathering (removed in the July 2014 release)


Teams in US version


Mighty Morphin

Wild Force

Dino Thunder


Mystic Force

Operation Overdrive


Samurai & Super Samurai


Super Megaforce

Dino Super Charge

Ninja Steel



  • In the original Korean version, the dubbed Sentai names were used. When the game was moved to America, they earned their American names.
  • The Megazord coin references the Super Sentai "V" logo.
  • The hook the Super Megaforce Rangers use is given a name - the Super Mega Hook.
  • Flashman was likely included as it was the first Sentai series localized in Korea, while Zyuranger was included as it was the first Power Rangers series.
  • This is the first video game to have both Power Rangers and Super Sentai versions.

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