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This article is about a/an series entry (the "26th" and "27th") in the Power Rangers franchise.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is the 26th and 27th (season 2) season of Power Rangers and the first to be produced under the franchise's acquisition from Hasbro, under their live-action production division Allspark Pictures. The series borrowed footage, costumes, and props from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It is the sequel series to Power Rangers RPM.


Following the announcement on February 16, 2018, that Hasbro would be taking over Bandai America as the master toy licensee for Power Rangers from 2019 onwards[1], Power Rangers Beast Morphers was announced during Hasbro's panel for the New York Toy Fair 2018.[2]

On May 1, 2018, it was announced that Hasbro had purchased the Power Rangers franchise outright from Saban[3], making Beast Morphers the first Hasbro-era season. On August 18, 2018, the main Ranger cast was revealed to fans at Power Morphicon 6 during a Hasbro panel with a teaser trailer for the show screened at the event.


A secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called "Morph-X" with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself.



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Designation Name Actor
Beast Morphers Red Devon Daniels Rorrie D. Travis
Beast Morphers Blue Ravi Shaw Jazz Baduwalia
Beast Morphers Yellow Zoey Reeves Jacqueline Scislowski
Beast Morphers Gold Nate Silva Abraham Rodriguez
Beast Morphers Silver Steel Jamie Linehan (Voice)
Sam Jellie (Human)

Make-A-Wish Exclusive

Beast Morphers Orange Tyler Rinker


Grid Battleforce

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Beast Bots

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Animal Name Voice Actor
Cheetah Cruise Kelson Henderson
Gorilla Smash Charlie McDermott
Jackrabbit Jax Emmett Skilton
Scarab Steel Jamie Linehan



Captain Chaku Captain Chaku
  • Starlight

Legendary Dino Rangers

Kyoryu Super Sentai.png

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Color Role Actor Generation
Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott Austin St. John Mighty Morphin
Black Ranger unidentified TBA Mighty Morphin
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston TBA Mighty Morphin
Yellow Ranger unidentified TBA Mighty Morphin
Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart TBA Mighty Morphin
Red Dino Ranger Conner McKnight Dan Musgrove (voice) Dino Thunder
Blue Dino Ranger Ethan James uncredited Dino Thunder
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford uncredited Dino Thunder
Dino Charge Red Ranger Tyler Navarro Brennan Mejia Dino Charge
Dino Charge Black Ranger Chase Randall James Davies Dino Charge
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda Yoshi Sudarso Dino Charge
Dino Charge Green Ranger Riley Griffin Michael Taber (voice; uncredited) Dino Charge
Dino Charge Pink Ranger Shelby Watkins Camille Hyde (voice; uncredited) Dino Charge
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar Davi Santos Dino Charge


Dino Charge


Evox Virus/Venjix Virus Army

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Designation Name Actor
Cybervillain Blaze Blaze (cybervillain) Colby Strong
Cybervillain Robo-Blaze
Cybervillain Roxy Roxy (cybervillain) Liana Ramirez
Cybervillain Robo-Roxy

Sledge's Crew

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Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon




Other Devices

Legendary Ranger Weapons


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Beast-X Megazord System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ aux mecha, ● other

Beast-X King Zord System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ aux mecha, ● other


Main articles: Episodes (Beast Morphers) and Episodes (Beast Morphers 2)
Season 1
  1. Beasts Unleashed
  2. Evox's Revenge
  3. End of the Road
  4. Digital Deception
  5. Taking Care of Business
  6. Hangar Heist
  7. A Friend Indeed
  8. The Cybergate Opens
  9. Silver Sacrifice
  10. Thrills and Drills
  11. Tools of the Betrayed
  12. Real Steel
  13. Tuba Triumph
  14. Sound and Fury
  15. Seeing Red
  16. Gorilla Art
  17. Ranger Reveal
  18. Rewriting History
  19. Target: Tower
  20. Evox: Upgraded
  21. Hypnotic Halloween
  22. Scrozzle’s Revenge
Season 2
  1. Believe It or Not
  2. Save Our Shores
  3. Game On!
  4. Artist Anonymous
  5. Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
  6. The Blame Game
  7. Beast King Rampage
  8. Boxed In
  9. Secret Struggle
  10. The Evox Snare
  11. Intruder Alert!
  12. The Greater Good
  13. Finders Keepers
  14. Making Bad
  15. Grid Connection
  16. Golden Opportunity
  17. Goin' Ape
  18. The Silva Switch
  19. Fossil Frenzy
  20. Crunch Time
  21. Source Code
  22. Evox Unleashed

Video Release

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  • Beast Morphers' toyline was officially launched in Spring of 2019. In addition, the Red, Blue, and Gold Beast Morphers Rangers and Blaze appear in Hasbro's Lightning Collection waves 2, 3 and 4.

Video Games



  • This is the first Hasbro Era season. 
  • This is the first series/incarnation since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to be split into two or more sub-seasons, yet does not contain "Super" in the title of the season (as previously seen with seasons such as Power Rangers Super Samurai and Power Rangers Super Megaforce).
  • This series shares several similarities with Power Rangers RPM:
    • Both have an African American Red Ranger whose father has a less than high opinion of them (Mayor Daniels was disinterested in his son and more about world safety and Colonel Mason Truman's strict and militaristic nature).
    • Both teams start with Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers with Gold and Silver "Sixth Ranger" siblings added as a pair later.
      • Red Ranger gets a Racecar.
      • Blue Ranger gets a 6-wheeled vehicle.
      • The Gold and Silver Rangers share a motif different from the rest of the team (Beetles and Aircraft).
    • Both have a virus as the main villain with robotic monsters as their army (fitting as it's revealed that Evox is Venjix).
    • Both have an unwilling secondary antagonist (Tenaya was brainwashed and Scrozzle was forced to work for Venjix).
    • Both have a villain join later into the series' run that only lasts for a handful of episodes (Kilobyte and Vargoyle and later Ryjack).
  • This is the first season to have its toy line produced by Hasbro instead of Bandai America.
  • This season debuts a brand new Power Rangers logo. Apart from the 2010 "reversion" of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this is the first time the logo has been completely redesigned since Zeo.
    • In the second season, Saban's name was dropped from the logo.
  • This is the first time a Power Rangers series has adapted the Sentai out of order, as Go-Busters was skipped over initially.
  • The core three Rangers made their debut in comics, rather than on television for the first time ever. This happened in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29.
  • On April 1, 2014, an adaptation of Go-Busters was announced as an April Fools joke, titled Power Rangers Energy Chasers.
  • Beast Morphers is the first show since Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue to have a previous team's Megazord assist the current group. It also holds the record for the most returning Megazords, with a total of 3 (the Dino, Thundersaurus and Dino Charge Megazords). It is also the first series to have the zords of two different teams combine (the Beast-X King Zord with the Dino Charge Megazord).
  • Due to Evox’s revelation of his actual origin in "Source Code", Beast Morphers happens to be a direct sequel to Power Rangers RPM's storyline, marking the only two series to have a recurring major character not originating from Zordon Era (instead going from the series just before the New Saban Era to the one just after it).
    • This makes Venjix the first main villain in Power Rangers history to serve as the main villain in two different series as a completely different character.
  • This is the second season without a roll call during a morphing sequence after Power Rangers RPM
  • This is the first season since Power Rangers RPM to show every core Rangers' complete solo morph sequence.
  • This season is the first appearance of all 5 Mighty Morphin Dino Rangers at one time since time travel arc in the third season of Power Rangers. However, only Jason Lee Scott has spoken lines and is seen unmorphed.

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