Icon-goseigerThis article is about a tabletop game in Power Rangers Megaforce.

The Power Rangers Action Card Game utilizes the Power Cards from Power Rangers Megaforce as a collectible trading card game celebrating Power Rangers 20, the Power Rangers' 20th anniversary. As such they can be used in conjunction with the Gosei Morpher toy or in decks.

Based on the data on the Gosei Morpher[1] there are several sounds, and thus several cards that are possibly available featuring all the past core rangers, most of the sixth rangers, several of the power-ups of each team, Megazords and the teams themselves.

How to play[]

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List of sounds[]

Some of the cards

Some of the cards


The style difference between in-show (left) and ACG (right) cards. Note that the in-show cards come straight from Goseiger.


Difference of labels between ACG cards from toys (left) and from the game itself (right). Toy promo cards are labeled Series, Color. ACG pack cards are labeled Color, Series, Ranger


Inconsistencies in naming give Sea Brothers, Land Brothers and Ultra Gosei Great Megazord second names as Aqua Brothers, Terra Brothers and Hyper Gosei Great Megazord.

The Gosei Morpher identifies what cards are part of the series.

  1. Go Go Megaforce
  2. Summon Zord
  3. Ultra Mode Morph
  4. Summon Battle Gear
  5. Summon Megazord
  6. Victory Charge
  7. Megaforce Red
  8. Megaforce Blue
  9. Megaforce Black
  10. Megaforce Pink
  11. Megaforce Yellow
  12. Megaforce Robo Knight
  13. Megaforce Red Power Up
  14. Megaforce Blue Power Up
  15. Megaforce Black Power Up
  16. Megaforce Pink Power Up
  17. Megaforce Yellow Power Up
  18. (this slot in the Gosei Morpher is for a "glowing sound")
  19. Megaforce Megazord
  20. Mighty Morphin Red
  21. Mighty Morphin Red Power Up
  22. Mighty Morphin Blue
  23. Mighty Morphin Black
  24. Mighty Morphin Pink
  25. Mighty Morphin Yellow
  26. Mighty Morphin Green
  27. Mighty Morphin White
  28. Mighty Morphin Megazord
  29. Mighty Morphin
  30. Zeo Red
  31. Zeo Blue
  32. Zeo Green
  33. Zeo Yellow
  34. Zeo Pink
  35. Zeo Gold
  36. Zeo Megazord
  37. Turbo Red
  38. Turbo Blue
  39. Turbo Green
  40. Turbo Yellow
  41. Turbo Pink
  42. Turbo Ranger
  43. Turbo Megazord
  44. In Space Red
  45. In Space Blue
  46. In Space Black
  47. In Space Yellow
  48. In Space Pink
  49. In Space Silver
  50. In Space Megazord
  51. Lost Galaxy Red
  52. Lost Galaxy Red Power Up
  53. Lost Galaxy Blue
  54. Lost Galaxy Green
  55. Lost Galaxy Yellow
  56. Lost Galaxy Pink
  57. Lost Galaxy Ranger
  58. Lost Galaxy Megazord
  59. Lightspeed Rescue Red
  60. Lightspeed Rescue Blue
  61. Lightspeed Rescue Green
  62. Lightspeed Rescue Yellow
  63. Lightspeed Rescue Pink
  64. Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  65. Lightspeed Rescue Megazord
  66. Time Force Red
  67. Time Force Blue
  68. Time Force Green
  69. Time Force Yellow
  70. Time Force Pink
  71. Time Force Ranger
  72. Time Force Megazord
  73. Wild Force Red
  74. Wild Force Blue
  75. Wild Force Black
  76. Wild Force Yellow
  77. Wild Force White
  78. Wild Force Silver
  79. Ninja Storm Megazord
  80. Ninja Storm Green
  81. Ninja Storm Red
  82. Ninja Storm Blue
  83. Ninja Storm Yellow
  84. Yellow Storm Ranger
  85. Wild Force Megazord
  86. Dino Thunder Red
  87. Dino Thunder Red Power Up
  88. Dino Thunder Blue
  89. Dino Thunder Black
  90. Dino Thunder Yellow
  91. Dino Thunder White
  92. Dino Thunder Megazord
  93. SPD Red
  94. SPD Red Power Up
  95. SPD Blue
  96. SPD Blue Power Up
  97. SPD Green
  98. SPD Green Power Up
  99. SPD Yellow
  100. SPD Yellow Power Up
  101. SPD Pink
  102. SPD Pink Power Up
  103. SPD Ranger
  104. SPD Megazord
  105. Mystic Force Red
  106. Mystic Force Blue
  107. Mystic Force Green
  108. Mystic Force Yellow
  109. Mystic Force Pink
  110. Mystic Force Red Power Up
  111. Mystic Force Blue Power Up
  112. Mystic Force Green Power Up
  113. Mystic Force Yellow Power Up
  114. Mystic Force Pink Power Up
  115. Mystic Force Gold
  116. Mystic Force White
  117. Mystic Force Ranger
  118. Mystic Force Megazord
  119. Operation Overdrive Red
  120. Operation Overdrive Blue
  121. Operation Overdrive Black
  122. Operation Overdrive Yellow
  123. Operation Overdrive Pink
  124. Operation Overdrive Silver
  125. Operation Overdrive Red Power Up
  126. Operation Overdrive Blue Power Up
  127. Operation Overdrive Black Power Up
  128. Operation Overdrive Yellow Power Up
  129. Operation Overdrive Pink Power Up
  130. Operation Overdrive Ranger
  131. Jungle Fury White
  132. Operation Overdrive Megazord
  133. Jungle Fury Red
  134. Jungle Fury Blue
  135. Jungle Fury Yellow
  136. Jungle Fury Red Power Up
  137. Jungle Fury Blue Power Up
  138. Jungle Fury Yellow Power Up
  139. Jungle Fury Ranger
  140. Jungle Fury Megazord
  141. RPM Red
  142. RPM Blue
  143. RPM Green
  144. RPM Yellow
  145. RPM Black
  146. RPM Gold
  147. RPM Silver
  148. RPM Megazord
  149. Samurai Red
  150. Super Samurai Red
  151. Samurai Blue
  152. Super Samurai Blue
  153. Samurai Green
  154. Super Samurai Green
  155. Samurai Yellow
  156. Super Samurai Yellow
  157. Samurai Pink
  158. Super Samurai Pink
  159. Samurai Gold
  160. Samurai Megazord
  161. Samurai
  162. Zeo
  163. Turbo
  164. In Space
  165. Lost Galaxy
  166. Lightspeed Rescue
  167. Time Force
  168. Wild Force
  169. Ninja Storm
  170. Dino Thunder
  171. SPD
  172. Mystic Force
  173. Operation Overdrive
  174. Jungle Fury
  175. R.P.M.


  • In the previews for Series 3, Universe of Hope, some cards show the Mega Rangers and, mysteriously, some of the Pre-Zyuranger team members.[2] [3] [4] Their appearance is unexplained. These cards would later be followed up by another card in Series 5, Keepers of Peace.[5]

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