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Power Rangers 25 is a public relations event campaign to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers in 2018.[1] [2] The campaign slogan is You’ve Got The Power!

Among the plans for the celebration so far are:

  • An appearance at the Licensing Expo 2017
  • Saban holding special touring live events. (postponed)
  • Power Rangers HyperForce, an official Power Rangers interactive tabletop RPG game hosted by HyperRPG.
  • Boom! Studios released more Power Rangers comic book stories and expanding the mythology of the franchise. A comic event called "Shattered Grid" ran from spring until August 2018.
  • A detailed visual history book published by Insight Editions
  • The world premiere of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on TV, with returning stars from past seasons guest starring in the show.
  • A 25th anniversary TV special aired for Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel on August 28th.
  • New Legacy Power Rangers toys made exclusively by Bandai, some are made as a collaboration with game company nWay and the comic book company Boom! Studios.
  • Collectible commemorative pin giveaways at conventions and expos.
  • Power Morphicon VI, which featured an all star cast of various actors from throughout the franchise as well as props, helmets and costumes from different shows on display. In addition, the cast of Beast Morphers was revealed at a panel and the ranger costumes were on a special display in the center of the costume showcase.
  • The declaration of National Power Rangers Day by Hasbro, an official holiday to celebrate the first broadcast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on August 28, 1993 and the fandom that supported the franchise through the years.

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