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Power Rangers #7 is the seventh issue of the ongoing Boom! Studios comic book series, Power Rangers. This issue continues the Unlimited Power story event and is a continuation of Power Rangers #6 and Mighty Morphin #7.

Following the narrow escape from Space Patrol Delta, the Omega Rangers enjoy some downtime and play football. Unfortunately, XI has located the Red Emissary's power signature and has tracked The Empyreal's energy signature as leading to the warrior race planet of Hartunia.


The Omega Rangers and Drakkon are on the run in space, but they must find new allies if they want to defeat the Empyreals. But that means trusting someone they’re not sure is friend or foe if they are to save the universe. And then… there’s Drakkon. [1]


Approximately one week after the daring escape with Astronema and Ecliptor, the Omega Rangers are playing a weird variant of football in Safehaven. Jason and Lord Drakkon are on one team whilst Zack and Yale are on the other. Having apparently been playing for some time, the three are exhausted to the point that Zack is barely able to wheeze out some smack talk. With Zack winning, Jason asks Drakkon if he is going to actually try to defend their goal with Drakkon snarkily retorting that he is the one being defeated by a cat. As he says this though, Yale jumps over Jason and throws it to Zack who scores the goal. As Drakkon makes another pass with his ball, he wonders if Zack is trying to be funny or have someone love him before passing it to Jason only to have it returned when Yale trips Jason. Zack is impressed but reveals that it is one goal to a win so Drakkon tries to throw it to the pulse only to be fried by his restraint collar. As such, the ball goes out of bounds and Zack and Yale win the game. Drakkon confronts Zack for cheating by setting off the collar and Jason agrees but Zack retorts that the one who sets up the game makes the rules. Drakkon chuckles about this and mentions that he would have done the same though is not happy that Zack would abandon morality to win and thus they are not so different. A short while later, Jason finds Trini training by demolishing pottery with her Omega Hammer and is impressed by her skill but admits that the Morphin Masters won't appreciate their handiwork being demolished. When Jason comments that he hoped she would have joined the torono ball session, she comments that she didn't wish to play with the sociopathic Drakkon. Once Jason points out that he only played in the first place due to her absence and that he was restrained, Trini berates him for letting his guard down given Drakkon's backstabbing and conniving nature. Understandably worried, Jason asks what's gotten her goat and Trini just says its boredom over waiting for XI to finish his scans for the Empyreal as Jason reminiscences about when they tested out their powers together shortly after Arrival Day and how things have changed. When Trini cuts him off and tells him to get to the point, Jason brushes it off as him "being stupid" before commenting that they should return to XI.

Sometime later, at Eternity Point, XI initiates a scan for any residual Emissary energy that the Red Emissaries' chest plate would leave and discovers that the Empyreal has since annihilated three more planets (one of which being seen at the end of the last issue) and at least one planet had 2.3. Once Zack asks it is is 2.3 million, XI correct him as it is 2.3 billion lifeforms dead and Drakkon follows this up by pointing out that this thing are "walking acts of God" who have the power to do anything they want and may have even wiped out the dinosaurs. Zack agrees, pointing out that, even though they can track the Empyreal, the last time they confronted the being ended up with them getting beaten senseless and even the Garrison Vox's firepower failed to faze it. What'll they do this time, ask it nicely to stop committing genocide and just go away? Fortunately, XI has devised a strategy whereby they generate an energy field between the Omegazords and use it to cripple the Empyreal. Zack isn't reassured though due to the use of the word "might" and suggests that they find a new Blue Omega Ranger since XI has Kiya's Omega Morpher and she is in prison for murder and thus they just have to find the right candidate. Drakkon tries to throw his hat in the proverbial ring but Trini refuses with Jason commenting that they don't have time to look given the very immediate danger posed by the abomination and they can't risk another rogue psychopath like Kiya turned out to be. After Jason asks XI where the Empyreal is going, XI realizes that the Empyreal must be heading towards Hartunia with Jason wanting to get the Spectrum II going but XI comments that the Hartunians are barbarians akin to Earth's vikings, pillaging and killing for their own benefits. They are also extremely arrogant and will refuse all help which even Drakkon agrees with. Trini confronts the robot for suggesting they let another planet fall with XI simply saying that it makes sense for them to let the barbarians die out since it'd be doing the universe a favor. Using an example, XI has the Omega Rangers imagine that they are ordinary people living their lives on some alien world only for these truly evil people to come from the sky and kill anyone they wish to make examples out of. The people are then subjugated and forced to extract all resources on their planet for the Hartunians to ship back to their planet and that the Hartunians claim to be improving the worlds they attack but they actually only want to conquer and manipulate. However, Jason comments that the Omega Rangers are not Gods to pass judgement on evil people; they are heroes who save people regardless of creed should they need them.

Within an hour, the Spectrum II has arrived at Hartunia but the Emperor of Hartunia Rether Til refuses to answer any and all messages they send although this is because of how primitive they are. XI tells them that they will have to teleport down themselves but will blend in given that this place is brimming with non-Hartunian life. Their mission is to find and bribe a guard to let them into the royal court but not to reveal they are Power Rangers yet given their dubious reputation of Hartunia. Drakkon tells them not to bother as they'll just be killed anyway but they ignore him and teleport away to his bemusement. Once they reach the planet, Trini is disgusted at the state of the place they have arrived in and the red verits (guards) are nowhere to be found. Being the Hartunian equivalent of a flea market, stall owners try and sell the Omega Rangers trinkets of debatable safety and legitimacy; a Gorvinos III necklace, a Tangarian horn or maybe a Sirian liver, or a Kalderon blood mask which they all politely decline. Jason and Trini meet up, disgusted by the environment but Trini notices that Zack is missing even as Jason suggests looking for the royal guards. As it turns out, Zack has ended up being lured in by a monkey like creature in a demented pet store like environment similar to a restaurant; pick what you want and the alien will happily cook it alive for you to eat there and then. Zack is less than pleased when one of the creatures inside reveals that it can talk albeit in some alien language (the alien commenting that that is how you know it is ripe) and backhands the alien unconscious in disgust. After some banter between Zack and Jason, that one punch has stirred up a mob of heavily armed shopkeepers so they morph and do battle whilst Trini tells XI to prepare the teleporter (said robot sarcastically commenting on how "flawless" this escape was). As Jason quips that it was more of a guideline than a plan, Trini reminds the others that they have to be careful since they are here to save these people which Zack questions given how much force they are having to use. As Zack defends the meals that started this riot, Jason and Trini tell the crowd that they come in peace which an off-panel voice reminds them that force is an odd way of showing it. As it turns out, the voice comes from a red valet who is the regent of the area and asks them to stop attacking people as the emperor wants an audience.

At the Hartunian palace, Emperor Rether Til is informed of the situation regarding the Empyreals and the Omega Rangers' search for them but (being of the arrogant and bullheaded variety) shrugs it off as an underestimation. He has known about the Empyreals for a long time because of prophets he apparently has and is determined to be their undoing and, when Trini objects, Empress Evor Til steps in and orders them to be thrown to "the Orvitox." After being calmed by the Emperor, she is sent away to look after the women and children whilst he deals with the Empyreals though not before she warns of how dangerous Power Rangers are. Rether Til agrees since they have sabotaged him in the past by protecting worlds to halt the Hartunians and killed their soldiers in the name of apparent peace. When Jason suggests that the Omega Rangers can buy time for the Hartunians to escape, Rether Til roars with laughter at the idea of an evacuation since his people have lived here for thousands of years and will continue being here for a long time thanks to his mighty army. Said army is made up of the best warriors from every planet he has invaded (Zack commenting that it was more conscription than newfound patriotism) whilst Trini tries to get Rether Til to see reason since the threat posed by the Empyreals surpasses any and all differences in ideology. However, being very stupid, the Emperor sees this as them trying to take credit for the presumed guaranteed victory and orders them put to death for "crimes against the [Hartunian] Empire" by means of the Orvitox. As they are being lead away, Trini realizes that Drakkon was right in assuming that trying to reason with the Hartunian Emperor was foolish even as Zack waits for the moment to escape. Before they can try however, half of the six guards escorting them are knocked out by three mysterious purple figures who then knock the other three. One of the figures, who de-hoods to reveal that he is the red verit that brought the Omega Rangers here, insists that they hurry up and follow him if they are right before ordering his assistants to dispose of the guards. Escaping into a hidden corridor, the verit promises to let them out of the castle unhurt once the time is right even as Jason expresses gratitude but also confusion as to who this ragtag group are. A mysterious voice informs the Omega Rangers that these are the people most in need of the Power Rangers' help and the issue ends with Empress Evor Til herself asking them for help in spite of her husband's arrogance.


Featured Characters:

Red Omega Ranger Jason Lee Scott
Black Omega Ranger Zack Taylor
Yellow Omega Ranger Trini Kwan

Supporting Characters:


  • Planet Hartunia



  • One of the sellers at the "flea market" tries to sell a Sirian liver. However, since Doggy and Isinia were by this point in the timeline, the only members of thier species alive after the rest were butchered by Emperor Gruumm and General Benaag, it is unclear how they would have a liver.
    • It is entirely possible that this was a lie on the part of the seller to try and swindle some money from Trini.


  • Trini's bitterness comes from her conflicting views on whether ends justify the means that the series has been building up. From being banned from Earth by Zordon to being declared outlaws and then being accessories to murder when Astronema accidentally sent an SPD officer to his death in the previous issue, she is starting to wonder how far they will go.
  • Jason's reminiscing about him and Trini learning to use their powers is in reference to Go Go Power Rangers Issue 1.
  • The place that the Omega Rangers end up landing first on Hartunia is conceptually very similar to the Mos Eisley canteena from Star Wars.
    • Given the fact that this series has had a plethora of Star Wars homages and references, down the Empyreal being a pun on Imperial and the last issue having very similar plot-points to Return Of The Jedi and Rogue One A Star Wars Story, this was clearly intentional.
  • One of the sellers at the "flea market" tries to sell a Sirian liver. Sirians are giant anthropomorphic blue dog like beings of which Doggie Kruger and his wife Isinia from Power Rangers SPD are members.
  • One of the sellers at the "flea market" tries to sell Zack a Kalderon blood mask. Kalderon is very similarly spelled and pronounced to Alderaan in the Star Wars franchise which was destroyed by the Death Star in A New Hope.


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