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This article is about a/an toyline featuring elements in the Power Rangers franchise.

Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers items to coincide with the new movie.

Movie Morphers

  • Power Morpher with Power Coins

Movie Weapons

  • Power Sword
  • Black Power Sword
  • Blue Power Sword
  • Yellow Power Sword
  • Pink Power Sword

Movie FX Masks

  • Movie FX Red Mask
  • Movie FX Black Mask
  • Movie FX Blue Mask
  • Movie FX Yellow Mask
  • Movie FX Pink Mask
  • Movie FX Megazord Mask[1]

Movie Interactive Figures

  • Megazord
  • Goldar

Movie Battle Zords with Figures

  • Movie T-Rex Battle Zord with Red Ranger Figure
  • Movie Mastodon Battle Zord with Black Ranger Figure
  • Movie Triceratops Battle Zord with Blue Ranger Figure
  • Movie Sabertooth Battle Zord with Yellow Ranger Figure
  • Movie Pterodactyl Battle Zord with Pink Ranger and Putty Figures

Movie 12” Figures

  • 12” Alpha 5

Movie 5” Action Heroes

  • Red Ranger
  • Blue Ranger
  • Black Ranger
  • Yellow Ranger
  • Pink Ranger
  • Alpha 5
  • Movie Rita Figure

Movie 5” Action Heroes "Then and Now" 2 Packs

  • Movie Red Ranger 2 Pack
  • Movie Blue Ranger 2 Pack
  • Movie Black Ranger 2 Pack
  • Movie Yellow Ranger 2 Pack
  • Movie Pink Ranger 2 Pack

Morphin Power Figures

  • Morphin Power Red Ranger
  • Morphin Power Blue Ranger
  • Morphin Power Pink Ranger
  • Morphin Power Yellow Ranger

Movie Megazord Sets

  • Movie Megazord Complete Set

6.5″ Legacy Figures

The standard releases of the figure comes with a Movie Megazord body piece.

  • Limited Edition Legacy Collection Movie Red Ranger (New York Comic-Con 2016 exclusive, pre-release of the Red Ranger figure in semi-transparent red plastic)
  • Legacy Collection Movie Red Ranger
  • Legacy Collection Movie Blue Ranger
  • Legacy Collection Movie Pink Ranger
  • Legacy Collection Movie Yellow Ranger
  • Legacy Collection Movie Black Ranger
  • Legacy Collection Alpha 5
  • Legacy Collection Movie Megazord (San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive, re-release of the (combined) Megazord parts with metallic paint applications)

12″ Figures

  • 12” Movie Red Ranger
  • 12” Movie Blue Ranger
  • 12” Movie Yellow Ranger
  • 12” Movie Pink Ranger
  • 12” Movie Black Ranger


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