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Power Rangers: Super Legends is a videogame released in 2007 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Power Rangers. It was released for the Playstation 2 and PC, and a different version was released for the Nintendo DS. The game is neatly designed narratively not to directly contradict any element of Power Rangers history and in the stories, as time heals, any memory of the encounters disappear from the minds of the Rangers in play in both versions.


PlayStation 2, PC

The Future Omega Ranger discovers that Lord Zedd has reverted to his evil form. Zedd has discovered the Time Crystals that allow him to travel through time and form alliances with Rangers' foes of several different eras. The Omega Ranger is confined to the Hall of Legends, the repository of all Power Ranger history, and must enlist the help of other Power Rangers to defeat Zedd and save the universe.

Nintendo DS

Gluto raids a laboratory and when Time Force is unable to apprehend him the original Omega Ranger travels through time with a special Omega Crystal to help capture the villain. However, Gluto shatters the crystal. The Guardian transports him to the Hall of Legends and tells him a collection of villains led by Emperor Gruumm is attempting to invade all of time by finding the keys hidden in different eras of Ranger history.

Playable Characters in Console Version

Playable Characters in DS Version

The Mercury Ranger, Magna Defender, Green Samurai Ranger, Green MMPR Ranger and the spirits of Forever Red appear as non-playable helper characters.


Hall of Legends



Cast (PlayStation 2 version)

Photo Gallery


  • The game marks an anniversary gathering of selectable Power Rangers from fifteen seasons of the series, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, from Rangers to Megazords. There are 16 playable characters on the Nintendo DS and 21 on the PlayStation 2 and PC.
  • The game has been described as a blend of puzzle, action, and mission-based adventures ranging from one to two players.
  • Though it is considered to feature a team up of Rangers from the last fifteen years, none of the Lightspeed Rescue, Mystic Force, In Space, Zeo and Turbo Power Rangers are included into the games.
  • Future Omega Ranger asks Lord Zedd why he threw away his second chance. It turned out that his purified self, an archeologist, discovered the Time Crystal and couldn't resist digging into who he once was. Lord Zedd reached out to him from the past and corrupted him once more, creating himself in the process.
  • Rita is mentioned in the game, but not seen in the PS2 version. In the DS version, she's only seen in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers levels yet isn't fought as a boss.
  • While gaming sites like IGN and GameFaqs had listed a Gamecube version at one point, Disney Interactive only ever announced the two console versions and one handheld version in any official promotions.
  • This is the first anniversary video game, the second being Power Rangers Super Megaforce.


The game received mixed reviews from critics and fans, with the Nintendo DS version receiving more negative reviews. IGN rated the DS version as 4 noting that the graphics are consistently bad. The console versions received better fan response praising the attention to continuity and almost spot-on voice acting for some Rangers. However, the lack of playable Rangers was still a negative point.

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