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Power Rangers: Sins of the Future is a one-shot graphic novel published by Boom! Studios. It is a sequel to Power Rangers Time Force and a prequel to Power Rangers HyperForce.


After defeating the villainous Ransik, Pink Ranger Jen Scotts and Red Ranger Wes Collins want to try for a real relationship. But without sacrificing their commitments to the Silver Guardians and Time Force, can the two actually make the ultimate long-distance relationship work?

When Jen returns from the future, she and Wes are attacked by a mysterious stranger who has dire news – if these two stay together, they’ll disrupt the timeline and change the destiny of humanity! The shocking identity of their accuser sets them on a collision course with an enemy they never expected. Can Jen and Wes survive the threats to their pasts, presents and futures? Or will it be the end of everything as they know it?[2]


After starting en medias res with a single page showing Pink Time Force Ranger Jen Scotts fighting human soldiers, the story begins in the year 2007 in Silver Hills, Washington. Cyclobot stragglers attack, met by Red Time Force Ranger Wes Collins and Time Force Quantum Ranger Eric Myers, acting as Silver Guardians. Jen then arrives to assist, saying that Wes was late for a date and she was concerned. As they fight, Jen chides Wes for not valuing her time, since she's on a tight schedule to return to Time Force, and she even believes herself to be under consideration for command. However, the fight ends with her having a little extra time, so the two have a sushi lunch date where they discuss their time as the Rangers before Jen has to leave.

Jen returns to the year 3007, picked up by the other Time Force Rangers and dropped at her apartment. She wonders if she even deserves to have a happy, normal life. She then goes to meet Captain Logan to report on the latest fight. He notes an irregularity, which is the lunch date, as Jen explains. Captain Logan directs her to break things off with Wes, since their relationship is dangerous to recorded history. Also, he informs her that she is being selected for a brand new program. However, it's not a command position, but becoming a new type of Ranger; the Hyperforce Program. Jen relates how she thought she was up for command, which Logan outright dismisses with a laugh, telling Jen she's a warrior, not a commander.

Jen returns to the past (the next day for her, two weeks later for Wes), with the intention of breaking off the relationship. However, Wes surprises her by taking her to the Clock Tower, the Time Force team's base in 2001 that was destroyed in the final battle with Ransik. She believes he rebuilt it, but as he reveals a romantic wine and cupcake date, he explains that the tower just re-appeared after she left last time...history is being changed. Just as she starts to explain that, the two are attacked by the Time Force Black Ranger, who says that Jen's decisions have destroyed timelines and she must pay with her life. The two morph, but barely survive the new Ranger's attack. In the aftermath, Jen is finally convinced that her relationship with Wes is dangerous, breaking it off and returning to 3007, as Eric picks up a heartbroken Wes. The attack has made Jen late for her return time, a violation of the law, and she rushes to see Katie, to tell her about the Black Ranger. Arriving at her apartment, she is instead attacked by Lucas (Blue Ranger), Trip (Green Ranger), and Katie (Yellow Ranger). She manages to hold them and backup Time Force officers off, and then is rescued by Nadira, from the future. Meanwhile, Eric visits Wes at his apartment, and finds he's been moping and eating ice cream. He decides to drag him out, and the two go to Silver Guardians HQ, where they've been investigating the timeline and find an anomaly two weeks ahead, which is rippling back. Wes starts to ask them to search for a Black Ranger, but she arrives at the HQ and attacks.

Nadira explains who she specifically is to Jen, who says they have to investigate what is happening. Nadira tells her that being the future, it's all happened already. She is constrained by Time Force protocol, but shows Jen an email they received from Wes, a heartfelt note detailing the Black Ranger's attack and informing Jen that he is dying, but he loved her. Nadira says that note is the only remaining evidence that Wes and Silver Hills itself ever existed. Jen realizes the key is saving Wes, and to do so she needs to learn about the Black Ranger. Thus, she decides to break into Time Force HQ, and an amused Nadira agrees to help, transporting the two there. As the two avoid the Transwarp Megazord, being used to search for them, we cut to someone else's memories, remembering original Time Force Red Ranger Alex Drake, a pleasant memory with family quickly cutting to his defeat by Ransik (that takes place at the start of the Time Force TV show), as they think to themselves that Jen Scotts is to blame.

Nadira and Jen infiltrate Time Force HQ, but Jen eventually encounters Ransik, in his evil mutated form. She thinks Nadira led her into a trap, but Nadira explains it was actually a chronal skip, caused by damage to the timeline in a heavily-trafficked area. The two fight past resistance from the present and skips from other times. Eventually they reach an archive room, discovering Time Force commissioned the Black Chrono Morpher. More forces attack and the book loops back to its first page, Jen fighting human soldiers. The Black Ranger then attacks and she and Jen battle, the fight shattering time around them to the point that even the original Dragonzord is briefly seen. The two suddenly arrive at a mysterious castle the Black Ranger thinks she has seen in her dreams.

In the distraction, Jen demands answers and manages to wrestle the Black Ranger's helmet off. She learns the Black Ranger is Cyra Drake, Alex's younger sister. Cyra witnessed her brother's death at Ransik's hands, and while at first she was mad at everyone, she eventually targeted her anger specifically at Jen. Once she was given the Black Chrono Morpher, Cyra began a cycle of going back in time to try and prevent her brother's death. However, every time, he would die anyway, leading Jen and the other Rangers to go back in time, leading to some event where Alex is revived and his personality changed. Those changes twist Cyra's mind and she just grows more angry and crazed. Now knowing who she is and what's going on, Jen forgives Cyra and extends a hand. The unexpected offer of friendship breaks through Cyra's rage and she accepts. Jen believes the morpher itself is the problem, and examining it, Nadira declares it was made by Dr. Louis Ferricks.

In a flashback, we see that Time Force commissioned Dr. Ferricks to create a morpher that contained a transwarp drive, so a Ranger could travel through time without a ship. However, when Dr. Ferricks described how it could be used to save people who would go on to have families, Captain Logan instead sees it the other way, the chance to commit temporal genocide. He demands Ferricks destroy the morphers. The flashback ends, and Captain Logan then reveals himself, having followed Jen after he says she went back in time, killed Wes (thus erasing Alex from history), then came back and destroyed Time Force HQ and killed the other Rangers. Jen realizes there are multiple timelines taking place. After Nadria subdues Logan, she has Alpha 55 contact her father, Director Ransik (who in this continuity seems to also work for Time Force rather than the Office of Human/Mutant Relations). He looks up info on Dr. Ferricks and realizes that they saw a place Time Force classified as a "black site", called Outpost One. He says all Directors are briefed on the place, a fortress that somehow exists outside of time. Time Force used it to test and house Dr. Ferricks original invention for them...the very power source that makes their time travel possible.

The three travel there, attacked by evil creatures called Time Ravaged, before entering the outpost. A robotic voice welcomes them, and a video starts playing. Dr. Ferricks does an experiment (that he calls Operation Overdrive) attempting to overcome the mental strain of transwarp travel, encasing an Eltarian named Z in Cyclobot armor. It doesn't work, as they are killed by the experiment, and Ferricks notes that the Morphin' Grid reacted wildly. Nadira realizes that's what happened...Ferricks' experiment broke time. The robotic voice declares they are trying to fix it.

As more Time Ravaged attack, the three hide in a different room. They find files that show that other experiments done by Dr. Ferricks created the mutant Venomark, whom gave Ransik his skin-warping disease. It becomes clear that Ferricks is trying to undo that somehow. Nadira declares she has enough information to return to Hyperforce, letting the two deeper into the base and covering their back. The two Rangers find an ominous robotic figure, and they explain that they are Frix, another copy of Dr. Ferricks left behind. Frix has become obsessed with erasing Venomark and other mutants from time, which would save countless lives, include Dr. Ferricks'. Cyra attacks, finally knowing who is truly responsible, but Frix opens a transwarp portal and throws her back to prehistoric times.

Jen attacks, quickly overpowering and destroying Frix. However, nothing changes. Jen sees the Black Chrono Morpher, and realizes they have created a temporal paradox; the morpher is currently outside the timeline, so it doesn't exist in time to be given to Cyra in the first place. Jen realizes she must take the morpher, and go back in time to give it to Cyra in the first place, setting the events of the book in motion. She does so, instructing a young Cyra to guard the morpher always, never to harm an innocent with it, and to hang on to love despite the terrible things that are going to happen to her. Jen leaves just as Alex gets the call from Jen to come to the Cryo-Prison and stop an escaping Ransik.

Returning to Outpost One, Jen sees it shift around her, from Frix' dark base into something brighter and cleaner. She's met by an older version of Cyra, who tells her they defeated Frix decades ago, and she kept using the morpher. But now she's grown old and the morpher is dangerous, so she returned to meet Jen at Outpost One so she could destroy it. Jen does so, and Cyra hints that Outpost One would make a nice Ranger base before leaving.

Later, Wes and Jen meet at Outpost One for an anniversary date, Jen even revealing she went and got the table from the Clock Tower. Jen explains that the other timelines were erased, so Wes doesn't even remember this, but she was planning to break up with him. However, she isn't now. He wonders what has changed, feeling like she's brought him to the future, which is against Time Force regulations. She explains that she hasn't...Outpost One is actually outside of time, so it's not in Time Force's jurisdiction. Now, it can be used as a place for all Rangers across time and dimensions to be 100% safe, as well as a place that they can date without any interference. The two look out a window, happy to finally just be together.

Continuity and Placement

  • 2006
    • Silver Guardians battle remaining Cyclobots.
  • 3001
  • 3006
  • 3016
    • Nadira looks for Jen Scotts to fix temporal abnormalities.
  • Distant future
    • An older version of Cyra decides to return to Outpost One


Power Rangers

Color Role
Time Force Red Wesley Collins
Alex Drake
Time Force Pink Jen Scotts
Time Force Blue Lucas Kendall
Time Force Yellow Katie Walker
Time Force Green Trip
Time Force Black Cyra Drake

Other Characters



  • Captain Logan says Dr. Ferricks' death "have slowed our research", which should have been "has slowed our research."
  • When Jen fights the other Time Force Rangers and backup officers arrive, they tell Jen to unmorph with her hands up. However, she is not morphed.
  • Alpha 55 erroneously has Alpha 5's colors on page 58.[3]


  • The Ransik and Nadira that appear in this book are from the future Hyperforce timeline. The "original" ones, native to Jen's timelines, are not seen.
    • Also, both appear to work for Time Force in the Hyperforce program, despite that not being the case for either during Hyperforce itself
  • Jen manages to knock out the Time Force in civilian form.
  • The book establishes the past year as 2007, meaning that Wes and Eric (and presumably the time-travelling Jen) have been fighting masterless Cyclobots for about 5-6 years.
  • The Dragonzord can be seen within the time flow when Cyra explains her motivations.
  • This novel established that a change of time create multiple versions of the characters.
  • Future Nadira refers to Jen as "Professor Scotts" due to knowing her during Hyperforce, when she is a history professor at the time of the Alliance attack.
  • Eric does not morph into the Quantum Ranger in this comic.
  • The Time Force Black was originally named the Midnight Ranger.[4]
  • This graphic novel places Silver Hills in the state of Washington on page 15.


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