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Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #3 is the third and final issue of a three issue miniseries set in the Boom! Studios run of Power Rangers comics.


It is the darkest hour of the World of the Coinless. Adam Park is dead, Eclipta is about to contact Dark Specter to enslave humanity, and The Coinless and the Ranger Sentries (now de-powered due to the efforts of the disillusioned Jason Scott now revealed to be alive) are at each other's throats. Can Kimberly Hart, empress of Earth, save the world from the greatest threat that it has ever faced?


The issue begins immediately after the events of the last issue with Jason now back as the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger. As he narrates about how the world is shattered and only being a Power Ranger can bring it together, Trini realizes that he was the reason that everyone was de-powered. As Jason claims that Drakkon stole the powers and simply retrieved them, a member of the Coinless and a former Ranger Sentry sneak up behind him and attack to try and get revenge but they weren't exactly quiet so Jason manages to jump out of the way and kick them unconscious. He then jumps off the roof, with the punks falling with him to their presumed death, before offering Zack and Trini their Power Coins whilst asking if they don't miss being Rangers. They want to but wonder if it would be what Kimberly wants to which Jason tells them to ignore Kimberly and think for themselves.

At this point, Kimberly arrives and confronts Jason for nearly killing everyone but he rebuts that harming people wasn't his intention as he was just stealing back what belongs to the Power Rangers. However, she then points out a bunch of former Sentries behind her covered in bandages which he regretfully asks what happened and she tells him that they nearly beat Eclipta when he stole their powers although Scorpina then turns on Jason because he accidentally caused the death of Adam in the battle. However, Jason just takes this to mean that he was right in taking The Power away from what he views as a bunch of mindless violent psychopaths and apologizes for hurting people although he's more interested in beating Eclipta and not wasting time bickering. He then reminds her that the Power Rangers were created to stop evil and defeat people like Scorpina and begs the others to morph so things could return to how they were before Drakkon with them fighting the freak of the week. However, Kimberly reminds him that the Power Rangers aren't about killing, they're about stopping wrong doing and only killing if they are forced to. After all, one of Zordon's founding rules for the Power Rangers was "only act in self-defence." Scorpina though just asks him to kill her since Adam's death means she doesn't have much to live for.

Before Jason can do so, Zack and Trini discard their Coins to Jason's horror and he berates them by asking if they wanted things to go back to normal and if they were better off without Rangers. Zack and Trini just respond that they are Rangers even without the suits which Jason really takes um-bridge with because they were putting all their faith in people like Scorpina and splitting the Power Coins across thousands of people. He is then confused because not everyone can use The Power but they'd rather discard it than try to improve things but Kimberly walks up as he states that he could have ended things if he had all the Coins. Kimberly just points out that he is sounding a lot like Drakkon (who took the White Mighty Morphin, Zeo Ranger V, and Red Samurai Power to basically become God). Jason tries to deflect this as lies but Kimberly reminds him that everything that happened to him happened to her just in a different way and that their actions have left scars. The difference is that, whereas Kimberly has confronted and overcame her demons, Jason has chosen to ignore and bottle up his demons whilst falling back on nostalgia as a coping mechanism. He has been trying to act like ignoring the issues will just make them go away but they can lead one to do utterly horrible things since, as George Santayana said, you must learn from your mistakes or history is doomed to repeat itself. She then removes his helmet whilst telling him that he can get over his trauma like she has whilst telling him that they can't just go back to being Rangers and make the world all hunky dory and apologizes but he does so as well. Kimberly then tells him to help the New Power Coalition since Drakkon's way of "attack the threat and they will die" failed so they need a new idea. Before they can formulate one however, Finster 5 runs up and demands that they return to Drakkon's former palace since there is an emergency.

As it turns out, since the Ranger Sentries were routed, Eclipta has grown herself into a giant so Jason suggests deploying the "Zord in your throne room" and Finster 5 tries to remind him that it's the Zeddzord but Scorpina reminds him that no one really cares. Regardless, the Zerrzord was heavily damaged during the attack on Rita Repulsa's Spirit Sentries (during the Ranger Slayer one-shot) and so repairs are needed. It can fight but a direct attack could annihilate it so Jason decides to pilot it which Kimberly points out is a death sentence but he just claims it's motivation to fight harder whilst Zack asks what they are supposed to do since they have their army and the Coins but Jason smashed the Defuser.

However, Kimberly has an idea: find the parts in The Deadlock that were going to be used to build a second Black Dragon and turn the blaster into a new defuser. Deciding to be nice, Scorpina compliments Kimberly on restoring her army and takes back half of all her insults before retracting it to forty five percent but Kimberly tells her that they are putting everyone on the Morphin Grid, including the Coinless. Trini is very surprised by this but Kimberly believes that they could expand the power of the Coins so that she could share the power with everybody and not just become all powerful. Rather than give six people The Power, why not the whole city? Jason questions if she is giving up her Coin to which she reminds him of how he thinks she's a fascist and she agreed until this week because Zordon chose just the six of them but, whereas Drakkon believed that only he was worthy of wielding The Power, she believes that true power is knowing when to let go of what you have but Finster warns her that, even with her Coin as a stablizer, the Defuser will be pushed to the max and that it may overload and obliterate all of the Coins for good. Realizing this, Kimberly says that they don't have to do this and they can keep them but Trini asks if this will work which Kimberly answers she doesn't know but it's their best shot at victory. Reassured, all three other Rangers hand over their Coins. Finster 5 then tells them that the Defuser is ready and they can now divide The Power so they push them all in and everyone is morphed into multi-colored cyberpunk armor. Scorpina is impressed because she can finally experience what it feels like to be morphed whilst Kimberly makes sure everyone's fine but Finster 5 alerts them that Eclipta is on the outskirts of the city so Kimberly has them rally their army.

As Eclipta approaches, Kimberly makes a speech about how the Coinless and Ranger Sentries always hated each other but that they have to work together no matter what since they are no longer just Sentries or Coinless but "The Shattered" and they open fire on the advancing Eclipta. However, she is unfazed by their gunfire and prepares to swat them into oblivion just to be grabbed by the Zeddzord piloted by Jason, Bulk, and Skull and lifted into the air by her throat. Skull is thrilled to be piloting a Megazord and can now die happy which Eclipta is all too happy to grant as she rips the Zeddzord's arm clean off and the trio barely manage to escape before she blasts its head clean off. Kimberly orders The Shattered to get ready to swarm Eclipta but she tries to punch them into mush only for her fist to be caught by the other Shattered. They then climb onto her much to her irritation but she soon throws them off by thrusting her chest although Scorpina remains on and stabs her in the eye whilst yelling at her about Adam. This single stab to the eye is enough to make her shrink down but the Defuser starts to go critical as Eclipta looks at the suits of The Shattered and is unimpressed as they go on the attack. However, before they can reach her, the Defuser explodes and the entire army is de-powered so Eclipta grins and will supposedly let them live if they back off as she sends Kimberly flying with a single punch whilst mocking them by saying how easily she can beat their leadership. She demands their loyalty in exchange for rewards as she sends Zack and Trini flying with uppercuts and demands the people's answer. The second in command of the Sentries, Brett, stutters but Jason gives him the choice so Brett orders the army to get her. Eclipta kicks Brett in the face and threatens to kill them all and puts up a decent fight but there are just too many and they proceed to beat her ruthlessly.

Sometime later, Kimberly sends a message to Dark Specter as Eclipta lies in a hospital bed (presumably comatose from the beating delivered before). She tells him that she is aware that Eclipta was just the advance guard and just the start of whatever ideas he had for them. However, they had dealt with a "power madman" before (i.e. Lord Drakkon) who hurt them and used thier greatest abilities against them and they lost some friends along the way and even lost their senses of self but they are recovering. For the first time since Drakkon took power, Kimberly is not scared of the future and, though they may lack their Power Coins and Zords, they have one another. They may have done horrendous things to one another and "we may be shattered but we are not broken."

However, the miniseries then ends with Andros reporting to Dark Specter that Eclipta failed him for the last time but that he shall not fail Dark Specter.



  • On the cover, what is supposed to be Jason has his hair colored brown and not black like it should be.
  • When Jason talks about how he could have ended things with all the Power Coins, he calls them "Morphin Coins." This error occurs in Kimberly's final speech as well.
  • Despite telling The Shattered to get off of her, Eclipta is grinning when she says "Gah, get off."
  • Jason's Ranger Prisoner form looks very different on one of the covers.


  • One of the mini-series' biggest themes is letting go of the past but remembering it whilst embracing the future. Jason is the biggest example of this since he is trapped in the past, embracing the ideas of the Power Rangers whilst also refusing to admit that Zordon's system of selective power was outdated. The best example of this is when he says "just morph, guys, and things can go back to the way they were!"
    • Another major theme is how toxic nostalgia can be if one lets it consume them because Jason stripped away the best defence the Earth had just so he can relive the glory days.
  • When Kimberly tells Jason about knowing when to let go, he (probably) references Frozen's "Let It Go." However, he just calls it "The Song" so that can only be guessed based on what she said.


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