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Power Play is the seventeenth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force.


Toxica powers herself up into the newest Duke Org - Necronomica. Merrick helps the Rangers defeat her with his newest vehicle - the Wolf Savage Cycle. Merrick aids a bar owner against a group of punks, and ends up finding a place to begin his path of redemption. As Jindrax unleashes the tone-deaf Karaoke Org upon the Rangers, a mysterious new Org General appears, known as Necronomica! What strange connection does she have to the defeated Nayzor and the missing Toxica?


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  • This marks the first appearance of the Wolf Savage Cycle.
  • From this episode onward, Phillip Andrew joins the main cast in the opening theme as Merrick Baliton, the 6th Ranger.
  • From this episode onward, Taylor's hair is worn down.


  • Karaoke Org has 'Olgu' written on his speakers.
  • The Crescent Blade is incorrectly referred to by Merrick as the Crescent Boomerang.

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