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The Power Chamber was the Power Rangers' base of operations during Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo. It is the second generation in strategic command outposts after the Command Center.

Power Chamber Mannequins

The Mighty Morphin' suits placed on display.

The Power Chamber had been built in secret by Zordon and Alpha 5 at an unknown point in time. After Goldar and Rito Revolto activated a bomb in the catacombs of the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha retreated to the Power Chamber during the explosion and brought it online. Zordon then used his power to rebuild the exterior building of the original Command Center. As the began its invasion of Earth, the Rangers who had been sent to the catacombs for their protection followed the voice of Alpha 5 to a door which teleported them to the new Power Chamber. Compared to the Command Center, the Power Chamber is a much larger facility that gives the Rangers and Alpha greater freedom to move around and also to build or repair equipment. More consoles are made available, and the Viewing Globe and Monster Alarm are also redesigned. On the back wall are a series of display cases in which the original uniforms and weapons of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are placed on display in honor of their past service in protecting Earth. There is also a small alcove next to Zordon's tube designed to allow Alpha to plug in (possibly to recharge). It is also implied that there are other rooms in the Power Chamber.

180px-Power Chamber 3

The Power Chamber in Power Rangers Turbo.

In Power Rangers Turbo, Dimitria and Alpha 6 become the new caretakers of the Power Chamber after Zordon and Alpha 5 leave for Eltar. The interior underwent a major redesign; the chamber was now much more brightly lit with the floor plan being changed, the control console being made larger with more buttons (with additional console added in other parts of the chamber) and the viewing globe being replaced with a simple monitor screen. The most significant change was that the Ranger gallery along the back wall had been removed and replaced with five Ranger-colored tubes. Later in the series the rotating alarm was replaced with a red six-light sequence.

The Power Chamber is later invaded by Divatox's forces when they track the Turbo Rangers to its location and launch a gigantic assault. Though the Rangers fight valiantly, they are unable to stop Elgar from planting detonators throughout the Power Chamber, allowing Divatox to destroy it with a single push of a button.

Luckily the Rangers survived the blast and managed to successfully hide from Divatox's remaining forces in the rubble. In the ruins, Alpha 6 found the black box which would prove invaluable when the Rangers went into space to find Zordon. Tvicon TV STORY-Chase Into Space

Old Power Chamber To New Power Chamber[]

Since no actual explanation was given for the set change during the end of Zeo and beginning of Turbo. It has been stated by the producers the original Command Center was destroyed and that the Power Chamber was located under the Command Center building itself and became the Rangers new base of operations during their Zeo tenure. During the episode "A Zeo Beginning", the original Command Center building was rebuilt by Zordon which has led fans to speculate that the set change shown in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie and used for the rest of the Turbo Season was a new Power Chamber built in the old Command Center building and that the original Power Chamber which contained the original Power Rangers suits was simply deactivated and operations moved to the new Power Chamber. However as no one has commented or answered the question, it simply remains fan speculation at present.


  • The White Tiger Power Coin was created within the Power Chamber.
  • Even though Zordon placed facsimiles of the original Power Ranger suits and weapons in display cases at the back of the chamber, for unknown reasons the Green Rangers suit and Dragon Dagger are not on display.
  • The Power Chamber was originally accessed by Alpha 5 through a door of white light.
  • The new chamber seen from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie had fans naming it the Turbo Chamber.
  • In the draft script, the Space Rangers of Power Rangers in Space originally were going to have the Power Chamber as their main Base of Operations and was called as "Power Dome" but later this decision was scrapped in the final script.[1]




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