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The Power Cards are cards the Megaforce Rangers use to access a variety of powers. With the aid of special Power Cards, the teens are able to control the earth’s elements to use in their defense, and also give them access to amazing combat moves, hi-tech weapons, massive Zord vehicles and the ability to combine these Zords into gigantic Megazord robots to help them battle their enemies.[1] Each card holds a different power. Once the card is placed in the Gosei Morpher or the Robo Morpher, it will activate the effect of the used card.

Megaforce Card Types


The phrase "It's Morphin' Time!" followed by the call "Go Go Megaforce!" initiates the Morph to Ranger form. Each card is labeled as "Gosei [Color]" - they are labeled with Gosei's name and a Ranger's color. At the back, the word CHANGE is written. [2]


If a Power Card is labeled as SUMMON, this means that the effect of a Power Card of this type summons what it is that the Power Card is the corresponding card of - Power Cards of this type are of different summon sub-types.

When the weapon cards are used in the Gosei Morphers, the Morpher calls out "Summon Battle Gear” in Gosei's voice. These summon the Weapons. The cards are labeled "Skick" for Red and Pink, signifying sky power, "Landick" for Black and Yellow, signifying land power, and "Seaick" for Blue signifying sea power, and then the name of each Ranger's weapons.

Battle Gear

When the Rangers need to activate their Mega Blasters, they use the cards labeled "Headder" - these cards are labeled with each Ranger's Mega Blaster head and the name of the animal it's based on. The heads on each Ranger's blaster are identical to the ones on their Mechazords. 


When a Mechazord card is used in a Morpher, the Morpher calls out "Summon Zords”. They are labeled as "Gosei" to one side of each card's name and the name of the animal the Mechazord is based on to the other side.

When a Megazord card is used in the Morpher, the Morpher calls out "Summon Megazord" and combines the necessary Mechazords to complete the formation.

To initiate the Megazord's final attack, the Mega Ranger announces "Victory Charge", and the Morpher calls out "Ready" as an order to start attacking.

Additional Zords

For calling an additional set of zords, the Morpher calls out "Summon Zord”. They are labeled with the name of the animal the Mechazord is based on. To form a new Megazord, the Mega Ranger calls out "Megazord Remix" and combines the zords needed to complete the new formation (Although there have been times when Megazord Remix wasn't said for alternate combos).

The cards can also act as weapons attachments for Mega Blasters. The heads on each Ranger's blaster are identical to the ones on their Zords.

Gosei Ultimate

To summon the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship, the Rangers use the Gosei Ultra Sword and the Morpher calls out "Summon Command Ship".

Ultra Power

A card that initiates the transformation to Ultra Mode. The Morpher calls out "Summon Ultra Zords” and the Ultra Zord appears. There is an Ultra Power Card for each Ranger.

Gosei Dynamic

When the "Gosei Dynamic" cards are used in the Megaforce Blaster, they grow to four times their original size and power the "Dynamic Victory Charge". With these cards, the Megaforce Blaster is imbued with Sky, Land and Sea power.

Ultra Gosei Dynamic

Activates the "Miracle Gosei Dynamic" attack when then attaches the Gosei Morpher to the Ultra Sword, forming the Gosei Ultra Sword. Each Ultra Mode has his or her own "Miracle Gosei Dynamic" Card. The Morpher calls out "Ultra Sword, ready!" to indicate that the Rangers can perform the final attack.

Sky Power Cards

Megaforce Red and Megaforce Pink have access to a variety of sky-powered Power Cards.

  • Windrive: Allows the user to bring another object or person to him or her with a whirlwind.
  • Twistornado: Summons a large transparent whirlwind.
  • Lightning Strike "Comprethunder:" Summons a storm cloud that launches lightning bolts.

Land Power Cards

Megaforce Black and Megaforce Yellow have access to a variety of land-powered Power Cards.

  • Rockcrush "Rockrush": Lifts up giant rocks from the ground.
  • Defenstone: Summons a wall of stone.
  • Megaquake "Sparquake": Produces electricity from vibrations in the ground.

Sea Power Cards

Megaforce Blue has access to a variety of sea-powered Power Cards.

  • Seashower "Presshower": Summons several jets of water from the ground.
  • Defenstream: Summons a wall of water.
  • Ice Axe "Istop": ​Freezes anything in its path.

Robo Knight Cards

Unlike the Mega Rangers, Robo Knight uses the numbers on his Robo Morpher and seen on his own cards to activate the Power Cards.


  • Code 717 initiates the Lion Zord Morph, that is the transformation from Robo Knight to the Lion Zord, which then becomes the Lion Mechazord.
  • Code 535 initiates the Robo Knight Morph, that is the transformation from the Lion Zord to Robo Knight.


  • Code 848 "Summon Vulcan Cannon" summons the Vulcan Cannon.
  • Code 474 activates the Knight Dynamic attack.


  • Code 262 "Summon Knight Zords" summons the Knight Brothers Zords.
  • Code 353 "Summon Megazord" forms the Gosei Grand Megazord.
  • Code 919 "Ready" initiates Gosei Grand Megazord's Victory Charge.
  • Code 525 "Summon Megazord" Initiates the combination of Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord into Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

Power Cards

  • Code 303 activates the Lightning Strike "Comprethunder" card that summons a storm cloud that launches lightning bolts.
  • Code 606 activates the Vine Bender "Roplant" card that produces an ivy from the ground that ensnares a target.
  • Code 404 activates all water-based Power Cards: Freezestorm "Freezedrive" card that blasts out a cone of frost with a whirlwind that freezedries anything in its path, Istop card that freezes everything in its path, and Seashower "Presshower" card that summons several jets of water from the ground.
  • Code 505 activates the Trifusion "Trianglobal" card that merges the power of the sky, the earth, and the sea to be used offensively or defensively. Its effects can be duplicated through the simultaneous use of the Twistornado, Megaquake, and Seashower cards.

Power Ranger Card Types

Various Ranger Cards

Other cards depict Historic Rangers of the past. They serve no purpose to the Megaforce Rangers. These cards are only seen in the Power Rangers Action Card Game.


  • The in-show prop cards are direct copies of the Gosei Cards from Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Thus they retain the character font set (non-Japanese) and the Japanese names (Gosei Red, Gosei Blue etc). They are also the likely reason for the retention of some of the Japanese names, as they appear on cards. The only names seen on the cards but unused in dialogue or naming are "Skick", "Landick", "Seaick", "Hyper" and "Miracle".
  • The cards were released as Power Rangers Action Card Game, packed in with Megaforce merchandise. It is heavily based on Dice-O with some changes. In all the merchandise they are simply referred to as "cards".

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