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The Power Animals (パワーアニマル Pawā Animaru) are the living mecha comrades of the Gaorangers. They can form many different combinations as listed on the Gaoranger main page. A power animal is a shamanic concept that refers to helpful spirits.

List of Power Animals


See also: Red Lion Wildzord

GaoLion in Gokaiger

GaoLion (ガオライオン GaoRaion): GaoRed's totem Power Animal. He becomes GaoKing's upper torso or GaoKentaurus’ lower torso and feet when enlarged. He also appears in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger as the Gaorangers' Greater Power.


See also: Yellow Eagle Wildzord

GaoEagle (ガオイーグル GaoĪguru): GaoYellow's totem Power Animal. He can transform into GaoKing's head or become a waist for the GaoMuscle/GaoKnight formations. He is able to fire Feather Bombs from his wings on his own. 


See also: Blue Shark Wildzord

GaoShark (ガオシャーク GaoShāku): GaoBlue's totem Power Animal. Becomes a right arm part. His formation special attack is Shark Shot (シャークショット Shāku Shotto) and his dorsal fin is used as a small knife-like weapon called the Fin Blade (フィンブレード Fin Burēdo).


See also: Black Bison Wildzord

GaoBison (ガオバイソン GaoBaison): GaoBlack's totem Power Animal. Becomes GaoKing's, GaoMuscle's, and GaoKnight's legs and hips. In other formations, he adds Another Foot to the name. His formation special attack is called Bison Kick (バイソンキック Baison Kikku) or Double Bison Kick (ダブルバイソンキック Daburu Baison Kikku).


See also: White Tiger Wildzord

GaoTiger (ガオタイガー GaoTaigā): GaoWhite's totem Power Animal. Becomes a left arm part. Her formation special attack is called Tiger Attack (タイガーアタック Taigā Atakku), a punch attack that is usually used alongside GaoShark's Shark Shot.

Soul Bird

See also: Soul Bird

Super Animal Heart

Referred to as the "GaoHeart", the Soul Bird (ソウルバード Sōru Bādo) is special creature that can increase the power of the Gaorangers' Power Animal combinations, excluding GaoHunter.


Originally, Tetomu performed a ritual to turn the Kage Mushroom into the Gao Egg (ガオの卵 Gao no Tamago) that then hatched into a small blue bird that Kakeru Shishi named Pyochan (ピヨちゃん Piyochan). During the battle against Highness Duke Org Shuten, Piyochan matured into the Soul Bird to heal the Power Animals and help the Gaorangers defeat Shuten. Since then the Soul Bird has been used as the cockpit in the formations, at the command "Soul Drive, GaoKing!" or "GaoMuscle!". When used with GaoKing, Animal Heart is upgraded to Super Animal Heart, where the blast attack is not only shot from the Power Animal's mouths, but from a cannon inside the Soul Bird as well.

In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, the Super Animal Heart was enhanced by the power from the giant robots of the previous Sentai teams during the battle against Lost Highness Rakushaasa.


When the Vase Org had transported GaoKing and GaoHunter into another dimension, a feather from Pyo escaped and became Yo, an unpleasant, red-eyed version of Pyo, while in place of the trapped Pyo, a pure good Pi was left. Eventually, Tetomu convinced Yo to help the Gaorangers and become the Soul Bird and GaoMuscle Striker was formed for the first time. After the Vase Org was defeated, the two Soul Birds became one again.



Flame Pyo (炎のピヨちゃん Honō no Piyochan): A red version of Pyo that appeared in the Gaoranger vs. GaoSilver special. After it hatched, it split into six GaoHearts for the Gaorangers.


See also: Elephant Wildzord

GaoElephant (ガオエレファント GaoErefanto): One of GaoWhite's additional Power Animals, his Gao Jewel was embedded within a stone found with a scroll in the Liewan Shinto Temple. GaoElephant rested within Gazou Mountain until he was awoken by Tetomu.

GaoElephant can perform a Hundred Beast Armament, turning himself into the Elephant Sword (エレファントソード Erefanto Sōdo) and the Elephant Shield (エレファントシールド Erefanto Shīrudo) for GaoKing to use as GaoKing Sword & Shield (ガオキングソード&シールド GaoKingu Sōdo ando Shīrudo), using the finish attack being Powerful Bisection: Evil Crusher (豪力両断イビルクラッシャー Gōriki Ryōdan: Ibiru Kurasshā).


See also: Giraffe Wildzord

GaoGiraffe (ガオジュラフ GaoJurafu): GaoBlue's additional Power Animal. He was originally in the form of a crane and sent dreams to Kai where GaoKing was no match for Boat Org and that they needed the “spotted spear” to win. When the dream began to come true, Tetomu realized that a Power Animal was calling to him. When GaoBlue called out to the Power Animal, the crane he used earlier during their fight against Boat Org revealed its true form as GaoGiraffe.

In battle, GaoGiraffe can swing its neck like a club, similar to how real giraffes fight each other. When combining with any of the Gaorangers' mecha, it transforms into the Giraffe Spear (ジュラフスピアー Jurafu Supiā), a right arm with its head covered by an armored helmet, adding the suffix Spear (スピアー Supiā) to GaoKing, GaoHunter, or GaoMuscle. Its finisher is Demon Penetration: Neck Thrust (悪鬼貫徹ネックスラスト Akki Kantetsu: Nekku Surasuto), where the head is fired like a harpoon to pierce through the enemy. When combined with GaoHunter when he was evil, the attack was renamed Spirit Penetration: Neck Thrust (精霊貫徹ネックスラスト Seirei Kantetsu: Nekku Surasuto).

GaoGiraffe made a cameo in Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger.

GaoBear and GaoPolar

See also: Black Bear Wildzord, Polar Bear Wildzord

GaoBear & GaoPolar (ガオベアー&ガオポーラー GaoBeā to GaoPōrā): A black bear and polar bear Power Animal duo who are GaoYellow's additional Power Animals (he carries the jewels but gives them to Blue and White when used). They originally appeared as mysterious boys in black and white respectively. After GaoYellow retrieved flowers for GaoBear and GaoPolar, they gave him two seeds that turned into their Gao Jewels. GaoBear breaths fire and transforms into a left arm while GaoPolar breathes ice and transforms into a right arm. Together, they can perform a team attack called Whirling Frenzy (巴大車輪 Tomoe Daisharin), where they join together into a wheel that slams into the enemy.

When added to any combination other than GaoMuscle, they form a variation known as Double Knuckle (ダブルナックル Daburu Nakkuru) which then destroys the enemy with the Ice Fang Blaze: Bear Strike (氷牙炎滅ベアーストライク Hyōga Enmetsu: Beā Sutoraiku), where twin blasts of heat and cold are fired from the mouths of GaoBear and GaoPolar. If only one is used the variation is known as Knuckle (ナックル Nakkuru), as seen in episode 38 when GaoBear was added to GaoKing. While under Duke Org Rouki's control, GaoHunter Double Knuckle used his own variation called Spirit Blaze: Bear Strike (精霊炎滅ベアーストライク Seirei Enmetsu: Beā Sutoraiku).

When GaoBear and GaoPolar's finisher was first used, it had such a great recoil and power drain that GaoLion became sick, making him incapable to fight until he was healed by the Soul Bird.


See also: Gorilla Wildzord

GaoGorilla (ガオゴリラ GaoGorira): One of GaoRed's additional Power Animals. Becomes GaoMuscle’s upper torso and head. During the Gaorangers' journey to find the shining mushroom, GaoGorilla pulls them back in time to a period where a forest was still untouched by construction.

He was awakened by a woman that the Gaorangers befriend and traveled back to the present time with the Gaorangers whereupon be became the substitute for GaoLion until the latter healed from the strain of the Double Knuckle formation. In addition to is fists and immense strength, GaoGorilla attacks with Banana Bomb (バナナボム Banana Bomu) where he summons a cluster of giant banana trees which he uses as a platform from which he throws explosive bananas at the enemy. Most importantly, as part of GaoMuscle GaoGorilla can safely utilize GaoBear and GaoPolar's Bear Strike without suffering the physical trauma that afflicted GaoLion.

GaoRhinos & GaoMadillo

See also: Rhino Wildzord, Armadillo Wildzord

GaoRhinos (ガオライノス GaoRainosu): One of GaoBlack's additional Power Animals. Becomes the lower torso and feet for GaoIcarus. He arrived after GaoMadillo gave their two Gao Jewels to GaoBlack. The two often replace GaoBison and GaoEagle as hips, and legs for GaoKing and GaoMuscle, adding the word Striker (ストライカー Sutoraikā).

GaoRhinos’ formation special moves are Rhino Shoot (ライノシュート Raino Shūto), Rhinos Kick (ライノスキック Rainosu Kikku) and Striker Bomber (ストライカーボンバー Sutoraikā Bonbā), where GaoMuscle Striker rapidly spins and delivers punches to the enemy.

With GaoKing Striker, his finishing move is Strong Flash: Rhino Shoot (強一閃ライノシュート Kyōshū Issen: Raino Shūto), where GaoMadillo crawls out of GaoRhinos and curls up into a ball that is kicked at the opponent like a soccer ball, whereas with GaoMuscle Striker, his finishing move is Strong Kick Blast: Rhino Shoot (強蹴爆砕ライノシュート Kyōshū Bakusai: Raino Shūto).

GaoMadillo (ガオマジロ GaoMajiro): One of GaoBlack's additional Power Animals, chanting "Madi" (マジ Maji). He, along with GaoRhinos, was summoned by GaoBison to help against Duke Org Rouki after GaoBison was badly injured by Lawnmower Org. GaoMadillo originally appeared in a miniaturized form in the guise of soccer ball when it gave their jewels to GaoBlack.

When used in combination with GaoRhinos, GaoMadillo goes into GaoRhinos' right foot. GaoMadillo was once used by GaoKing Another Arm as a bowling ball for the Super-Fast Rotation Tornado GaoMadillo Spin (超速回転トルネードガオマジロスピン Chōsoku Kaiten Torunēdo GaoMajiro Supin) technique in order to counter Bowling Org's bowling ball.

GaoYellow usually borrows GaoMadillo's jewel when the Gaorangers form GaoMuscle Striker or GaoIcarus.


GaoKong (ガオコング GaoKongu): A red gorilla power animal similar in design to GaoGorilla that is the guardian of the island the Gaorangers were whisked to in the movie. Its Gao Jewel was formed when the two pieces of the ruby were joined on an alter during three simultaneous eclipses which allowed it to awaken from deep within the island's volcano. GaoKong attacks by triggering volcanic eruptions which ignite nearby trees on fire which he can then wield as either clubs or boomerangs. It forms GaoKnight's head and torso. GaoKong is exclusive to the Gaoranger theatrical movie, and did not appear in the series. It does not have a Wild Force counterpart, and did not appear in the adaptation. However, its figure was released in the Wild Force toyline, as part of the Ultimus Megazord set.


See also: Deer Wildzord

GaoDeers (ガオディアス GaoDiasu): One of GaoWhite's Additional Power Animals. Transforms into a left arm part where its antlers are used as a weapon, called the Deers Scissors (ディアスシザース Diasu Shizāsu) with which he can heal injured Power Animals with its Deers Healing (ディアスヒーリング Diasu Hīringu), which can also immobilize Orgs via Capture Ring (キャプチャーリング Kyapuchā Ringu).

In the past, Shirogane and Murasaki used to play music for him. But after Murasaki's throat was injured by some Orgettes, it became angry at Shirogane for failing to protect Murasaki and left. With some help from Tetomu, GaoSilver was able to play for GaoDeers once again and him gave Tetomu its Gao Jewel. Afterwards, Tetomu gave his jewel to GaoWhite.

When used with GaoKing or GaoMuscle, it adds the word Cross Horn (クロスホーン Kurosu Hōn) to that formation’s name.

Its signature moves are Cleansing Radiance Manifestation: Bubble Capture (清輝顕現バブルキャプチャー Seiki Kengen: Baburu Kyapuchā) to seal enemies and Natural Reversal: Horn Crash (天地逆転ホーンクラッシュ Tenchi Gyakuten: Hōn Kurasshu) for a final blow.


See also: Falcon Wildzord

GaoFalcon (ガオファルコン GaoFarukon): The Ultimate Power Animal (究極のパワーアニマル Kyūkyoku no Pawā Animaru), also called the "Fiery Wings" (炎の翼 Honō no Tsubasa), is one of GaoRed's additional Power Animals, forming GaoIcarus' main body.

She is summoned by the Falcon Summoner, comes out of a volcano in a Phoenix-like fashion.

After Ultimate Form Ura killed all the Gaoranger except for GaoRed and GaoSilver, the other rangers in the afterlife were able to put a puzzle together that not only awakened GaoFalcon, but it also returned them to life.


See also: Wolf Wildzord

GaoWolf (ガオウルフ GaoUrufu): GaoSilver's totem Power Animal. Acts as a left arm part. Its formation special attack is Wolf Attack (ウルフアタック Urufu Atakku), whereas it is known as Blue Wolf Attack (ブルーウルフアタック Burū Urufu Atakku) in Blue Moon Mode.

It can also combine with other mecha when the GaoHunter formation is not possible, adding the name Another Arm (アナザーアーム Anazā Āmu). GaoWolf can also transform into GaoSilver's wolf-themed motorcycle, the Wolf Roader (ウルフローダー Urufu Rōdā).


See also: Hammerhead Shark Wildzord

GaoHammerhead (ガオハンマーヘッド GaoHanmāheddo): One of GaoSilver's additional Power Animals. Acts as a right arm part. His formation special attack is Hammer Shot (ハンマーショット Hanmā Shotto), whereas it is known as Blue Hammer Shot (ブルーハンマーショット Burū Hanmā Shotto) in Blue Moon Mode. Like GaoWolf, he can also combine with another mecha if the GaoHunter formation is not possible.


See also: Alligator Wildzord

GaoLigator (ガオリゲーター Gaorigātā): One of GaoSilver's additional Power Animals. He becomes GaoHunter’s main body and feet. His tail combines with GaoHammerhead's dorsal fin to become the Ligator Blade weapon for GaoHunter.


See also: Black Lion Wildzord

GaoLeon (ガオレオン GaoReon): A gunmetal Lion Power Animal. It forms the torso of GaoGod.


See also: Condor Wildzord

GaoCondor (ガオコンドル GaoKondoru): A blue Condor Power Animal. It forms the head and bow (for its finisher) of GaoGod.


See also: Saw Shark Wildzord

GaoSawshark (ガオソーシャーク GaoSōshāku): A maroon Sawshark Power Animal. It forms the right arm and arrow (for its finisher) of GaoGod.


See also: Buffalo Wildzord

GaoBuffalo (ガオバッファロー GaoBaffarō): A brown Water Buffalo Power Animal. It forms the hips and legs of GaoGod.


See also: Jaguar Wildzord

GaoJaguar (ガオジャガー GaoJagā): A yellow Jaguar Power Animal. It forms the left arm of GaoGod.


GaoPanda (ガオパンダ GaoPanda): Exclusive only to the GaoAccess CD. It had a Bamboo Hurricane (バンブーハリケーン Banbū Harikēn) attack. It quickly disappeared after it arrived. It is a recolored version of GaoBear and GaoPolar.


See also: Peacock Wildzord


GaoPecock, GaoKing Swordmaster, GaoKing Varlituder, GaoMuscle Magnum, GaoGuardian

GaoPeacock (ガオピーコック GaoPīkokku, 51): Though it made only a cameo, GaoPeacock is the most well described and depicted additional Power Animal. GaoPeacock attaches to GaoKing's back to form GaoKing Swordmaster (ガオキングソードマスター GaoKingu Sōdomasutā). GaoPeakock's tail can shift from an at-rest tail-like position on GaoKing Swordmaster to a position faned out behind his back from which weapons may be drawn.

The centermost "feather" of the tail becomes a sword, the two "feathers" immediately next to it on either side combine into a double-headed sickle weapon, the next pair of "feathers" are a pair of smaller swords, and the final outer-most "feathers" become a three-section staff.

GaoShark or GaoTiger appear to be necessary arms in the combination to hold the weapons normally.

GaoPeacock's wings are half retracted behind the combinations shoulders, but are shown to be optionally able to extend fully. He also forms the back and part of the torso of GaoGuardian.


GaoCrow (ガオクローン GaoKurōn): A Crow Power Animal.


See also: Stingray Wildzord


GaoStingray (ガオスティングレイ GaoSutingurei): A Stingray Power Animal. It made a cameo in the last episode.


See also: Zebra Wildzord


GaoHorse (ガオホース GaoHōsu): A Horse Power Animal. It made a cameo in the last episode.


GaoCamel (ガオキャメル GaoKyameru): A Camel Power Animal.


See also: Rat Wildzord


GaoMouse (ガオマウス GaoMausu): A Mouse Power Animal. It made a cameo in the last episode.

GaoWallaby and KoWallaby

GaoWallaby (ガオワラビー GaoWarabī): From text, GaoWallaby is apparently an adult female Wallaby with a pouch, and carries KoWallaby (子ワラビー KoWarabī, the Japanese prefix ko- indicates a child version as in the term koneko for kitten), though a picture of the two separated from a combination is not shown. GaoWallaby forms shoulder cannons and a left gauntlet on GaoMuscle Magnum (ガオマッスルマグナム GaoMassuru Magunamu) and KoWallaby forms a right gauntlet/cannon on the combination. When it comes to GaoGuardian, GaoWallaby forms both the torso and legs and KoWallaby forms the head.


GaoTortoise (ガオトータス GaoTōtasu): A Tortoise Power Animal that forms the left arm of GaoGuardian.



GaoToppy (ガオトッピー GaoToppī): A Walrus Power Animal that forms the right arm of GaoGuardian.


GaoManta and Mini Manta

GaoManta, Mini Manta, GaoKing Aquadiver, GaoStingray, GaoBoar, GaoMuscle Striker Longhorn, GaoBat, GaoHunter Phantom, GaoTriple, GaoHorse, GaoMouse, GaoDevil, GaoSwallow, GaoMole, GaoPenguin, GaoMercury, GaoMammoth

Mini Manta.jpg

GaoManta (ガオマンタ GaoManta): Both GaoManta and MiniManta (ミニマンタ MiniManta) are shown separated as well as in combinations. GaoManta attaches to GaoKing's back with its detached tail forming a new large sword held by the GaoShark arm to form GaoKing Aquadiver (ガオキングアクアダイバー GaoKingu Akuadaibā). MiniManta's placement, if any, on this combination is not visible nor mentioned in the text. GaoManta forms the torso and legs of GaoTriple while Mini Manta forms the chestplate of GaoTriple.


GaoBoar (ガオボアー GaoBoā): GaoBoar has a spinning joint located in its forehead and pulls a cart that is equipped with two large cannons and carries a pair of drill attachments. A drill can be attached to the joint in GaoBoar's forehead. GaoBoar becomes a left arm on GaoMuscle with a drill attached, and the cart becomes back-mounted shoulder cannons to form GaoMuscle Longhorn (ガオマッスルロングホーン GaoMassuru Ronguhōn). Specifically, GaoMuscle Striker Longhorn (ガオマッスルストライカーロングホーン GaoMassuru Sutoraikā Ronguhōn) is depicted and named. GaoBoar can form the left arm of GaoTriple (ガオトリプル GaoToripuru) while the cart forms its back, head, and shoulder cannons.


GaoBat (ガオバット GaoBatto): There are two versions of this Power Animal. The good version of GaoBat splits to form a right arm and wings on GaoTriple and GaoHunter, forming GaoHunter Phantom (ガオハンターファントム GaoHantā Fantomu). The evil version of GaoBat forms the head and chest armor of GaoDevil (ガオデビル GaoDebiru).



GaoCobra (ガオコブラ GaoKobura): A Cobra Power Animal. It replaces GaoMadillo in GaoKing Striker to form GaoKing Varlituder. It could be the same size as GaoMadillo and it does roll into a ball. It could also unravel into a cobra.



GaoMammoth (ガオマンモス GaoManmosu): A very large Power Animal. It is shown that the toy design would be motorized, and possessed an attachment that could expand into a large platform to be towed by GaoMammoth. GaoMammoth can also transform into a centaur-like mode, with the transformation being a motorized automatic feature of the toy design.

It is possible that this design inspired the Revolver Mammoth in the subsequent series Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger


GaoHawk (ガオホーク GaoHōku): A Hawk Power Animal.


GaoVulture (ガオヴァルチャー GaoVaruchā): A Vulture Power Animal.


GaoOwl (ガオオウル GaoŌru): An Owl Power Animal



GaoSwallow (ガオスワロー GaoSuwarō): GaoSwallow forms a right arm with a spinning action that launches a boomerang weapon. It forms combinations such as GaoKing Boomerang Arm (ガウキングブーメランアーム GaoKingu Būmeran Āmu). It forms the torso, arms, and head of GaoMercury.


GaoSwan (ガオスワン GaoSuwan): A Swan Power Animal.


GaoTurtle (ガオタートル GaoTātoru): A Turtle Power Animal.


GaoKoala (ガオコアラ GaoKoara): A Koala Power Animal.


GaoFox (ガオフォックス GaoFokkusu): A Fox Power Animal.


GaoHedgehog (ガオヘッジホッグ GaoHejjihoggu): A Hedgehog Power Animal.


GaoMingo (ガオミンゴ Gaomingo): A Flamingo Power Animal.


GaoCougar (ガオクーガー GaoKūgā): A Cougar Power Animal.



GaoMole (ガオモール GaoMōru): GaoMole attaches to the spinning mechanism of GaoSwallow's arm form to create combinations such as GaoKing Drill Arm (ガウキングドリルアーム GaoKingu Doriru Āmu). It also forms the right leg of GaoMercury.


GaoWombat (ガオウォンバット GaoWonbatto): A Wombat Power Animal.


GaoGlider (ガオグライダー GaoGuraidā): A Flying Squirrel Power Animal.


GaoKangaroo (ガオカンガルー GaoKangarū): A Kangaroo Power Animal. It presumably resembles GaoWallaby.


GaoFangolin (ガオファンゴリオン GaoFangorion): A Pangolin Power Animal.


GaoSloth (ガオスロウス GaoSurousu): A Sloth Power Animal.


GaoRabbit (ガオラビット GaoRabitto): A Rabbit Power Animal.


GaoUtan (ガオウータン Gaoūtan): An Orangutan Power Animal. It is a brown version of GaoGorilla.


GaoPrairie (ガオプレーリー GaoPurērī): A Prairie Dog Power Animal.



GaoApe (ガオエイプ GaoEipu): An Ape Power Animal, with no type of ape specified. GaoApe was released in toy form as a gray repaint of GaoKong.


GaoHowl (ガオハウル GaoHauru): A Japanese Wolf Power Animal.


GaoCrescent (ガオクレッセント GaoKuressento): An Asian Black Bear Power Animal.


GaoToad (ガオトード GaoTōdo): A Toad Power Animal.


GaoKark (ガオカーク GaoKāku): A Crane Power Animal.


GaoBeaver (ガオビーバー GaoBībā): A Beaver Power Animal.


GaoHamster (ガオハムスター GaoHamusutā): A Hamster Power Animal.


GaoLynx (ガオリンクス GaoRinkusu): A Lynx Power Animal.


GaoWhale (ガオホエール GaoHoēru): A Whale Power Animal.


GaoDolphin (ガオドルフィン GaoDorufin): A Dolphin Power Animal.


GaoGrampus (ガオグランパス GaoGuranpasu): An Orca Power Animal.


GaoPelican (ガオペリカン GaoPerikan): A Pelican Power Animal.


GaoLesser (ガオレッサー GaoRessā): A Red Panda Power Animal.


GaoRaccoon (ガオラクーン GaoRakūn): A Raccoon Power Animal.


GaoMink (ガオミンク GaoMinku): A Mink Power Animal.


GaoSkunk (ガオスカンク GaoSukanku): A Skunk Power Animal.


GaoMongoose (ガオマングース GaoMangūsu): A Mongoose Power Animal.


GaoPanther (ガオパンサー GaoPansā): A Panther Power Animal.


GaoCheetah (ガオチーター GaoChītā): A Cheetah Power Animal.



GaoPenguin (ガオペンギン Gaopengin): GaoPenguin attaches to the spinning mechanism of GaoSwallow's arm form to create combinations such as GaoKing Ice Sword Arm (ガウキングアイスソードアーム GaoKingu Aisu Sōdo Āmu). It also forms the left leg of GaoMercury.


GaoDugong (ガオジュゴン GaoJugon): A Dugong Power Animal.


GaoGoat (ガオゴート GaoGōto): A Goat Power Animal.


GaoSheep (ガオシープ GaoShīpu): A Sheep Power Animal.


GaoSeal (ガオシール GaoShīru): A Seal Power Animal.


GaoDonkey (ガオドンキー GaoDonkī): A Donkey Power Animal.


GaoHound (ガオハウンド GaoHaundo): A Hound Power Animal.


GaoPotamus (ガオポタマス Gaopotamasu): A Hippopotamus Power Animal.


GaoRednose (ガオレッドノーズ GaoReddonōzu): A Reindeer Power Animal. It is a repaint of GaoDeer.


GaoDile (ガオダイル Gaodairu): A Crocodile Power Animal that resembles the Alligator Power Animal. In the art book that lists the other Power Animals, it forms the torso, legs, and shoulder cannons of GaoDevil.


GaoLizard (ガオリザード GaoRizādo): A Lizard Power Animal.


GaoChameleon (ガオカメレオン GaoKamereon): A Chameleon Power Animal.


GaoCoyote (ガオコヨーテ GaoKoyōte): A Coyote Power Animal.


GaoZebra (ガオゼブラ GaoZebura): A Zebra Power Animal.


left arm of GaoDevil

GaoJaws (ガオジョーズ GaoJōzu): A Great White Shark Power Animal that resembles the Shark Power Animal, except that it is shown modified to form the left arm of GaoDevil.


GaoGaur (ガオガウル GaoGauru): A Gaur Power Animal.


GaoEel (ガオイール GaoĪru): An Eel Power Animal.


GaoSerpent (ガオサーペント GaoSāpento): A Sea Snake Power Animal.


GaoJackal (ガオジャッカル GaoJakkaru): A Jackal Power Animal.


GaoRyx (ガオリックス Gaorikkusu): An Antelope Power Animal.


GaoCarp (ガオカープ GaoKāpu): A Carp Power Animal.


GaoSalamander (ガオサラマンダー GaoSaramandā): A Salamander Power Animal.


GaoSnake (ガオスネーク GaoSunēku): A Snake Power Animal.

Video Game appearances

Gaoranger video game

The Power Animals are avaliable to play in the Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger video game.

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