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"Then....Why don't I show you!? Sometimes (.....) But.....My real form is...Pouch Seijin Balipen!"
―Pouchien Bolapen's first words
"Ah! It all fell down!"
―Pouchien Bolapen's' final words before his judgement

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Character History

Pouchien Bolapen (パウチ星人ボラペーノ Pauchi Seijin Borapēno, 28): A copycat criminal who not only committed the crimes of Rikomoian Kevakia, Anrian Beildon, Ridomihan Kersus, Quotaian Dagonel and Zamuzan Sheik, but took on their forms as well, copying their DNA to assume their identity and powers. He committed these crimes to gain the appreciation of Speckionian Genio, whom he idolized. He piloted another version of the Heavy Industrial Machine God Pounder as Reversian Blitz Hells and is deleted by Dekaranger Robo.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • Provided he had a DNA sample, Bolapen could take on the forms and powers of other Alienizers.


concept art

  • Bolapen's design seems to be similar to a Motion Capture Suit used by Movie Studios and Video Game Companies.


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Behind the Scenes

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